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Health Benefits of Sassafras

Sassafras has many health benefits, including its ability to cleanse the body, eliminate colds, increase kidney health, relieve pain , prevent certain cancers , strengthen the immune system, relieve inflammation, reduce menstrual pain, increase energy, and protect dental health.


Aside from being a fun word to say, sassafras has been a key component in the culinary, medicinal development and society for thousands of years. sassafras trees, scientifically placed in its own genus of Sassafras come in three different existing species, which are native to eastern North America and parts of Asia. These trees are deciduous and can grow more than 100 feet tall, and have bark unusual yellow or orange, making them easy to identify. In the past, cultures and other Native Americans around the world that had been exported to the trees, used almost all parts of these trees, including bark, stems, leaves, branches, roots, fruits and flowers, for a range of medicinal, culinary, and cultural needs. This tree is full of amazing nutrients, which is partly why it was still such an important resource.


Modern research has confirmed many of these traditional beliefs and supported the use of this plant in these forms, so the tree remains popular. Sassafras has a unique, pleasant taste, so it is most commonly used to flavor other medicines, but that should not take away from their individual power. This tree and its composite parts have been used in food ranging from root beer and salads, following sassafras tea and flavoring kitchen Creole. As a medicine, it can be consumed directly, or applied topically. The concentrated essential oil Sassafras is very powerful, and should only be used with extreme caution, in small quantities, and the direct supervision of a medical professional. Now, let’s take a closer look at the many impressive health benefits sassafras.

Health Benefits sassafras

The Skin Health: Traditionally, sassafras has been used by many different topics, and health the skin is no exception. If suffer of boils , sores, rashes, or excess skin tags, applying a poultice of sassafras leaves the affected areas can quickly reduce swelling or discoloration skin. The presence of tannic acid and a single compound called Sassafrid is believed to provide these benefits and protections to the skin.

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relieve inflammation One of the most popular uses of sassafras is for rheumatism and drop , and this has been a remedy confidence from thousands of years ago in various parts of the world. Inflammation affects body in many ways, which means that this amazing plant can also help improve gastrointestinal processes and symptoms of arthritis and pains head in some cases. The use of this plant as reduces fever is one of the oldest applications of this versatile plant!

Strengthens Immunity Modern research has determined that sassafras has not only analgesic, but also antiseptics, and these natural anti-microbial properties are ideal to drive immune system. By protecting the body against pathogens and foreign agents, both internally and externally, this remedy can be a sweet-smelling coat for your overall health. You can also help keep the stomach and respiratory system infection free, so this plant was traditionally recommended to fend off colds at the start.

improve dental health: For centuries, sassafras twigs were the first forms of toothbrushes due to pleasant taste (reminiscent of root beer) and properties antiseptic natural . Its use in this way as a dental disinfectant remains a viable means to achieve this benefit, and if you really want to try the traditional approach, take a twig and give your teeth a scrub. The gums could only thank you!

prevent cancer: Although the investigation of this claim against cancer is still ongoing, sassafras does demonstrate the measurable antioxidant potential in the human body. Whether it is eliminating free radicals or stimulation of the immune system, this plant seems to work like many other super , reducing your risk of cell mutation and subsequent cancer diagnoses.

relieve pain: The analgesic properties sassafras are well known, and leaves of this tree often around the wounds of their nature are wrapped anti- inflammatory and analgesic. sassafras tea is still used for pain relief purposes, and topical applications for aches and pains are popular in some natural healing communities.


heal wounds: The pain relief side of wound healing is one thing, but actually accelerating the healing process is quite another. The nature of this stimulant remedy newly oxygenated induces view of the wound blood, which speeds up the natural healing process of the body and increases the rate of metabolic processes throughout the body.

increase energy Nature stimulant of this plant is also ideal for an energy boost if you feel a bit slow. Chewing the leaves or drink a cup of sassafras tea is an ideal way to accelerate their domestic engines and overcome excess fatigue or weakness shape.

Sooth menstrual pain: For women who suffer through painful menstrual symptoms such as bloating, cramping and heavy bleeding, analgesic and anti-inflammatory sassafras are of great help. For thousands of years, this natural remedy has decreased discomfort menstruation of women, and remains a popular recommendation from herbalists for women who suffer unusually painful periods.

detoxify the body: The sassafras leaves is a well known diuretic , which increases urination, eliminating excess toxins sales , and the body fat. If you want to improve the health and functioning of the kidneys, the best way is to clean your system with a diuretic, and sassafras tea is a great way to do that.

One last word of warning: The volatile oil sassafras, known as safrole, is extremely powerful, as mentioned earlier in this article . While very small amounts can be safe, as little as one teaspoon can cause violent reactions of vomiting and nausea, while higher amounts can even be fatal. Again, always talk to a trained professional when a new herbal remedy to your health regimen is added, particularly one as powerful as the Sassafras!

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