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Health Benefits of Sarsaparilla

Some of the most impressive benefits for the health of sarsaparilla include its ability to prevent certain types of cancer reduce inflammation, helps in weight loss , strengthen the immune system, relieve skin conditions, increase libido, and relieve stomach problems.


Although this name often reminds people of a particularly potent drink that is commonly seen in old Western movies, the word actually describes a particular type of plant that belongs gender Smilax . Sarsaparilla, in particular, has the scientific name of regelii Smilax but the term is also a common name for many species of North America. These plants are typically woody or prickly and are most commonly found in tropical and temperate regions warm worldwide. You may know this plant by a different name, depending on where you live, including catbriers, carrion flowers or spiny-Ivys. sarsaparilla 

These plants can grow in a number of ways, including evergreen shrubs, deciduous trees and hanging vines, and usually have clusters of red berries or purple. There are over 250 species within the genus Smilax, and species classified as sarsaparilla dozens, but Smilax regelii is commonly used to extract beneficial. This is why the plant has gained so much popularity because the roots contain a high concentration nutrients and organic compounds that can be added to soups, stews, herbal supplements, drinks and desserts. A powdered form of the roots are also widely used in traditional medicine. Now, let’s take a further look at the many health benefits of sarsaparilla.

Health Benefits of sarsaparilla

Inflammatory conditions: If you are suffering from any kind of inflammatory problem as drop , arthritis , or even painful muscles and joints, the active ingredients of sarsaparilla may help relieve pain. Sarsaparilla contains various compounds such as saponins, parillin and other flavonoids that can soothe outbreaks within the body and relieve pain and discomfort.

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Immune System Booster: The natural antibacterial properties of berries sarsaparilla and compounds in the roots make this herbal supplement a wonderful way of increase strength your immune system. The antibacterial properties can also help prevent skin infections and generally improve their response time to colds and other common illnesses.

weight loss efforts: Although research is still ongoing to determine the exact chemical pathway of this health benefit is observed that sarsaparilla is capable of suppress appetite , which means that for those trying to lose weight, the addition of this supplement may curb your cravings and keep you from cheating on your diet.

Cancer Prevention: The presence of antioxidants in the root and extract sarsaparilla has been very exciting for cancer researchers around the world looking for the most natural remedies and herbs. Although research has not been conclusive, the first results show a positive association between flavonoid content and plant sterols and reduction of cancer cells . Antioxidants are able to neutralize free radicals, carcinogenic byproducts of cellular respiration, and there are plenty of antioxidants in sarsaparilla!

Increase sex Drive: One of the most traditional uses of sarsaparilla was to increase the libido of men and women in an effort to increase fertility . Some of the organic compounds found in the root extract has been shown to increase blood flow and increasing sperm motility, increasing the chances of conception and improving sexual drive in general.

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Skin Health: The antibacterial properties of sarsaparilla are one reason why topical application of this extract (ointments and creams) is so popular, but antioxidant content may also affect the appearance and youthful skin. By eliminating wrinkles and reduce the appearance of age spots , when applied or consumed, sarsaparilla is always looking for young!

detoxify the body: Sarsaparilla has long been used as a diuretic, which means it stimulates urination in those who consume it. For people who want to purify or detoxify your body somehow, a diuretic can remove excess fat, sales , toxins and water from the body. Moreover, sarsaparilla has been known to purify blood, which increases overall health and reducing stress on the liver and kidneys.

One last word of warning: Some of the organic compounds that provide such health benefits powerful can be dangerous or toxic in large doses. For example, consumption of high amounts of saponins, which are found in sarsaparilla may cause stomach upset, diarrhea , and indigestion in some people. In addition, the powdered form of the herb, or “sarsaparilla powder” can cause allergic reactions that may resemble asthma in some patients. As always, consult a medical professional before making any major changes in their health habits herbal.

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