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Health Benefits of Pears (Nashpati) fruit and Juice

About pears / nashpati

Nashpati pear fruit or fruit is an amazing God-given as a gift to good health. pear tree is a shrub and belongs to the family Rosaceae. It is grown in coastal and temperate regions of the world such as North Africa, East Asia and Western Europe.

There are more than an edible species types are pear. It is a pome fruit such as apples. Pera is famous for its cell shape and stone (grit) content. Different varieties of pear are Chinese pear, pear Korean, pear or Manchuria and Siberia Japanese pear. Approximately 3,000 varieties of pears are found throughout the world. The varieties of pears are available in various colors like red, yellow, gold, green and brown.

Some varieties listed below:

  • Bartlett
  • Starkrimson
  • Bosc
  • Forelle
  • Comice
  • Seckel
  • Red Anjou
  • Concorde
  • Green Anjou
  • Red Bartlett


Here I am pointing out some amazing health benefits of pear fruit:

source of dietary fibers

  • Pears are very good source of soluble dietary fibers water, vitamins and minerals.

Reduces bad cholesterol

  • High level of pectin is in pear that helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood and tones up the intestines.

rich source of antioxidants

  • pear or fruit nashpati has powerful antioxidant properties (due to vitamin E and C) and all the essential nutrients needed for good health.

prevents high blood pressure and disease

  • pear fruit plays a great role in preventing blood pressure and stroke, due to its content of antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic (glutathione).

prevents cancer

  • Pear fruit assists in preventing cancer because of their copper, high in vitamin C and vitamin K. It helps in protecting cells from getting damaged by free radicals.

prevents colon cancer

  • pear fruit eating regularly prevents colon colon cancer, due to its high dietary fiber availability.

relieves constipation

  • Pectin is found in pear fruit acts as a good diuretic and has a mild laxative effect in the colon thus it helps relieve constipation.

increases immunity

  • Pera functions as an immune stimulant, as it is full of antioxidant nutrients which are the main constituent elements of the immune system.

relieves pain and inflammation

  • pear fruit is also a good anti-inflammatory agent because it gives pain relief and variety of inflammations.

reduces the risk of osteoporosis

  • pear fruit helps a lot in preventing osteoporosis due to the availability of high level of boron. Boron improves the body’s ability to retain calcium and therefore prevents or reduces osteoporosis.

regulates the level of sugar in the blood

  • high fiber content helps regulate sugar levels in the blood thus preventing diabetes.

Removes extra fat

  • Pectin (soluble fiber) content Pear helps in eliminating body fat by linking substances in the digestive tract.

Maintains healthy heart

  • nashpati reduces the risk of heart disease and various cancers, due to the high fiber content.

improves metabolism and tissue repair.

  • pear fruits are good source of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant and helps in the metabolism and tissue repair.

prevents Ageing

  • This prevents the body from aging by preventing free radicals (by-product of the metabolic process).

prevents infections

  • Its content in vitamin C also helps in healing wounds, cuts and bruises preventing infections.

reduces the risk of breast cancer

  • Eating a pear a day helps in the prevention of breast cancer by 34% after menopause in women.

prevents allergenic reaction

  • Its keeps a person away from any type of allergic reactions.

improves digestion

  • The high fiber content Pear helps improve digestion.

Prevents various disorders

  • prevents the occurrence of gallbladder problems, gout, arthritis, colitis, etc. and if consumed regularly.
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prevents stomach and lung cancer

  • One of the acid found in fruit hydroxycinnamic acid known as pear helps prevent cancer stomach and lungs.

reduces the risk of age-related problems

  • Eating fruit pear regularly reduces the risk of related macular degeneration (ARMD also called).
  • An antioxidant called quercetin is famous in the skin of pears preventing cancer, artery disease and Alzheimer damage.

rich source of phytonutrients

  • pear-skin also has important phytonutrients such as anti-inflammatory flavonoids (flavan-3-ols, flavonols, epicatechin, catechin and anthocyanins), antioxidants (vitamin E, omega-3), phytonutrients Anticancer (cinnamic acid ) and dietary fiber, which is why it is necessary to eat pear with its skin.

preventing chronic diseases of the heart

  • Some other phenolic phytonutrients found in pear as hydroxycinnamic acids (ferulic acid, coumaric acid and 5-caffeoylquinic), hydroxybenzoic acid (gentisic acid, chlorogenic acid, vanillic acid, syringic acid), flavonols (isorhamnetin and kaempferol), hydroxyquinones (arbutin), anthocyanins and carotenoids (beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin) are beneficial to prevent the body from chronic heart disease and type 2 diabetes

rich source of potassium

  • A medium sized pear provides 212 mg of potassium, which helps maintain heart beat normal strength and muscles.

rich source of vitamin A and K

  • Vitamin A maintains eye sight and vitamin K helps blood clot as soon as possible in the areas of court.

Useful in acid reflux

  • pear fruit helps in the absorption of excess stomach acids therefore used in the acid reflux.

removes the gallbladder stones

  • malic acid content of pear fruit helps gradually disintegrate gallbladder stones or other stones.

Advantages of pear juice

Energize Body

  • pear juice is full of natural and quick energy due to their high amounts of fructose and glucose.

alleviates fever

  • nashpati juice has cooling effect on the body thus helps relieve fever.

Relieves Cold

  • Drinking pear juice regularly is very useful for the person who is suffering from cold, as it gives relief from the cold.

Prevents Throat Problem

  • Drinking pear juice in the morning and evening during the summer has an effect on the cooling body and helps prevent throat problems.
  • Drinking luke warm juice two Chinese pear boiled (mixing with raw honey) provides relief from throat and vocal cord problem.

regulates bowel movements

  • Having pear juice daily also maintains regular bowel movements.

Benefits of pears for Children

prevents breathlessness

  • eat fruit or drink pear juice on a daily basis it prevents extreme shortness of breath with phlegm in children during the heat of the summer season.

Benefits of pears baby

Best weaning food

  • nashpati or pear is the only fruit that can easily give weaning children / baby because of its acidic property hypoallergenic and low. It is good for digestion without creating any problems. But, strictly avoid giving the pear children with diarrhea.

Benefits pears for weight loss

have no cholesterol and low in calories

  • Pears also helps in weight loss because it has no cholesterol, low glycemic index, low calorie, high dietary fiber and low in fat.

Benefits of pears during pregnancy

prevents defects in infants

  • pear fruits are well known for their high folate (folic acid) content that helps in the prevention of neural tube defects in newborns, if taken regularly by pregnant women.

loaded with nutrients

  • pear contains B vitamins (B2, B3 and B6), minerals (calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium, manganese and etc.) and folate, which helps mother pregnant or lactating women long to get your all very important nutrients needed during periods of life.

maintains fertility

  • eating pear regularly helps maintain fertility of women by regulating insulin levels. pear fruits are used by women who have some problems in pregnancy due to fluctuations in insulin levels.
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Benefits of pears skin

rejuvenates the skin

  • Pear fruit is full of essential nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Combat radicals and wrinkles to give the appearance of free rejuvenation.

Removes acne

  • As pears have high levels of vitamins and minerals, which helps eliminate acne problems by neutralizing acidic skin and regulating the pH balance of the skin.

Remedy for oily skin

  • Used as the face pack for oily skin. Mix honey 1 TSF, TSF and crushed cream 1 1 ripe pear and apply on the face or neck for 15 minutes and then wash with warm little water.

Why pear fruit is at the low glycemic index?

  • Pear fruit is famous for its low glycemic index carbohydrates as it has available low glycemic index. Since they are slow to get converted to sugar as well as enter the bloodstream. That’s why pears are considered as the fruit with healthy carbohydrates and low glycemic index.

pear leaves

  • In ancient pear leaves were used to snuff smoking rather than when the snuff was not available.
  • pear leaves are also used for various medicinal purposes both internal and external.

nutritional benefits Pear / nashpati 100 g

(Source: Database USDA Nutrient)

Energy: 58 kcal

Protein: 0.38 g

Carbohydrates 13.81 g

Sugar: 10 g

Dietary fiber: 3.10 g

Fat 0.12 g

Polyunsaturated fats 0.1 g

Monounsaturated fat: 0.1 g


Folate: 7 g

Thiamine (B1): 0.012 mg

Riboflavin (B2): 0,025 mg

Niacin (B3): 0.157 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5): 0.048 mg

Pyridoxine (B6): 0.028 mg

Vitamin A: 23 IU

Vitamin C: 4.2 mg

Vitamin E: 0.12 mg

Vitamin K: 4.5 mg

Hill: 5.1 mg


Sodium: 1 mg

Potassium: 119 mg


Calcium 9 mg

Copper: 0.082 mg

Magnesium: 7 mg

Phosphorus: 11 mg

Iron: 0.17 mg

Zinc 0.10 mg

Manganese 0.048 mg


Carotenoids: 97 mcg

Beta-carotene: 12 mg

Crypto-xanthine-ß: 2 mg

Lutein-zeaxanthin: 45 g

Selecting and pears stores

Always select pears with a firm and smooth, fresh and free skin brands while buying the market. Do not buy single or more ripe pears, since they can not be stored for many days. Avoid buying pears with dark spots. Select firm pears gently pressing on the top near the trunk. Pears can be easily stored at room temperature where they are exposed to oxygen.

facts about pears:

  • were first planted in North America in the year 1620.
  • pears are available at approximately 3000 varieties worldwide.
  • is called as “li” by the Chinese as a symbol of immortality.
  • It is known by the nickname as “butter fruit” because of its soft and creamy texture.
  • Musical instruments, wooden statues, wooden kitchen utensils and some furniture is made using pear wood.
  • In ancient Greece, it was used as a natural remedy for nausea.
  • China is the largest producer of annual pears. China produces approximately 15,000,000 pear tones per year.

Disadvantages / Side Effects eat more pears

Overeating of anything can cause unexpected side effects on the body and its normal functioning. It’s the same with eating pear fruit. Eating more fruit pear than the required amount can lead to various problems. As pear fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, phytochemicals and dietary fiber etc, each overdose can cause variety of ailments accordingly. This can lead to stomach upset and feeling bad.

How many pears should eat one day

A pear a day is healthy enough to receive all necessary nutrients for the body, however you can eat more of a function of election or energy needs of the body.

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