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Health Benefits of Olives and Olive Oil

About Olive

Olive falls into the category of fruit, belongs to the Oleaceae family and first originated in the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basin and northern Saudi Arabia, Africa, Asia, Iraq, Iran and other nearby countries. It is famous for its pickles and oil to eat purposes due to the many benefits of nutritional health.

Oliva is grown in many varieties differ in color, shape, size, growth and oil quality. Olives used for consumption purposes are referred to as table olives. The olives are grown and used for food for about 5,000 to 6,000 years in Palestine, Syria, Crete and etc.


The olives are considered as the most nutritious and healthy fruit due to its availability of different health protective nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. It contains a compound called phytonutrients hydroxytyrosol has ability to prevent loss and bone cancer. Olive leaves, olive oil and olive oil is also traditionally used for many medicinal purposes herbal for the treatment of inflammatory disorders, allergic inflammation and etc. Some of the benefits for outstanding nutritional health of the olive listed below:

Benefits of green olives

green olives are healthier than black olives, because it contains more polyphenols. unripe green olives are selected for consumption purposes. Some of the amazing health benefits of green olives are:

Benefits of green olives heart

Reduces the risk of heart problems

  • helps in removing excess bad cholesterol level in the blood and therefore the management of normal blood pressure reduces the risk of heart problems.

source of vitamin E and antioxidants

  • What’s a good source of dietary fiber they are commonly found in other fruits and vegetables, the highest sources of vitamin E, antioxidants and thus prevents the risk of heart disease.

prevents blood clots formation

  • helps in preventing the formation of blood clots in blood vessels thus prevents myocardial infarction due to deep vein thrombosis.

Maintains healthy heart

  • is rich source of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oleic acid are much more beneficial for the heart to function properly.

prevents hardening of the arteries

  • prevents arteries from atherosclerosis means hardening of the arteries and stimulates proper blood flow in blood vessels without any obstruction.

Benefits of green olives for the brain

prevents degenerative age-related diseases

  • helps in the prevention of age-related degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, benign tumor, malignant tumor in the brain.

Improved Memory level

  • have polyphenols which help in reducing oxidative stress and improving memory level by 25%.

reduces the risk of memory loss

  • Reduces the risk of dementia, memory loss and other neurological problems.

Prevents mental illness

  • Prevents mental illness such as depression if consumed daily.

Benefits of green olives during pregnancy

maintains hemoglobin level

  • is a good source of iron and folate and required by the body to maintain normal hemoglobin level helps pregnant women and their baby from the problems of anemia and blood deficiency.

Benefits of green olives for women

Improves fertility level

  • level of fertility among women is improved, providing better growth and development of the reproductive system.

Production Maintains hormone estrogen

  • Helps maintain production of the hormone estrogen in postmenopausal women and avoids the risk of fractures of the hip bones.

reduces the risk of breast cancer

  • reduces the risk of breast cancer among women, as it is rich in phytonutrients from fruits.

reduces the frequency of hot flashes

  • helps reduce the frequency of hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms in menopausal women.

Benefits of green olives for immunity

causes the immune system healthy

  • olives eating regularly helps maintain healthy immune system thus prevents oxidative stress and various viral diseases or chronic bacterial.

Benefits of green olives for men

enhances sexual desire

  • acts as a large and powerful natural aphrodisiac thus prevents sexual weakness among men by improving sexual desire.

natural remedy for men Problem

  • is a natural home remedy to treat male problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, decreased libido and etc if eaten regularly.

Benefits of green olives skin

removes wrinkles

  • This makes soft, flexible, shiny, smooth and healthy skin by eliminating the problems of skin wrinkles because it contains nutritious oleic acid.

prevents skin damage

  • is a fruit rich antioxidants and vitamins gives the skin a shade above shiny and healthy texture by improving nutrition and preventing cell damage.

rich source of antioxidants

  • helps in the prevention of skin cancer (malignant melanoma), due to its richness in antioxidants.

prevents the skin from UV rays

  • This prevents the skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun, as it contains carotenoid pigments.

Combats Skin Problems

  • Help in the fight with pimples, blackheads, acne and skin problems, etc.

Benefits of green olives for weight loss

contains healthy fats

  • contains high level of (oleic acid, palmitoleic acid and etc) monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids makes the process easy digestion and stimulates the hormone cholecystokinin, which satisfies the brain sending the message of fullness in the stomach.

Extra burns body fat

  • production of a chemical called adiponectin, which helps burn excess body fat for at least 5 to 6 hours after eating is improved.

increases weight loss

  • Regular consumption increases weight loss by the breakdown of fat contained in the fat cells, it promotes flat stomach and reduces insulin insensitivity.

Benefits of green olives for the digestive system

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improves digestive health

  • Its high level dietary fibers improve digestive health and provide relief from constipation.

neutralizes free radicals

  • This reduces the risk of colon and cancer, ulcers, gastritis etc, neutralizing harmful free radicals.

stimulates the secretion of pancreatic hormones

  • secretion of pancreatic hormones is thus stimulates help reduce the formation of gallstones.

Other health benefits of green olives

prevents inflammation and allergies

  • IT-inflammatory and anti-histamines properties prevents anti various inflammations and allergies.

improves hemoglobin level

  • It stimulates the red blood cells to carry more oxygen around the body, improving the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Maintains Healthy Eye Vision

  • is a good source of vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy eye vision and prevents various eye disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration related to age, etc.

removes harmful toxins

  • has a great purifying effect by improving detoxification and elimination of all toxins from the body.

Benefits of green olives for Cancer Prevention

relieves chronic oxidative stress

  • its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties make it able to prevent the variety of cancers to relieve chronic oxidative stress and inflammation.

Protects DNA damage

  • Their antioxidant phytonutrients help protect DNA damage and stimulate cell function better and reduces the risk of cancer growth in the body.

Benefits of green olives for bones and joints

prevents age-associated bone problems

  • is a good source of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus, which promotes better growth and development of bones, joints and marrow thus prevents bone problems related to age among men, children and women.

increases calcium absorption

  • Eating olives regular diet protects against the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis by increasing calcium absorption and improved bone mineralization and calcification between men and women.

Benefits of green olives for diabetes

prevents Diabetes

  • Helps in reducing lower the level of bad cholesterol, improve cholesterol high quality, promote control of blood sugar and thus improving insulin sensitivity prevents diabetes.

Reduces the risk of weight gain

  • Reduces the risk of obesity, overweight and type 2 diabetes thus protects diabetics problems.

Benefits of green olives hair

strengthens hair

  • acts as a very good hair conditioner strengthens hair and providing greater flexibility and shine.

nourishes the scalp

  • Helps nourish dry scalp, moisturizes the scalp dry scalp and prevents hair loss, hair loss and dandruff problem.

Benefits of black olives

black olives contain more ferrous sulfate compound that make black and collected during step green to purple. black olives color also have a lot of health benefits listed below:

slows down the oxidation of cholesterol

  • The antioxidant nutrients found in black olives slows down the oxidation of cholesterol in the body and prevents heart disease.

Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis

  • contains a good amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood.

prevents DNA and cell damage

  • It is the richest source of vitamin E, phenolic and antioxidant compounds against cancer (squalene, terpenoids) that makes it able to neutralize harmful free radicals thus prevents DNA and cell damage as well as reduces the risk of cancers such as colon cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer, etc.

moisturizes the skin and hair

  • Its rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidant nutrients makes it able to feed naturally moisturize and protect the skin and hair.

Nourishes bones and connective tissues

  • Their anti-inflammatory nature provides nourishment to the bones and connective tissues thus prevents asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

Reduces inflammation

  • contains a chemical called oleocanthal analgesic that helps reduce inflammation.

Increases Red Blood Cell Count

  • is very high source of iron that increases red blood cell count and the ability to carry more oxygen around the body therefore maintain the proper functioning of the immune system.

rich source of vitamin A

  • is rich in vitamin A therefore helps improve eye vision and prevents eye problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration related to age, eye diseases, glaucoma and etc.

improves digestive health

  • Insoluble fibers are found in it improve digestive health by maintaining gut health, control the level of blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight.

Benefits of olive oil

Loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids

  • monounsaturated fatty acids are rich food nourishes all body systems and prevent age-related problems.
  • Olive oil is loaded with healthy monounsaturated fat all fatty acids reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood) and etc.

preventing chronic diseases

  • reduces the risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease if consumed daily.

prevents memory formation

  • Eating regularly olive oil reduces the risk of age-associated neurodegenerative as dementia, memory loss and etc.

Benefits of olive leaves

leaf extracts and olive leaf have a lot of health benefits and have been used for years for medicinal purposes because of its anti-aging antioxidant properties immuno-stimulating properties, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, etc. Olive leaf extract has the capacity to provide relief from cerebral edema, hypertension, improve blood brain barrier permeability and etc. It can be taken in any way as powder, liquid, tea, capsules, etc. are also used to make soaps and cosmetics variety of skin care products.

Benefits of olive oil for the face, skin and hair

good skin moisturizer

  • is very beneficial for dry skin type, because it acts as a good moisturizer for the skin. It gives the skin a smooth and shiny appearance if massaged correctly.
  • is a good moisturizer for dry skin in areas such as wrists, elbows and knees.
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Remedy for dry skin

  • immediate relief from the problem of dry skin is provided if the mixture of honey, egg yolk and olive oil to the face for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water is applied.

Relieves Irritated and Sun burned skin

  • relief of irritated and sun burnt skin is provided as it is a good antioxidant that prevents free radicals and induces healing, although a massage in the affected area.

improves skin elasticity

  • is very good oil provides a free skin striae, for both men and women. This helps in improving the normal elasticity of the skin if you massage the affected area.

good solution to various hair problems

  • is a good solution for a lot of hair problems as irritated scalp dry, dandruff and etc, if weekly massaged with fingers in circular motion and then wash with shampoo after 30 minutes.

rich source of vitamin E

  • Vitamin E is found in it nourishes the skin and makes it soft, supple, wrinkle free and free of impurities.

Nutritional benefits of green olives 100 g

(Source: database USDA Nutrient)

Energy: 146 kcal

Carbohydrates: 6.26 g

Sugars: 0.54 g

Protein: 0.84 g

Fats: 10.68 g

fatty acids

total saturated: 1415 g

Total mono-unsaturated: 7.888 g

Polyunsaturated total: 0.911 g

Dietary fiber: 3.2 g


Thiamine: 0.003 mg

Riboflavin: 0.007 mg

Niacin 0.037 mg

Pantothenic acid: 0.015 mg

Pyridoxine: 0.009 mg

Folate: 3 mg

Hill: 14.2 mg

Vitamin A: 403 IU

Vitamin C: 0.9

Vitamin E: 1.65 mg

Vitamin K 1.4 mg


Sodium: 735 mg

Potassium: 8 mg


Calcium: 88 mg

Copper: 0.251 mg

Iron: 3.30 mg

Magnesium: 4 mg

Manganese 0.020 mg

Phosphorus: 3 mg

Selenium 0.9 mg

Zinc: 0.22 mg


Beta-carotene: 237 g

Beta-crypto-xanthine: 9 g

Lutein-zeaxanthin: 510 g

Phytosterols: 221 mg

Nutritional benefits of black olives 100 g

Energy: 115 kcal

Fat : 11 g

Saturated fat: 1.4 g

Polyunsaturated fat: 0.9 g

Monounsaturated fat: 8 g

Carbohydrates: 6g

Dietary fiber: 3.2 g

Sugar: 0.54 g

Protein: 0.8 g


Sodium: 735 mg

Potassium: 8 mg


Calcium: 88 mg

Copper: 0.145 mg

Iron: 3.30 mg

Magnesium: 4 mg

Manganese 0.020 mg

Phosphorus: 3 mg

Selenium 0.9 mg

Zinc: 0.22 mg

Nutritional benefits of virgin olive oil per 100 g

Virgin olive oil is a pure type of olive oil, which is available in the market as less processed having a high level of monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols than other olive oil therefore more beneficial for the heart.

Energy: 885 kcal

Fat : 100 g

Saturated fat: 14 g

Monounsaturated fat: 73 g

Polyunsaturated fat: 11 g

omega-3 fatty acid: 1.5 g

omega 6 fatty acids: 3.5 g

Vitamin E: 14 mg

Vitamin K: 62 mg

Nutritional benefits of olive pomace oil 100 g

olive pomace oil is also of olive oil produced by the extraction process of olive pulp residues after production of olive oil and used for the purposes of consumption by humans.

Energy: 824 kcal

Fat: 100 g

Saturated fat: 14 g

Polyunsaturated fats: 7 g

Monounsaturated fat: 79 g

Enjoying Olives

Olives can be enjoyed in various ways, such as whole olives, olives, pickles and olive oil in many recipes. Olive oil can be used for variety of delicious recipes like vegetable salad, fruit salad, vegetables, pasta sandwich, fish or poultry items, salsa, mix the pasta, tuna or chicken with chopped olives, etc

Selecting and olives shops

a little more precautions and safety needs, while buying olives in any form on the market. It is available in the market for packaging in jars, cans and barrels also large. It is available in a wide variety of different colors (like green, gray-green, yellow-green, red, red-brown, pink, black, purple-black and dark, etc.) and textures as bright or cracked. canned olives can be stored safely in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks. content of the label must be addressed (for correct expire and date of manufacture), while the selection of olives market.

disadvantages, side effects and precautions Side olives

Instead of having a lot of health benefits, olives have some drawbacks and side effects that require safety precautions while using any form. Some are mentioned below:

  • Buying canned olives should be avoided because they contain high levels of acrylamide.
  • Some people may develop allergic symptoms while eating olives, due to the presence of brine or caustic soda lye. They contain high levels of sodium, so it can lead to hypertension and other cardiac disorders.
  • Olive leaf can affect growth and development of the fetus should be avoided during pregnancy or lactation (breastfeeding).
  • Olive leaves are also avoided by the diabetic person as highly below the level of blood sugar.

How many olives one day

As olives are rich in the mineral sodium so, eating olives over the limit can cause some serious health problems such as hypertension, fluid retention, heart problems, etc. Therefore, it is very necessary to eat olives according to the requirement of the body varies from person to person. It also depends on the conditions of age, sex and health of the person. A person with good health can eat 4-5 and 7-8 black olives olive green day. However, it is imperative to consult with your doctor before including it in your daily routine.

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