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Health Benefits of Moringa

The health benefits of moringa include relief of stomach disorders, allergies and edema. The antioxidant power of moringa helps protect the liver, diabetes, eye protection, cardiovascular health, bone health, uroliathiasis, wound healing, healthy hair and skin. Antibacterial and antifungal properties of moringa helps to fight various infections, including herpes.

Moringa is rich in phytonutrients, which are effective for the prevention of various high blood medical conditions such ascancer, neurodegenerative diseases, bronchial asthma, sickle cell disease, nephrotoxicity, high cholesterol, blood pressure, anemia and obesity, as well as help build a strong immune system.

Moringa – The “miracle tree”

Moringa oleifera also known as drumstick tree, is a plant of great value and versatile, which belongs to the family Moringaceae. Moringa is a fast growing tree, deciduous which is native to India and is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas throughout Asia, Africa and South America. It is widely known by many names, including Ben and Ben tree oil.

Although modern science has recently discovered its value, Moringa has been teaching a multitude of benefits across various cultures since ancient times. Moringa was valued by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks for their medicinal impact on a variety of ailments. Today, the use of moringa has been encouraged by various humanitarian to combat malnutrition and its effects in regions affected by poverty organizations, mainly due to its economic viability and its rapid growth.

The moringa tree has a thick rind, whitish, fragile and fallen branches, green, long oval leaflets. In Ayurvedic therapy, moringa is valued for its impressive range of therapeutic uses, commonly attributed to its anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-depressants and anti-inflammatory properties. In some areas, it is known simply as “Shigru ‘.

Moringa nutritional value of

Moringa leaves and moringa pods are an inexhaustible source of nutrition and provide a variety and quantity of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. Moringa is a rich source of essential amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins. It also contains a significant amount of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B-6, folic acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The mineral wealth of moringa includes calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. It contains very low amount of fat and offers no harmful cholesterol.

Health benefits of Moringa

Moringa contains a huge amount of components and healthful phytonutrients. Because of its huge variety and unsurpassed medicinal benefits, moringa was named the “miracle tree” during the food crisis in Africa. In the Philippines, moringa is revered as the best friend of the mother due to their galactogogic properties. The benefits of moringa for medical conditions include the following:

Moringa Antioxidants: Moringa plant provides a rich blend of powerful antioxidantssuch as kaempferol, caffeoylquinic acid, zeatin, quercetin, rutin, chlorogenic acid, and beta-sitosterol. These powerful antioxidants found in the ability of high moringapossess free radical elimination and have proven their therapeutic value in healing the damage caused by oxidative stress.

Edema Moringa extracts are beneficial in the treatment of edema. Research studies have confirmed that treatment with root extract moringa oleifera, that anti-inflammatory qualities possesess, was significantly effective in inhibiting the development of edema. Moreover, studies suggest that the effectiveness of the herb moringa means equality with the potent anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin in the treatment of these painful conditions.

Liver Protection: Moringa extracts exert a hepatoprotective effect on the liver. Research studies have validated the effectiveness of moringa leaves against liver damage caused by anti-tubercular drugs, as well as stimulants to accelerate the recovery process effects. Moringa helps restore levels of glutathione content in the body and prevents hepatic lipid peroxidation induced by radiation. This protective effect is attributed to the presence of phytochemicals such as catechin, epicatechin, ferulic acid and vitamin C that is in moringa.

Stomach Disorders: in moringa isothiocyanates are effective in treating abdominal disorders such as constipation, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis. Studies have shown that extracts of Moringa can be considered as an alternative to base herbs effective for a range of commercially available antacids and antihistamines. Research studies have shown that treatment with Moringa oleifera leads to ulceration and effective in reducing healing of ulcerative colitis is comparable with commercially available drug prednisolone.

Moringa contains antibiotic and antibacterial properties, and exerts inhibitory effects on the growth of various pathogens. This includes Helicobacter pylori bacteria and coliform bacteria, which can trigger diseases such as diarrhea.

healthy skin: Moringa seed oil is beneficial for the skin. Moisturizing and detoxifying effects of moringa extracts help neutralize the effects of harmful pollutants, prevent wrinkles and premature aging slows. The high protein content of moringa helps in protecting skin cells from damage caused by heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium. For the same reason, it is used in the production of cosmetics and skin care.

Diabetes: Moringa extracts exert anti-diabetic effects in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Research studies have shown that treatment with moringa works positively to the reduction of blood glucose, urine sugar and urine protein test subjects for diabetics. According to studies, the moringa has also shown a marked improvement in hemoglobin levels and total protein content of diabetic subjects.

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antibacterial properties: Moringa has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is effective against the growth of microbes that cause disease. Scientific research has shown that extracts of Moringa exert a broad spectrum of protective activity against microorganisms foodborne as Salmonella, Rhizopus species, E. coli, Enterobacter aerogenus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus. This defensive activity makes perfect moringa extracts for sanitation purposes and preservation.

Cancer Moringa is an anticancer agent and has great value in tumor therapy. Scientific research has shown that extracts of moringa have chemopreventive properties attributed to the presence of the phenolic components quercetin and kaempferol. Another study has shown the role of bioactive compound niazimicin in containing the development of cancerous cells. extracts Moringa impart chemomodulatory to healing of various types of cancers such as ovarian cancer, liver carcinogenesis and papillomagenesis skin by inhibiting proliferation of malignant cancer cells and induction of apoptosis, effects also known as programmed cell death .

Neurodegenerative Diseases The effectiveness of moringa has been invaluable in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Research studies have shown that treatment with moringa extracts have the potential to alter brain monoamines such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, and that even extends protection against monoaminergic deficiencies related to Alzheimer disease.

Bone Health: Moringa extracts are beneficial for maintaining bone health, which is attributed to the presence of essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Moringa extracts have anti-inflammatory properties and are effective in the treatment of painful conditions such as arthritis, while also helping to cure various bone diseases such as bone fracture or maxilla mandibular.

immunosuppressive effects seeds moringa oleifera possess immunosuppressive properties. Deliberate immunosuppression is required to inhibit the activation of the body’s immune system to prevent transplant rejection of certain treatments, particularly of organs and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Research studies have shown that the immunosuppressive action of moringa seeds helps in improving the production of antibodies to allow new material of transplanted organs and to solve safely in the body.

Herpes: Moringa is effective against infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. The healing effects of moringa grass prevent the development of skin lesions and inhibit plaque formation caused by the infecting virus.

cardiovascular protection: Moringa extracts are useful in preventing damage myocardial or heart due to the presence of potent antioxidants. Research studies conducted on this subject have provided evidence demonstrating antiperoxidative and cardio-protective therapy moringa effects. Treatment with Moringa helps in inhibiting lipid peroxidation increase in myocardial tissue and helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

Anti-allergenic behavior: The moringa seed extracts have anti-allergenic qualities. Scientific research has validated the inhibitory action moringa hypersensitivity reactions involved in various allergic diseases, including allergic rhinitis and anaphylaxis.

Asma: The benefits of moringa plant extracts also includes relief of bronchial asthma and inflammation caused in the airways. According to research, treatment with moringa helps reduce the severity of asthma attacks and various symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, breathlessness and chest tightness. Moringa extends its protective effects against bronchial strictures and encourages better lung function and breathing.

antifungal properties: oleifera leaves moringa anti-fungal possess qualities. The inhibitory effects of moringa helps in preventing the growth of disease-causing contaminants fungi such as Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp.

Hair Care: The favorable effects of moringa seed oil for hair health have been appreciated since antiquity. It is very effective in cleaning and cleansing of hair and protects it from environmental damage, including ultraviolet radiation. Serves as a valuable conditioner to the scalp, it strengthens the roots and stimulates hair growth.

urolithiasis: Moringa extracts are effective against the formation of kidney stones, bladder and uterus. According to research studies, administration of the root of moringa exerts anti-urolithiatic activity and resulted in a significant reduction in urinary oxalate levels. The moringa healing effect has also demonstrated a reduction in deposit formation stone and aids in the regulation of endogenous oxalate synthesis.

Wound Healing: aqueous leaf extract moringa oleifera have significant healing of properties.Research studies have provided supporting documents for the healing effects of moringa in the treatment of wounds with regard to skin wound disruption strength, speed of wound closure and reduction in scar area.

Hypertension Moringa is effective in maintaining optimal levels of blood pressure in the body. bioactive compounds such as isothiocyanate and niaziminin present in moringa prevent thickening of arteries and reduce the development of pulmonary hypertension.

Sickle Cell Disease: Moringa oleifera is effective in the treatment of sickle cell disease. Recent studies have validated the potential anti-sickling of plant extracts of Moringa, attributed to the presence of zinc and flavonols such as kaempferol, quercetin, and acacetin and phenolic acids such as melilotic acid and vanillic acid.

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Eye Health: Rich in antioxidants moringa oleifera is beneficial to provide protection against damage to the retina. Scientific studies have provided supporting evidence regarding the effects of moringa retinoprotective in test subjects. Moringa treatment helps in preventing dilation of the vessels of the retina and retinal vasculature remains intact. Also inhibits coarsening of the capillary membranes and prevents any dysfunction of the retina.

Immune Stimulator: The ethanol extracts of moringaleaf helps stimulate the body’s immune system. It also helps in improving the cellular immune response and has positive effects on other immune values, such as total leukocyte count, antibodies and hypersensitivity reaction system.

Nephrotoxicity Moringa extracts have a protective effect against nephrotoxicity which refers to kidney problems resulting from exposure to certain drugs or toxins. Studies have shown that the nephroprotective effect moringa helps in attenuating renal injury due to its high content of antioxidants. Serves as an effective bio-absorbent and helps in removing heavy metals and harmful toxins.

Cholesterol: extracts of Moringa serve as an effective means to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in the body remedy. Studies have confirmed the hypocholesterolemic effects of moringa, which helps reduce high-fat diet-induced increased liver, kidney and serum cholesterol levels.

Anemia: Moringa extracts are beneficial in the treatment of anemia. Studies have provided supporting evidence regarding the fact that treatment with moringa oleifera helps facilitate iron absorption, which increases the number of red blood cells and helps maintain normal parameters blood.

Abortifacient Moringa oleifera possesses anti-fertility qualities. Aqueous extracts of Moringa exert estrogenic activity and are beneficial in preventing sexual implantation in the body.

Obesity: Moringa helps in the fight against obesity thanks to its highly nutritious and low-fat qualities. The impressive vitamin B content in the leaves of moringa helps digestion and converts food into energy instead of storing it as fat.

Culinary use: Moringa is a “miracle tree” and most of its parts, including leaves, bark, fruits and roots are used as food. Moringa tree leaves can be added to salads and are also used in the preparation of sauces and soups. moringa oil cold pressed is used for cooking and is appreciated for its long life. Unripe pods of the moringa tree seeds, popularly known as drumsticks in India, are used in various dishes.

Moringa leaves are a great alternative to meat because of the high content of protein, especially for vegetarians. Moringa contains the amino acids histidine aregenine and are essential for children and is also a great help to combat malnutrition in the poorest regions of the world.

Other uses of Moringa

Water Purification: Moringa olefeira extracts anti-cyanobacteria possess qualities and have been praised for their use in filtration systems primitive water. Moringa seeds function as coagulant and flocculant exert effects on clay and microorganisms in the water, thereby aiding in the removal of contaminants and harmful algae. Moringa is a natural way of purification and treatment of water, in contrast to other industrial sectors such as alumina coagulants.

Seed Oil :. Moringa seed oil has a low tendency to become rancid and is effectively used as a lubricant for fine apparatus such as watches

feed for farm animals: The leaves of moringa trees have excellent nutritional characteristics and are beneficial for livestock feed, both economically and nutritionally level. Moringa promotes better milk production and helps to improve the quality of meat.

Plant Growth Stimulator: extracts of moringa leaves contain properties that encourage growth and promote better crop yield. The use of moringa growth hormone helps improve plant resistance to pests and diseases.

Moringa extracts have been widely used in the manufacture of creams, ointments, oils and moisturizers. Moringa seed cake remaining after oil extraction is commonly used as a fertilizer.

Moringa oleifera : A word of caution

The roots and bark of moringa have an abortive effect and are not recommended for ingestion during pregnancy.

Moringa is a nutritious plant and is generally safe for consumption. However, their therapeutic use for relief should only be considered after consultation with medical professional.

Moringa oleifera also helps in improving sensory perception and memory. It has anti-epileptic and helps in the fight against depression, anxiety and fatigue properties. thehigh anti-inflammatory and vitamin content of moringa properties are valuable for the treatment of catarrhal and scurvy. Moringa herb is useful for regulation of thyroid hormones and is effective for curing skin infections and wounds.

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