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Health Benefits of Kefir

The health benefits of kefir include its ability to detoxify the body, cleanse the digestive tract, eliminate harmful bacteria, improve the immune system, manage diabetes and lactose intolerance, help lose weight, increase skin and hair health and appearance, and protect against various fungal and viral infections.

Kefir is a health drink that has become known as the modern “magic milk ” because of its many health benefits. It is basically milk of goats, cows, sheep or that has been mixed with kefir grains and left to ferment. The slightly thickened yogurt like substance that is created and packaged with probiotics , yeast, Vitamins minerals and nutrients. It may be an option for lactose intolerant people and has been linked with a wide range of health benefits that can not be acquired from other types of milk or yogurt.

kefir grains are actually combinations of yeast and bacteria, along with several proteins , lipids and sugars which form groups of groups of bacterial colonies in milk fermentation, which resulting in the thick texture of kefir-520x300 drink. Kefir has been a popular drink for more than 5,000 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains and China and spread in Europe during that time. Recently it has become popular in the United States and other Western nations due to increased lactose intolerance and the desire for healthy alternatives to traditional foods and drink. In culinary uses, normally it used to make sourdough bread and is a substitute for buttermilk in various recipes.

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nutritional value of kefir

The health benefits of kefir can be attributed to its large number of probiotic bacteria , nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including kefiran kefirinfo dietary fiber , protein, lactic acid bacteria, polysaccharides, nicotinic acid, vitamin C , folic acid, vitamin B6 , manganese sodium potassium and magnesium .

Health Benefits of kefir

Digestion: As a probiotic-rich substance, kefir can be very beneficial for digestion and intestinal health. Probiotics eliminate a lot of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, while also helping to absorb nutrients efficiently. In addition, kefir is full of dietary fiber, which stimulates peristalsis and can eliminate constipation . A single serving of kefir has more than 21% of the daily requirement of fiber.

Diabetes and lactose intolerance

to people suffering from diabetes, kefir can be a great way to stay healthy. Kefir grains are composed of sugar and lactose bacteria eat, which means that excess sugar is removed from the system before it can flood the bloodstream and cause dips or spikes in blood sugar that diabetics try to avoid. For those who are lactose intolerant, the bacteria feed on lactose can prevent stomach react so violently, while still getting your body the important nutrients in milk.

immune system

This not only kefir provide a lot of vitamin C, which is a key to component immune system , it also has all the beneficial bacteria that will eliminate other harmful bacteria in the body. Its antioxidant properties can prevent a variety of diseases, including several cancers and disease heart .

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Overall Health

As a rich source of protein , kefir promotes the efficient functioning of the organ systems and may increase body metabolism. Along with that, it helps wound healing, recovery time from injury, and cell growth.

heart health

The kefiran that is present in kefir is connected to the suppression of blood pressure and serum cholesterol reduction. Both lead to a healthier heart that is less prone to diseases such as atherosclerosis , heart attacks and strokes.

few words of caution

Although there are no natural hazards make kefir, some people notice an increase in the frequency of their visits to the bathroom. Certainly cleans out your system!

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