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Health Benefits of Hijiki

Some of the biggest health benefits of hijiki include its ability to improve digestive health, energy levels, strengthen bones, help prevent diabetes , lower cholesterol, eliminate sleep disorders, balance hormonal activity, and improve metabolic efficiency.


Hijiki may sound like an exotic meal who has never tried before, but there is a good chance that you have consumed this beneficial sea Plant If I ever dined at a Japanese home. Scientifically known as Sargassum fusiform hijiki is a type of algae is usually brown or green opaque or when grown in the wild. It grows on the coast of Japan, China and Korea, and has become a staple variety of algae in many cultural dishes . Hijiki is often considered one of the most versatile forms of seaweed as it dries quickly and keeps most of its nutrient content, which is impressive. Once the hijiki is dry, you can export worldwide, added to everything from soups and soybean sauces for fish dishes and even fried. Hijiki

Normally, hijiki or come in a dried form as a branch or in small buds that look like black dry tea . Both varieties are black and swell anywhere from 3-5 times the size it once cooked or re-hydrated. Japanese restaurants typically serve most common forms of algae, but hijiki is a very popular type of sea vegetable among home chefs in Japan, due to its availability and ease of preparation. There must be another reason; hijiki is one of the healthiest seaweed that you can add to your diet forms. Let’s find out a little more about the unique mineral composition and makeup of nutrients hijiki.

Hijiki nutritional value of

While hijiki can be tasty addition to meals, also serves a very functional role in the human diet . Hijiki, like many marine plants, contains a wide range of essential minerals for the body as well as significant levels of dietary fiber Vitamin K calcium iron magnesium and iodine .

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Health Benefits Hijiki

Hormonal Health: Although rarely speak of iodine as part of our diet, is a crucial part of staying healthy and maintain our bodily processes on track. Iodine plays an important role in handling and balance of hormones , because it interacts directly with the thyroid gland, one of the most important aspects of the entire endocrine system. Although iodine excess can be dangerous, most people do not get enough, and hijiki is a great place to find some!

digestive health Algae are the ultimate green leafy vegetables, and like many other vegetables, which are full of dietary fiber, which ensures that its digestive process is smooth and healthy. Dietary fiber stimulates peristalsis to move food through the digestive tract, maximizing nutrient intake, and reduction of constipation along the way.

Energy levels: The iron content of hijiki is unprecedented high for a vegetable; some varieties that have been tested have up to 5 times more iron than chicken liver , which is considered one of the largest sources for this essential mineral. This means that the prevention of anemia is easy with hijiki as part of their weekly diet. Suitable iron levels in the body increases the number of red blood cells, which may increase oxygenation of the extremities and increase energy levels in general.

Bone Health: One of the inevitable parts of aging is losing our strength and have to be more concerned about the durability of our bones. However, if you have a adequate influx minerals through your diet, which can significantly prevent the painful and debilitating condition of osteoporosis . Hijiki contains more calcium than milk , which is often considered one of the best dietary sources. Hijiki can certainly help to keep it strong and active for many years.

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Cholesterol and diabetes Hijiki is not only a low-calorie food that fills you, because of the high level of fiber, but the same dietary fiber also removes excess cholesterol from the cardiovascular system and helps balance the levels of glucose and insulin in the body. Digestive system optimization has many unexpected benefits for the rest of the body, and sea vegetables can be a great place to take advantage of them!


Sleep problems: Magnesium has been known as effective aid sleep for many years, mainly because it stimulates the production of certain hormones that induce relaxation and stress release naturally lends itself to a restful sleep. High levels of magnesium in hijiki mean that would be a great snack at night if you are eluding dream. All you need is a boost magnesium!

One last word of warning: Despite all these health benefits, hijiki also has an unusually high level inorganic arsenic , which is technically a toxic and carcinogenic substance. However, a lot of hijiki be required to accumulate enough inorganic arsenic to be dangerous, but some countries have issued warnings about the consumption of this sea vegetable, although no countries have banned it. As with everything, moderation eat hijiki!

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