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Health Benefits Of Garlic As A Natural Antibiotic

Garlic has been a part of traditional medicine in India for centuries. As a child, the time sniffled, your mother tenderly made ginger tea and garlic and then is forced to down it (not so gently)! In the past, the exact reason for the benefits of garlic were unknown and if you dared to question it, the only reason we were given was a terse, “because it’s good for you.” But science now has the answer to that question: “Why garlic is good for you?” – “Because it is a natural antibiotic”. The term ‘ antibiotics “makes us think of pills and tablets, but an antibiotic is a compound that kills bacteria and that is exactly what the compounds in garlic can do. Many health benefits of garlic come from a medicinal and therapeutic compound called allicin in garlic. Allicin is a strong natural antibiotic that has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Here are some ways you can make full use of natural antibiotic properties of garlic.


cough syrup garlic

08.06 Peel and chop garlic pods fine. Keep them uncovered for 5-7 minutes. Allicin in garlic react with oxygen in the air. This increases the bioavailability of the compound which, in turn, increases the health benefits of garlic cough. Pour about 6 tablespoons minced garlic honey on and all removed before draining honey. Then you may have about ½ teaspoon of the syrup every hour or so as Experiments have shown that garlic is very effective in treating respiratory infections. If the garlic flavor is too strong, you can add a little grated ginger to your syrup and ginger help to mask the strong taste of garlic and soothe your throat.

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Garlic Tea To get rid of a stomach virus

a study on the effects of garlic compounds in C. jejuni (a type of bacteria that causes food poisoning ) showed that organosulfur compounds in garlic destroy bacteria. If you are down with a stomach virus or flu, just dump a few tablespoons minced garlic in a cup of (but not boiling) hot water . Allow to soak for 3-5 minutes and then drink the tea while it is still hot. The health benefits of garlic for gastric problems are undeniable to use this home remedy garlic as soon as your stomach goes wrong to make sure you make a quick recovery. You can add some crushed teeth and a small amount of brown sugar to his tea to make it more palatable.

homemade garlic ointment for skin infections

The sulfur compounds in garlic have anti-fungal properties that makes it very effective in treating skin infections. One study he found that garlic was especially effective against Candida albicans fungus that causes vaginal yeast infections infections of the skin and nails, and oral candidiasis . Crush 1-2 small pods of garlic and spread the paste on a clean plate. Allow keep quiet for 5 minutes. Put this paste in a small bowl and add clean 1 teaspoon coconut cream to it. Mix garlic paste and coconut cream thoroughly until blended and then apply this ointment to the affected areas of the skin. If you do not have coconut cream, you can use the same amount of coconut milk instead.

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Another study found that garlic is also effective in the treatment of viral skin infections such as herpes. You can apply the ointment garlic home to their cold sores to accelerate the healing process. This is one of the most important benefits for the health of garlic, as there are very few effective drugs for viral infections of the skin. Do not use this ointment to treat vaginal infections without consulting your doctor first as vaginal skin is very sensitive and strong sulfur compounds in garlic can cause discomfort or burning.

The benefits of garlic are not limited to minor health problems, as some studies indicate that a high intake of garlic can lower cholesterol levels, improve heart health reduce hypertension and even reduce the risk of some types of cancer . While not fully understand all the health benefits of garlic it is safe to say that the addition to your diet can improve your overall health. ! As her mother many years ago said, you should have garlic because it is “good for you”

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