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Health Benefits of Feverfew

Some of the most unique benefits to health of feverfew include its ability to treat headaches relieve stress , reduce inflammation, reduce pain, break fever , the ease menstrual discomfort, increase appetite and improve respiratory health.


While some people grow Santamaria as an ornamental flower, because its flowers high aesthetic value, this plant scientifically known as Tanacetum parthenium it is much more commonly used in traditional medicine and modern herbal therapies. These flowers are hardy and can often spread to large areas quickly, so some cultures see it as an invasive weed. However, people who recognize the value of feverfew appreciate this durable and resilient nature. Originally from Eurasia, feverfew now enjoys a global presence and can be found on every continent. It is especially popular in the west, where the desire for herbal medicines has increased significantly in recent decades. feverfew

Research on Feverfew has been extensive, but some of the medicinal properties have been controversial. Parthenolide is the active ingredient that gets the most attention, but feverfew also contains a variety of oils and tannins varieties also have effects on human health. In terms of application , which can be administered as the dry or fresh, but the extracts of the volatile oils also used to skin washings, tinctures, and supplements pill . Despite the many potential benefits of feverfew, its use should be carefully monitored and supervised by a trained professional as it can interact with other drugs or treatments in many ways, some of which can be dangerous. Now, let’s take a further look at the many health benefits of feverfew.

Health Benefits Santamaria

Relief Migraine The oldest and most commonly praised feverfew benefit is its clear effect in headaches and migraines. One effect of the active ingredients that is prevention of platelet accumulation in capillaries and blood vessels. This is what causes stress on the cardiovascular system and causes headaches and migraines. To ease and relax these vessels, feverfew can quickly eliminate these painful conditions.

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Anxiety and Stress: Although the way for this particular benefit is not fully understood, feverfew has been known to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety in some users. This is very important for those who suffer from chronic stress, such as the presence of stress hormones in the body can be dangerous for long periods.

The lower inflammation Some of the volatile compounds in feverfew have anti-inflammatory capabilities, which effectively reduces inflammation throughout the body. For those who suffer from chronic joint pain arthritis drop , and other inflammatory conditions, treatment with herbal feverfew is a painless and effective solution.

Pain reduction: This is closely related to the antiinflammatory effects of feverfew, but any analgesic substance deserves some recognition. For thousands of years, feverfew has been used to prevent pain throughout the body, not only the pain of headaches and migraines. After surgery or injury, it can be successfully used for quick and lasting relief.

Symptoms of fever: Traditionally, feverfew has been used to break up and remove fevers. The name of the plant should be some indication of this ability. If you are suffering from a fever , if it is linked to a more serious disease or not, that can help promote sweating and eliminate toxins from the body, which speeds up the healing process and reduce inflammation .

The menstrual discomfort: One of the most popular uses of feverfew is in reducing discomfort during menstruation. For billions of women around the world, menstruation can be a painful monthly occurrence including cramping, bloating, hormonal changes, pain and excessive bleeding. can effectively lower inflammation, you eliminate the pain, and induce calm to reduce mood swings and anxiety.

Booster appetite: For people trying to gain weight or recovering from injury / surgery increasing appetite can be very important. Feverfew has been linked to certain hormonal activity that induces hunger. While this may not be ideal for people trying to stay on a diet, you can certainly help the efforts of healing and weight gain for those individuals who may be underweight or deficient calories.

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feverfewinfo Respiratory Function: The soothing capacity feverfew also extends to the airways where this herb is able to reduce inflammation and irritation, which can often conditions exacerbate as asthma or coughing. By allowing the airways to relax, which can help relieve symptoms and improve respiratory health.

Guard skin: One of the most recent health benefits of feverfew is your role in skin health. Research is being conducted on the full effects of feverfew in the skin, but when it comes to dermatitis and other common forms of irritation, has been shown to improve symptoms when applied topically.

Heart Health: Feverfew may inhibit the production of certain prostaglandins in the body that are responsible for increasing blood pressure. By reducing symptoms of hypertension, feverfew can protect the overall health of the heart and decrease the chances of experiencing atherosclerosis , and subsequent heart attacks and strokes linked to that particular block the cardiovascular system.

One last word of warning: Matricaria is closely related to the ragweed family, which is a common allergen for many people. If you are allergic to plants in the ragweed family, feverfew should not be used. Common side effects include mouth ulcers in some people, and if this occurs, discontinue use and consult a medical professional. This herb also should not be used during pregnancy, despite its analgesic and calming effects. As always, consult a professional or a medical specialist in natural medicine before adding a new item to your health regimen herbal, since there is always the possibility of negative interactions with pharmaceutical such powerful herbs .

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