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Health Benefits of Eating Nuts

long been fears that dry fruits was not done. They were considered bad for you diet disaster, with too high in fat and calories to be anything but! Recently, however, extensive studies have shown that the opposite is the case. Nuts are amazing for the human body. Recently there have been many discoveries that show that health …

It was not too long ago were feared nuts. – They are considered to be a diet disaster, with too high fat and calorie content to be anything but bad for you! Recently, however, extensive studies have shown that the opposite is the case. – Nuts are amazing for the human body. Recently there have been many discoveries of health show that nuts are a wonderful source of protein that are great for everyone, and should add to our diet.

Health Benefits of Eating Nuts

Health Benefits of eating nuts

Yes – nuts contain a lot of fat, and are relatively loaded with calories considering that they are a plant food. Our understanding of fat has changed, however, and now we know that most of the fat in walnuts is polyunsaturated or monounsaturated. These fats are not as bad for you as others, are not as likely to cause weight gain, and most important of all, actually have the ability to lower LDL cholesterol
levels. In fact, nuts have actually proven to be extremely good for the heart – modern studies have concluded that a daily adequate amount of nuts can reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease by up to 35%. -. Astonishing news for a food that once was feared for its potential weight gain and cardiovascular effects destructive

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Nuts are an incredible source of protein. – Protein is very important for our body, but unfortunately, in many places commonly found (like red meat), get our recommended protein can have negative side effects in our hearts amounts. This makes the wonderful nuts, because you can get a lot of protein from them without having to worry about hurting your precious heart. They are especially great for vegetarian diets, such as vegetarians may have difficulty meeting the recommended amount of protein that your body needs amount.

Nuts are great sources of energy. Protein is an important ingredient for energy, and when combined with the other minerals in nuts make them perfect to provide the most consistent energy levels longer. Besides proteins, nuts also are rich in powerful antioxidants selenium and vitamin E. Antioxidants have been recently identified as potent anti-aging effects on the body due to their ability to block the damage caused by free radicals, substances that contribute to premature aging.

studies with nuts in the daily diet, the results showed that almost all forms of nuts had similar effects, although the most beneficial nuts today is generally considered to be peanuts, almonds and walnuts from India . While they are very healthy, nuts can be a sandwich in place addictive, and combined with their high levels of calories can cause weight gain if you do not exercise some discipline with your snack. Fortunately, the nuts also satisfy hunger very well.

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In general, nuts are powerful food that is full of surprising and amazing benefits. Its ability to reduce the risk of heart disease while protecting against aging and providing energy levels including a highly desired solid healthy food does, as long as a person keeps low intake levels. They are still loaded with calories and can contribute to weight gain if high levels on a regular basis are consumed. If intake below remains, however, you will notice significant improvements in your health, and you can rest easier at night knowing that you are helping your heart and improve your chances of escape cardiovascular disease.


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