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Health Benefits of Cucumber (Kheera)

About cucumber / kheera

Cucumber or kheera is a very famous fruit (used as a culinary vegetable) and very easily found everywhere because of its widespread cultivation worldwide.

especially it is a creeping plant found in three varieties (pickling, slicing and burpless) and belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. It originated first in South Asia, India, however, it has started growing in many regions. Some of the varieties of cucumber are parthenocarpic (seedless create the fruit) and does not require pollination However, most of them require pollination and create fruits with seeds. It is highly produced by China and then Russia, Turkey, Iran, the United States and etc.


Cucumbers are highly cultivated (or plant) fruits worldwide and well known for its amazing health benefits known as super food. They are very good to hydrate the body in the summer season, however, and is used in almost every season by the people. Some of the wonderful benefits of nutritional health of cucumber are mentioned below:



Benefits of cucumber skin

whole rehydrates body

  • Help rehydrating the body and meets the requirement of vitamins every day because it contains almost 95% of water and vitamins that make it appropriate to remove toxins from the body. Should eat with the whole skin, as it contains a good amount of vitamin C.

Relieves sunburn

  • relief is provided fast burn skin if applied correctly on the skin.

prevents free radicals and aging

  • is the good source of antioxidants (zea-xanthine, beta carotene, alpha carotene and lutein ) that helps in the prevention of free radicals, it causes the bright and shiny skin therefore prevents premature aging including other problems associated with aging.

reduces wrinkles

  • reduces skin wrinkles and revitalizes the skin by meeting the need for water, vitamins and minerals.

removes the skin Tan

  • has the property of bleaching aids in the removal of tanned skin, improving the complexion and it makes the skin young, soft, supple and glowing skin.

Used to treat cellulite

  • is a very good home remedy for treating cellulite.

Benefits of cucumber hair

stimulates hair growth

  • contains minerals silicon and sulfur makes it capable of stimulating proper hair growth.

Makes smooth and healthy hair

  • This makes the hair more soft, shiny, strong and healthy due to its richness in useful minerals.

Fall prevents hair

  • Drinking cucumber juice regularly prevents hair loss.

Benefits of cucumber for cancer

Reduces the risk of cancer

  • contains some compounds major (pinoresinol, lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol) which reduce the risk of various cancers in the body, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, etc.
  • it contains phytonutrients called lignans which helps reduce the risk of cancer.

improves Immunity

  • Vitamin C is found in it acts as an antioxidant and improves the immunity level therefore prevents harmful effects of free radicals (leading to cancer).

Benefits of cucumber for teeth and gums

Maintains healthy oral cavity

  • Help to keep teeth and gums very healthy by removing odors from the mouth as phytochemicals found in it are able to kill all bacteria in the mouth.

prevents disorders of the oral cavity

  • Eating raw cucumber regularly increased salivation and increased neutralization of acids and alkalis in oral cavity thus preventing pyorrhea, gingivitis and etc.

Benefits of cucumber on weight loss

Manages Weight

  • Eating Cucumber basis It provides assistance in daily weight loss and digestion because of its low calorie, high water content, high level of vitamins, dietary fibers and high etc.

Saves a full stomach

  • hunger is reduced very often, because it contains high levels of insoluble dietary fibers in water It keeps the stomach full for long.

Benefits cucumber for women

prevents cancer

  • contains a call enterolignan compound get link to estrogen receptors and reduces estrogen-related problems and cancer (breast, ovary, uterus and etc).

Benefits of cucumber nervous system

promotes the formation of neurotransmitters

  • contains copper mineral that helps make appropriate neurotransmitters required by the brain to communicate well.

Beauty Benefits cucumber

maintains healthy skin

  • Vitamin E and potassium found in it help removing stains, fine lines, wrinkles, signs of aging, etc spots and skin.

Removes dark circles

  • eliminating dark circles around the eyes if cucumber slices remain around the eyes for 15- 20 minutes. Use cucumber slices directly or cotton balls soaked in cucumber juice.

Removes wrinkles and blemishes

  • Used as a facial mask to remove wrinkles, blemishes, pimples, including other skin problems . Apply thin paste of cucumber with a few drops of lemon juice and honey for 20 minutes to remove skin tanning.
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Remedy for oily skin

  • The application of the mixture of turmeric, lemon juice and cucumber paste for 15-20 minutes helps in controlling oil secretion for oily skin.

nourishes dry skin

  • The application of the oat mixture and cucumber pulp for 20 minutes provides help with the problem of dry skin .

good hair conditioner

  • Rinse hair with cucumber juice makes the hair silky and shiny as it is a good conditioner .

Benefits of cucumber for the digestive system

prevents chronic constipation and colon cancer

  • Prevents the various digestive system disorders, including chronic constipation and colon cancer.

prevents digestive system disorders

  • its high water, vitamins and dietary fibers aid in preventing the formation of heartburn, gastritis, indigestion and ulcers.

promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system

  • all the toxins through the liver and stomach is clean and keeps the digestive system working No problem.

Improves absorption of proteins

  • has a erepsina called enzyme that helps a lot in the absorption of proteins.

Benefits of cucumber for the brain

reduces the stress level

  • Helps reduce the level of stress and keep your mind fresh for long if consumed regularly.

regulates the functioning of the adrenal glands

  • Its richness in B vitamins keeps the functioning of the adrenal glands and prevents the harmful effects.

improves memory and learning ability

  • contains the flavonol compound called fisetin which helps in better growth and development of memory and learning ability and prevent memory loss, headaches and Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of cucumber eye

reduces eye puffiness

  • Its properties anti-inflammatory provide help for puffy eyes to reduce swelling.

relieves headache

  • eyestrain and headache if slice of cucumber is avoided placed in the eyes of a few minutes .

Maintains relaxed and comfortable

  • more relaxed and comfortable feeling is maintained.

Advantages of cucumber juice

Some of the special health benefits of cucumber juice are mentioned below:

benefits of cucumber juice diabetes

regulates the secretion of insulin from pancreatic cells

  • Having cucumber juice based daily help in healing diabetes because it contains a special hormone required to generate adequate insulin from pancreatic cells.

relieves diabetics symptoms

  • also reduces the level of cholesterol in the body thus controls the pressure of the blood that ultimately It provides relief from the symptoms of diabetes.

regulates blood pressure

  • contains good levels of some minerals such as potassium, magnesium and fiber that help in regulating this way blood pressure reduces the risk of high blood pressure among diabetic patients.

benefits of cucumber juice for bones and joints

strengthens bones and joints

  • good growth of bones and joints promotes and provides relief from gout, arthritis, sore joints and etc, as it contains a good amount of silica strengthens the connective tissues and promotes bone health.

remedy for gout and arthritis

  • Its rich variety of vitamins such as A, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, folate, iron and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium makes it a better home remedy for gout and arthritis (if taken with carrot juice) because it reduces pain by reducing the uric acid level.

fulfills need for vitamin K and calcium

  • Vitamin K and calcium found in it makes the strong bone by promoting of orthotropic activity.

improves the health of connective tissues

  • contains high amount of silica that promotes joint health, improving tissue growth connectives.

benefits of cucumber juice for kidney

removes toxins

  • helps in removal and washing of all toxins from the body through disposal systems and dissolves kidney stones if taken regularly.

Kidney Friendly Fruit

  • is the result of using kidney keeps kidneys happy all the time.

Saves healthy urinary system

  • diseases of the urinary bladder and ureters is prevented because its high water content promotes urination More frequently.

benefits of cucumber juice for immunity

prevents seasonal infections

  • Its vitamins high content level help stimulate the immune system and prevention of many seasonal infections.

benefits of cucumber juice to the heart

contains no cholesterol

  • contains no cholesterol decreases to the level of cholesterol in the body hence reduces the risk of heart problems in the future because it contains sterols and water-soluble dietary fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol.

Maintains BP

  • It boils down blood pressure and helps maintain normal blood pressure.

contains electrolytes Heart Friend

  • contains good level of mineral potassium which is a friendly electrolyte heart and helps in reducing blood pressure high.
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Sliced Cucumber

Cucumber slices

Benefits of cucumber seeds

Eliminates intestinal worms

  • cucumber seeds are a natural home remedy to eliminate intestinal worms in the intestinal tract as the tape worm and etc, due to anti-inflammatory properties.

Other health benefits of cucumber

Rich source of vitamins B

  • Cucumbers they are very good source of vitamins, especially B vitamins thus feeds the body very well.

Remedy for Clear Mirror

  • A small portion thereof makes the mirror fogged clear if rubbed on the mirror properly.

hangover remedies

  • is well known as a supplier of instant energy and cure a hangover in the morning or headache .
  • Eat a few pieces of cucumber before sleep at night helps you get the right amount of sugar, vitamins, electrolytes and other essential nutrients to reduce hangover symptoms and headache in the morning.

Beat the summer heat

  • he is made able to fight the summer heat and provides relief from heartburn.

Relieves swelling

  • is anti-inflammatory property provides relief from inflammation of the mucous membranes (nose and throat) and maintains smooth breathing.

prevents inflammation

  • prevents the body from inflammation to inhabit the activity of the enzyme cyclooxygenase and preventing the production of oxides nitrogen (both inflammation causing agent).

alleviates fever

  • fever relief is provided, as it has temperature regulating properties.

maintains fluid balance

  • water retention is prevented because it supplies all the electrolytes and minerals needed for the body and It maintains proper hydration of the body’s cells.

Relieves joint and muscle

  • pain relief in joints and muscles is provided, as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Benefits of Raw / kheera cucumber 100 g

(Source: Database USDA Nutrient)

Energy: 16 kcal

Carbohydrates: 3.63 g

Sugar: 1.67

dietary fiber: 0.5 g

Ash: 0 , 5 g

Fat 0.11 g

saturated Fat: 28 mg

monounsaturated fat: 3.7 mg

polyunsaturated fat: 19 mg

Omega-3 fatty acids: 3.7 mg

Omega-6 fatty acids: 18 mg

Protein: 0.65 g

Water: 95.23


Thiamine: 0.027 mg

Riboflavin: 0.033 mg

Niacin : 0.098 mg

pantothenic acid: 0.259 mg

Vitamin B6: 0.04 mg

folate: 7 g

Hill: 7 mg

Betaine: 0.12 mg

Vitamin E: 0.03 mg

Vitamin C: 2.8 mg

Vitamin K: 16.4 g

Vitamin A: 105 IU


Potassium: 147 mg

sodium: 2 mg


Calcium: 16 mg

Magnesium: 13 mg

Manganese 0.079 mg

Hierro: 0.28 mg

Zinc: 0.2 mg

Phosphorus: 24 mg

Copper: 74 mcg

Selenium: 0.27 mcg

Fluoride 1.3 mg


Beta Carotene: 45 g

Crypto-xanthine-β: 26 g

lutein-zeaxanthin: 23 g

storage Tips cucumber

enjoying cucumber

cucumber or kheera can enjoy many ways such as salad, fruit salad, cucumber slices, salad vegetables, juice, soup, fruit smoothies, diced cucumbers with mint leaves tomatoes, onions, sprouted chana, green peppers, diced cucumber with tuna, chicken and etc.

How to select and store cucumber

Always buy organic cucumber originated and avoid inorganically grown cucumber to avoid the side effects of pesticides or insecticides. Buy firm, rounded green cucumber and well trained fresh from the market. Avoid buying cucumbers with, bruised, irregular spotted color, bright, distorted, yellowish, puffy, sagging or wrinkled skin.

Cucumbers are very sensitive to heat and can not be stored for several days at room temperature. You can keep fresh and firm in the refrigerator for days and weeks. However, it should be used within 3-4 days. Cucumbers should be washed thoroughly under running water to be free of dust and pesticides.

disadvantages, side effects and precautions Pepino

Despite being very nutritious and healthy vegetables, cucumber has some disadvantages, side effects and they need some precautions while eating on a daily basis. Some of the disadvantages, side effects and precautions cucumber mentioned below:

  • May cause allergy to the oral cavity with symptoms such as itching and swelling in some people.
  • contains a compound called cucurbitacina that lead to indigestion and gastritis may cause problems.
  • may cause alterations in some people and lead to baldness if consumed in excess.
  • Eating inorganic cucumber can lead to serious health problems due to residues of harmful pesticides on it.
  • They may have used synthetic wax (organic or inorganic) in order to get protected from bruising during shipping causing serious health problems due to unwanted chemical contaminants.

How many cucumbers to eat

Eating cucumber or kheera within the limit is very good and healthy practice as eating over the limit can lead to indigestion and other gastric disorders. It also depends on the age, weight, health status and daily workouts and exercise however, can be eaten two fifty-eight on daily basis.

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