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Health benefits of cinnamon include improved memory and learning capacity

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cinnamon(NaturalHealth365) Cinnamon has long been prized for its ability to improve food with its sweet and spicy flavor. This aromatic spice has also been revered as a medicinal herb for thousands of years , with references to its merits occur in both the Bible and the ancient texts of traditional Chinese medicine.

Now, we can add another claim to the potential benefits of cinnamon: A new study has shown that cinnamon can not only cheer up our taste buds, but may have the memory capacity improve and other mental abilities.

In a study conducted at the Medical Center Rush University last month, researchers found that cinnamon improves learning ability in mice. After observing the actions of the mice in a maze in an interval of two days, scientists classify rodents, either as “poor students” or “good learners.” All mice were fed with cinnamon for a month and re-tested.

Impressive results :. The performance of poor students ” rose to a level equal to that of good learners by changes in the levels of neurotransmitters and proteins in the brain

At baseline, the researchers found that poor students had lower levels of a protein related to learning and memory, with the highest levels of a protein that inhibits brain conductance. After being fed cinnamon for a month, poor students had improved levels of learning beneficial protein, less harmful protein, and more plasticity, or flexibility in their neurons. These biochemical changes translated into “smarter” mice, with better memory function and greater ability to learn.

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cinnamon metabolized in the body to sodium benzoate, a substance used today as a medical treatment for brain damage. So it makes sense that the research team RUMC has also explored the potential of cinnamon to fight Parkinson’s disease , which is associated with decreased levels of dopamine in the brain.

What they found was encouraging :. Cinnamon can reverse some of the biomechanics, cellular and anatomical changes that occur in the brain with Parkinson’s disease

Two different proteins – Parkin and D-1 – are at the lowest levels in the brain Parkinson’s patients. The researchers found that the use of cinnamon stopped this protein loss in mice, preventing further progression of the disease. In addition to helping normalize brain chemicals and protect neurons, cinnamon caused an improvement in motor function, leading to one of the study authors to recognize him as “one of the safest approaches to stop progression of disease in Parkinson’s patients. ”

As if that were not enough to improve mental function and fight a devastating neurological disease, cinnamon has a long list of other virtual health benefits. Its active components, eugenol and cinnamaldehyde in particular, are powerful antioxidants that can reduce harmful free radicals in the body. As a potent antimicrobial agent, cinnamon is effective against many common pathogens, including E. coli, salmonella, and H. pylori, responsible for peptic ulcers pathogen.

Its antibacterial properties make it an excellent defense against gum disease – why is so commonly found in toothpaste, gum and mouthwash. And there is no evidence to suggest that cinnamon may help levels of blood sugar control in people with Type 2 diabetes.

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The answer to that is a resounding “yes.” You should use only organic Ceylon cinnamon, or “true” cinnamon, scientifically known as Cinnamomum verum. Avoid the use of cassia cinnamon, also called Chinese cinnamon; this contains high levels of coumarin, a substance toxic to the liver and kidneys.

Indeed, a simple teaspoon cinnamon cassia plant contains between 5.8 and 12.1 mg of coumarin – about 63 times the content of coumarin Ceylon cinnamon. coumarin content infinitesimal Ceylon cinnamon makes it a much safer bet.

At ground Ceylon cinnamon is paler than the color of cassia cinnamon, which tends to be a solid reddish-brown
When buying cinnamon stick form, which is quite easy to distinguish one from the other :. Ceylon cinnamon is multi layer when you look down the center of the roll. It is also thinner, smoother, softer and more flexible, with visible bristles.

The flavor can also give you a clue. Ceylon cinnamon is sweeter and softer , whereas cassia cinnamon has a more spicy pepper flavor.

Finally, Ceylon cinnamon tends to be more expensive than the cassia cinnamon – a minor price to pay for security and tranquility. Therefore, if sprinkled on oatmeal, use it to decorate yogurt, or drink by bats in a tea refreshing cinnamon, enjoy your Ceylon cinnamon, and reap the benefits of a sharper memory and mind more Quick.



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