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Health Benefits of Chikoo (Sapodilla) Fruit and Juice

About Chikoo (Chickoo or sapote fruit)

Overall, Chikoo is known by the people as chikoo. Most people are not familiar with the name Chikoo as “Zapote”. Chikoo is very tasty, sweet, delicate and calorie-laden fruit belongs to the category of mango, banana or cat. Chikoo is also famous as Noseberry, Mudapples, sapodilla and Chickoo Zapote.

Zapote is readily available in many countries as Central America, southern Mexico, the Caribbean, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, Maldives, Indonesia, Belize and India. When immature having very hard surface and white pulp due to the high content of latex. Latex content gradually decreases as it matures. Contains simple, such as fructose and sucrose, which are the source of energy in the same sugars. It grows in hot weather and takes about five to eight years to get mature. chikoo chikoo tree produces fruit twice a year.

This brown fruit contains from 2 to 5 shiny black seeds in the middle part. It promotes good health when eaten with the skin. You can also take as milkshakes, juice or ice cream. Somewhere it is used to make syrup for medicinal purposes.

I was not used previously chikoo to eat, but when I know its nutritional benefits, immediately started eating chikoo at their stations and felt her all the beneficial aspects in mine.


I mentioned then almost every possible health benefits of fruit chikoo for you:

improves eye sight in old age

  • Chikoo fruit is very beneficial for the eyes as it is good source of vitamin A that helps naturally in improving their eye sight, even in the old days.

energizes the body

  • revitalizes the body through its high energy content as fructose and sucrose that provide instant energy.

provides relief of inflammation

  • Chikoo fruit is very effective anti-inflammatory agent because of its high tannin content.

Improved Digestive Health

  • helps improve digestive tract health by preventing various inflammations, such as esophagitis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and enteritis.

prevents cancer

  • sapote is very good source of antioxidants, fiber and dietary nutrients (vitamins A and B) that helps in preventing certain types of cancer (lung cancer, oral cavity cancer and etc) in the body by binding of carcinogens. Vitamin content maintain the health of the mucus lining in the body and so the texture of the skin.

strengthen bones

  • Chikoo makes their healthy and powerful bones because it contains minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron and etc required to maintain bone strength.

provides relief from constipation

  • Chikoo fruit is dietary fibers (which works as a laxative) rich fruit thus helps relieve constipation. Nourishes the colon membrane so it is resistant to infection.

Stops blood loss from Piles

  • Chikoo fruit has hemostatic properties means helps stop blood loss during battery or other injuries.

provides relief from insect bite

  • seeds paste can be applied in the areas of insect bites to get immediate relief.

prevents bacterial infection

  • also has anti-parasitic property, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, as it has polyphenolic antioxidants that prevent bacteria to grow or enter the human body.

destroys free radicals and stimulates the immune system

  • Chikoo is rich in vitamin C, which rejuvenates the body by destroying free radicals and boost immunity.

Regulate Digestive System Operation

  • The other type of content such as potassium, folic acid, iron, niacin and pantothenic acid help in proper working digestive system.

effective in diarrhea

  • Chikoo fruit works great as a home remedy for diarrhea due to its purgative property. It also provides relief from hemorrhoids and dysentery.

improves mental health and maintains stress-free

  • Chikoo plays a great role in improving mental health due to being an effective sedative. It calms nerves and relieve stress. It is proven that most beneficial fruit for the person suffering from depression, insomnia or anxiety.
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provides relief from respiratory tract disorders

  • Eating chikoo helps get relief from severe cough and cold to remove phlegm and mucus from the nose and airways chronic.

bladder and kidney stones eliminated

  • Seeds of fruit chikoo work as a diuretic and helps in removing the bladder and kidney stones. It provides protection against other diseases of the kidney, as well.

promotes weight loss

  • chikoo Eating regularly controls gastric secretions and enzymes metabolism process and thus helps in weight loss and prevents obesity.

toxin is eliminated body

  • works as a good detoxifying agent and diuretic which helps in removing waste materials from the body through frequent urination.

Avoids water retention in the body

  • This maintains the water concentration in the body prevents the occurrence of edema (water retention) in the body.

cures tooth decay

  • sapote helps heal cavities because of its high content of latex is used to fill cavities in the teeth.

regulates blood pressure

  • The magnesium content of chikoo causes blood vessels healthy and potassium content helps regulate blood pressure and blood flow.

prevents anemia

  • The content of folic acid and iron that prevent the onset of anemia.

Prevents Pulmonary

  • A paste prepared by mixing flowers and fruit chikoo chikoo provides relief and prevents lung problems.

Relieves muscle spasms

  • Chikoo fruit also works as an antispasmodic, because it provides relief from pain and muscle spasms.

Chikoo Benefits during pregnancy

energizes the body

  • It is considered that the high-energy fruit for pregnant and lactating mother because of their high content of carbohydrates and nutrients.

free from symptoms of pregnancy

  • Reduces weakness in pregnant women, offering instant energy and provides relief from symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and dizziness.

Chikoo benefits for hair

maintains healthy hair

  • Eating chikoo provide all essential nutrients needed regularly to maintain healthy hair.

nourishes the scalp hair

  • extracts oil seeds chikoo moisturizes and softens the hair to nourish the scalp and relieve skin irritation.

is used to treat seborrheic dermatitis

  • is also effective in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.

Eliminates dandruff

  • The seed paste chikoo castor oil and apply on the scalp to get rid of dandruff.

Chikoo benefits for the skin

Makes skin healthy

  • Due to the high content of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants Chikoo makes healthy and glowing skin maintaining the natural texture and skin complexion.

moisturizes the skin

  • Its content in vitamin E moisturizes the skin and thus makes beautiful.

struggle with premature aging

  • Ownership of antioxidants chikoo works against premature aging and wrinkles fighting with free radicals (which improves the aging process).

Makes smooth skin

  • Almond oil seed chikoo works as the best skin ointment.

skin warts is eliminated

  • The milky juice of the plant chikoo is very effective in removing warts of the skin and fungal growth.

Beaten Chikoo benefits

  • As chikoo batter is prepared by mixing milk, which has increased its energy, vitamins and minerals levels. It is very tasty and delicious shake, when prepared using the appropriate amount of both.

Juice advantages Chikoo

  • Chikoo juice is also very energetic and full of all the nutrients that provides instant energy to combat fatigue and weakness.

Chikoo benefits for children / babies / children

You can manage the new children of the age group, children and babies and can start from six to eight months old. Some of the benefits for children are:

Improved physical and mental growth

  • is a good source of vitamins which is very necessary for babies and young children for their physical and mental growth.
  • proper immune system is stimulated eye, brain development, lipid metabolism, increase the level of hemoglobin, proper cell division and helps in the realization of many other activities.
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promote bone growth

  • This is a good source of minerals such as iron, folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, selenium and etc, which are very essential to facilitate various bodily functions, including proper bone growth.

prevents free radicals

  • Les lot of antioxidants to fight free radicals metabolism supplies.

prevents infection

  • has the antimicrobial property thus prevent many infections.

prevents digestive problems

  • is very useful to cure their problems of diarrhea and dysentery.

prevents respiratory problems

  • also helps in curing cough and common cold and provides congestion relief.

nutritional benefits of Chikoo / sapote 100 g

(Source: Database USDA Nutrient)

Energy: 83 kcal

Fat: 1.10 g

Carbohydrates: 19.9g

Protein: 0.44 g

Dietary Fiber: 5.3g


Folate 14 mcg

Vitamin A: 60 IU

Vitamin C 14.7 mg

Vitamins Group B:

Niacin (B3): 0.200 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5): 0.252 mg

Pyridoxine (B6): 0.037 mg

Riboflavin (B2): 0.020 mg

Thiamine (B1): 0.058 mg


Sodium: 12 mg

Potassium: 193 mg


Calcium: 21 mg

Copper: 0.086 mg

Iron: 0.80 mg

Magnesium: 12 mg

Phosphorus: 12 mg

Selenium 0.6 mcg

Zinc 0.10 mg


saturated fatty acids 0.33 g

Monounsaturated fatty acids: 0.89 g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 0.02 g

Ripening crude Chikoo

  • chikoo raw can easily be mature putting chikoo premium rice bag makes it matures in just two days.

How to eat Chikoo

  • You can eat the peel the skin and remove the seeds.
  • But it is healthier when eaten with the skin. To remove the seeds easily, open the longitudinal chikoo and bisects.

Selection and Storage Chikoo

Chikoo is readily available in the market in almost all seasons. Select a fresh, soft, brown, smooth and shapely skin chikoo market. Avoid buying wrinkled skin, stained with bruising, hard chikoo ,, deformed or losses in the market, as they can be infected and can not be stored for a few days. You can also check the ripening of the fruit gently pressing thumb on it.

It can be stored for several days at room temperature at home, keeping in cool, dry, clean place. It can also be stored in the refrigerator at a very low temperature for the week. However, it is good to consume less than 3 to 4 days of purchase.

disadvantages, side effects and precautions secondary Chikoo

Chikoo has a lot of health benefits, as it is the source of nutrients for good health. However, over eating that can lead to health gravity. Some of the disadvantages, side effects and precautions chikoo listed below:

  • Eating raw chikoo can cause some problems such as mouth irritation, itchy throat, breathing problems and mouth ulcer as it contains chemicals such as latex acid and tannins.
  • it is high in calories that can add some extra weight to the body if consumed more than the requirement.
  • Overeating it can cause abdominal discomfort and abdominal pain.

How many Chikoo for lunch one day

Eating chikoo within the limit is very necessary to have good health and prevented symptoms of overeating. It is the good source of healthy nutrients, the requirements of which varies from person to person depending on weight status, age, sex and health. However, 100 to 120 g Chikoo you can eat one day be truly blessed with nutrients. It is good to consult your doctor for your daily limit according to their needs and health status of the body of nutrients.

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