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Health Benefits of Cat’s Claw

Some of the most important benefits for the health of the cat’s claw is its ability to reduce inflammation, speed healing, relieve problems gastrointestinal, treatment of certain cancers , improve the immune system, and prevent degenerative diseases .

cat’s claw

If you’ve ever been is through the forests of America Central South, then maybe you have pushed claw vine a cat out of the way, but have not realized what a powerful and important Enredadera it really is. With the scientific name Uncaria tomentosa cat’s claw has been used for thousands of years as a traditional herbal remedy for many different diseases. The common name of cat’s claw comes from the unique shape of the spines, which look like the claws of a cat. In Spanish-speaking countries, the common name is cat’s claw. cat's claw powder

The bark and roots of cat’s claw are those that are so highly sought after by its powder form and extracts, as they have a unique blend of chemicals, including alkaloids and antioxidants that can affect the body in a variety of ways. Although valuable extracts have been used naturally for countless generations, it is highly recommended that you seek Cat’s Claw specialist in natural medicine and certified health food shops to ensure preparation appropriate. Different variants of cat’s claw are also used for various ailments, so that professional supervision is highly recommended. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the many health benefits of cat’s claw.

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Health benefits of cat’s claw

Immune System: The most concrete evidence on the effects of cat’s claw refers to its impact on the immune system. The powerful range of alkaloids found in cat’s claw may help stimulate the body’s immune response, ie, increase white blood cell count and stimulate antioxidant action throughout the body. This can help prevent the spread of disease, and can also eliminate any bacterial infections and other pathogens that might be out trying to weaken the system. Isopteropodin is the most important chemical that can be attributed directly to this stimulate the immune system.

Inflammation: anti-inflammatory properties are some of the most sought after in the fitoterapia world, and cat’s claw also fits that description. This is achieved by immunomodulation apparent effects of chemicals Cat’s Claw and organic components that can impede blood flow and inflammatory to certain areas of the body, such as joints and raw wounds substances. This can help speed healing and reduce pain in general.

speed healing: In traditional uses, cat’s claw is often used to helps speed healing wounds and for people who were sick. Now, given our knowledge of the potent antioxidant compounds found in cat’s claw, which is no surprise they are able to help prevent wound infection and stimulate a rapid recovery of the disease, and to fight against any additional invader system.

Prevention and Treatment of Cancer: Some of the research in the extracts of cat’s claw have been shown to have antiproliferative effects on certain cell types of breast cancer . Although this research is still beind examined and expanded, the results are quite clear, and this represents another exciting for the natural treatment of degenerative diseases such as cancer step. In addition, cat’s claw has been used in the treatment of AIDS and has been linked to a clear reduction in the progression of symptoms, but not act as a cure.

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Gastrointestinal problems: One of the most common uses of cat’s claw is to provide intestinal support. It can help reduce inflammation, thereby reducing pain and prevent accidents. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or intestines “leaks”, cat’s claw might be perfect for you. Helps cleanse the entire digestive tract, eliminating harmful bacteria and restore a healthy microenvironment in your gut for digestion is efficient and intestines are regulated.

One last word of warning: For anyone with allergies other plants of the family Rubiaceae, they may experience mild irritation or itching eyes if contact with dust or consume cat’s claw. In some rare cases, you may cause kidney problems, but should not be too serious unless compounded by other ailment. In general, as with all herbal remedies, it is advisable to speak to a trained medical professional before adding something as powerful as cat’s claw your daily or weekly routine health.

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