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Health Benefits of Calendula

Some of the most impressive benefits for the health of calendula include its ability to accelerate healing, protecting oral health, improve the appearance of the skin , vision impulse, less inflammation, reduce the risk of certain cancer , and eliminate cramps.


Can not recognize the name Calendula, but maybe you have heard of marigolds, which is the broad classification of flowering plants found in this genre. Calendula officinalis is Common species within the genre, but all have certain compounds and substances that make them a valuable part of health herbal in certain parts of the world do. You may hear the name calendula referring to a different genre, but refers specifically to 15 to 20 different species of calendula are found throughout Western Europe, the Mediterranean region and parts of southern Asia. calendula

As part of these small plants, yellow flowers that are consumed, the petals are edible and have been traditionally used in soups and stews and salads, while a powerful chemical extract can be removed from the stems and leaves of calendula. This extract is rich in a variety of organic compounds including glycosides, saponins, and other anti-inflammatory compounds and powerful antioxidants. Now, let’s take a closer look at the diverse health benefits calendula.

Calendula Health Benefits

Healing Properties : One of the best reasons to keep the practical calendula is due to its healing ability. If oil marigolds their cuts, scrapes applies bruises , and insect bites, you can quickly accelerate healing process , partly due to antiinflammatory properties of the oil, the only addition to antioxidant compounds found in this miraculous plant. By protecting against infections, which keeps the wounds and scrapes security, allowing them to heal quickly.

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Oral Health: There are also certain antibacterial properties of calendula that have become very popular in recent years. You often than in the list of ingredients of various hygiene products and herbal health, including toothpastes, mouthwashes, soaps and shampoos find. In terms of oral health , toothpastes and mouthwashes containing calendula are very effective in killing the bacteria that cause everything from gingivitis to decay.

improve the appearance of the skin: Apart from promoting healing calendula oil can significantly increase the appearance of your skin. Can affect blood flow to the skin cells, provide antioxidant protection reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, and even the visibility of scars. If you want a soft skin, even tone that glows with youthful vitality, consider adding some organic products containing calendula calendula or otherwise consumed, such as tea .

Vision of Health: Research has shown that calendula contains certain antioxidant compounds that directly affect their vision. Beta-carotene is essential to the health and functioning of your eyes, and is a wonderful source of this compound. You can prevent macular degeneration and cataract development in this way.

Inflammation: Regardless of where inflammation is happening, calendula can significantly reduce discomfort. If you are suffering from a cough or congestion, calendula tea can be a wonderful remedy. If the joints are hurting from arthritis or drop , add a little oil calendula balm for skin and enjoy a rapid reduction in pain. Finally, if you have stomach upset, calendula can help normalize the digestive system and eliminate inflammation may be causing discomfort.


Cancer Prevention: calendula oil has certain anti-tumor properties that make it valuable in a new cancer research explore natural solutions to this global epidemic. Cancer remains one of the great mysteries of our species in terms of public health, and compounds like those found in calendula offer an interesting new perspective on this critical issue. It certainly can not hurt to try!

Cramps: There are also some antispasmodic properties calendula, which are also exploited by many people. If you suffer from a disorder of the nervous system, has painful cramps related to menstruation, or some other type of spasmodic condition, the addition of calendula to your diet can be a good choice.

One last word of warning: Some people have shown allergic reactions with the use of calendula oil, especially in high doses and concentrations . However, if you consult a trained herbalist or a medical professional before adding calendula to your health regiment, you should be able to avoid serious side effects.

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