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Health Benefits of Amla (Gooseberry), amla juice and murabba

About Amla (gooseberry)

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a great and amazing natural fruit that is available in India in amount far enough in the winter season. One can use it or store it for their common uses in all seasons. It is important fruits of Ayurveda as most of the ayurvedic preparations have amla. Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry which is full of lots of nutrients, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, iron, etc. This helps everyone to have a longer and healthier life. The person keeps at bay for several diseases.

gooseberry fruit is most commonly used in Indian households because of their health benefits and medicinal properties actually work for many years. 100 grams of amla contains about 445 mg of vitamin C. It also contains ellagic acid, gallic acid, kaempferol, flavonoids and polyphenols, which have their own advantages as an antimicrobial and antiviral. Amla works as a good blood purifier therefore found in many herbal medicines for treating various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, diarrhea, fever, bacterial and viral infections. It works as a natural appetizer (improves appetite) without any side effects.



The benefits of AMLA / ESPINOSA

rich source of vitamin C

  • Amla is very good source of vitamin C.

Strengthens immunity power

  • immunity power is improving a person if it is used regularly.
  • Amla has antibacterial properties therefore helps fight infection by building immunity.

prevents Ageing

  • Amla is a rich source of antioxidants thus preventing the body of free radicals, reduces damage cells, prevent aging, cancer and other diseases.

Beneficial for stomach and liver

  • Amla reduces inflammation and heartburn.
  • Amla keeps the healthy liver (an organ of the most important body) and helps in flushing more toxins.

Saves healthy urinary system

  • also maintains healthy urinary system and help washing toxins more without over-stimulate the kidney.

cures sore throat

  • It heals sore throat and cough if taken its juice with ginger juice together.

Maintains healthy bone

  • extracts help amla in slowing activity osteoclast (a type of cell that the bone is broken).

prevents infection

  • protects us from chronic cough, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and allergic asthma.

provides nourishment to the nerves

  • nourishes the nerves and provides relief situations paralysis.

maintains systems healthy body

  • urinary Cura, respiratory, cerebral, gastrointestinal problems cardiovascular.

increases the level of hemoglobin

  • Because of its iron content, which increases the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

strengthens teeth and nails

  • grows stronger teeth and nail.

improves Power memory

  • Amla rejuvenates the brain and improves memory, and which it is rich source of antioxidants and vitamin-C that increases the production of norepinephrine (neurotransmitter) thus increases the activity of mood and brain.
  • disorders such as insomnia is treated and provides stress relief.

Curas leucorrea

  • vaginal discharge is cured if taken with honey.

reduces weight

  • metabolism of proteins and aid is increased to lose weight faster.

provides relief of inflammation

  • helps in curing diseases including arthritis, osteoporosis and pancreatitis and kidney disease related to age.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce joints (knees) as pain and swelling in the person with arthritis.

Reduces bad cholesterol

  • Amla increases the level of good cholesterol HDL means and lowers bad cholesterol.

reduces the risk of gallbladder stones

  • that helps prevent risk of gallbladder stones (gallstones) formation, since it reduces the level of cholesterol in bile (excess cholesterol formation because of the stone).

beneficial to the heart

  • Amla is very good source to reduce the level of LDL or bad cholesterol (by inhibiting the oxidation called thiobarbituric acid, TBA), triglycerides and VLDL levels in the body. Therefore, it helps the heart to prevent many diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke, etc. As is rich in fiber and iron, so effectively controls in LDL oxidation means low density lipoprotein which liberates free radicals (which causes coronary artery disease).

Protects from heart disease

  • Amla helps in preventing the accumulation of plaques in the arteries it means thus protects atherosclerosis heart disease.
  • body resistance is improved and strengthens the heart muscles.

Benefits Amla diabetes

maintains the level of blood sugar

  • Amla is rich in polyphenols thus controls diabetes and complications of diabetes. It helps the good absorption of insulin leading to reduced blood sugar.

regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates

  • It is rich in chromium, which helps in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism thus helps the body respond well to insulin and reduces the level of glucose in the blood.

Benefits of Amla between women and men

provides relief from menstrual pain

  • Amla helps women by relieving menstrual cramps.

increases the amount of sperm

  • Amla is rich in iron content has the ability to improve hemoglobin and sperm count thus improves sex life.

Benefits of Amla eye

improves eyesight

  • Amla juice if taken with honey helps improve vision.

reduces eye inflammation

  • Helps reduce redness, itching and watery eyes and improves eyesight.

Benefits Amla for the digestive system

gastric complaints prevents

  • Amla reduces gastric problems, as it has anti-inflammatory properties and works as a good antidote for stomach upset. Cures heartburn if taken on an empty stomach.

Improves proper digestion

  • Amla helps the body absorb nutrients more food thus helps good digestion.

remedy for diarrhea, dysentery and constipation

  • is very good home remedy for diarrhea, dysentery and constipation due to its laxative property.

provides relief from heartburn

  • relief from hyperacidity is provided means burning sensation in the abdomen.

Benefits of Amla skin

makes young skin

  • gooseberry helps skin looking great for removing stains, acne and other scars. It’s good to get a better complexion, as it is an excellent source of vitamin C and minerals).

Provides natural glow to the skin

  • The skin complexion is clarified, because it contains vitamin C (anti aging property) that provides youthful appearance and natural glow.

removes dead skin cells and wrinkles

  • works as a natural exfoliant mask and glow to the skin as it removes dead skin cells, smoothes wrinkles and skin because of its astringent properties.

Removes skin blemishes

  • The application of amla juice with balls cotton on the face for 10 to 15 minutes keeps skin blemishes, acne, pimples and free pigments.

prevents Ageing

  • is a good source of vitamin A therefore reduces aging process. Vitamin A is necessary for the production of collagen (makes the skin looks younger and elastic). If you have an empty stomach, collagen degradation slows down.

tightens the skin

  • collagen production in the skin is increased at both keeps skin firm, toned, soft, supple and young.

repair damaged skin cells

  • is a natural home remedy promotes repair of damaged skin cells in the body and makes the skin soft and new image.

Benefits of Amla hair

maintains healthy hair

  • Helps hair healthy and shiny than ever if used regularly. Minimizes hair loss and helps the body absorb more calcium from food.

Eliminates dandruff

  • Eating or applying paste of powdered amla for hair helps get relief from dandruff and keeps hair strong, thick, dark and smooth.

prevents premature graying

  • massage oil Amla helps induce sleep sound and preventing premature graying hair due to the antioxidant nature.

promote hair growth

  • strengthens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth if amla juice and lemon juice mixture is applied to the scalp for 20 to 30 minutes and wash with little warm water.

it is used to treat hair problems

  • Regular consumption of amla juice or amla helps in the treatment of various hair problems like hair loss, hair loss, split ends, etc.

benefits of Amla juice

effective for scurvy and jaundice

  • Taking amla juice in the morning (empty stomach) prevents scurvy and jaundice.

is used to treat ulcers of the mouth

  • Amla juice treats mouth ulcers very often.

stimulates the immune system

  • Amla juice is an inexhaustible source of vitamin C and iron, which helps stimulate the immune system and prevent various diseases.

provides relief from respiratory diseases

  • drink amla juice with honey to relieve breathing problems such as asthma, allergic asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough, tuberculosis, etc.

regulates bowel movements

  • bowel movements regulates and reduces the risk of constipation and chronic piles and other gastric disorders such as hyperacidity (abdominal burning sensation), diarrhea, dysentery, peptic ulcer and heartburn.

increases red blood cell counts

  • regular drink of amla juice purifies blood by flushing out all toxins from the body, as well as improved red blood cell counts.

reduces the risk of eye problems

  • view is enhanced by reducing the chances of myopia, glaucoma, cataracts, intraocular pressure and etc.

prevents UV rays

  • a protective shield around the body is made to prevent radiation from harmful sun light as UV rays.

reduces inflammation of bone

  • reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints, and cure arthritis and osteoarthritis.

reduces the stress level

  • is a refreshing drink body keeps the mind tension free and cure insomnia.

prevents cancer

  • Its powerful antioxidant quality protects against free radical formation and therefore their side effects prevents cancer and other deadly diseases.

juice benefits Amla for weight loss

Induces Metabolism

  • helps improve the rate of metabolism in the body and protein synthesis, which in turn helps you lose weight faster.

removes toxins from the body

  • detoxifies the body and eliminates toxins thus reduces the tendency to gain more weight.

energizes the body

  • helps in revitalizing and rejuvenating the body whole time by maintaining the appropriate body system works this way the possibility of tiredness and lethargy that ultimately contributes to weight loss strategy is reduced.

rich source of all essential nutrients

  • meets the daily needs of the body minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that keeps the active body and promotes weight loss.

Benefits Amla powder

Prevents body of free radicals

  • Amla powder contains high levels of vitamin C, phytonutrients, ellagic acid, flavonoids and etc which helps reduce the formation of free radicals in the body.

repair hair damage

  • Amla powder can be consumed orally or topically applied to the face or hair to get all its advantages. It contains a phenolic compound called gallic acid that helps in repairing damaged hair.

Keep blood pressure

  • helps control the level of high cholesterol blood and have a tendency to lower blood pressure.

preventing gastrointestinal disorders

  • is rich source of dietary fiber that helps in the regulation digestive function and reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disorders.

Benefits seed oil Amla

improves hair growth

  • the application of amla hair oil with appropriate massage for the scalp improves hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles.

prevents hair loss

  • Provides dark natural color and shine, and clumsiness prevents the fall, dandruff and hair.

Medicinal Benefits of Amla

is used to treat premature graying

  • the application of paste (amla dry soaking, baheda, aam ki githali in the iron pot all night and make pasta) mixture on the hair in the early morning helps in the treatment premature graying of hair.

makes hair strong and prolonged

  • The application of the paste or amla water, sikakai, reetha keeps hair strong, long, smooth and black.

provides relief from vomiting and Hiccup

  • juice drink with misri amla and the water two or three times a day helps relieve vomiting and hiccups problem.

is used to treat heartburn Problems

  • Provides help in treating the problem acidity if amla seeds (all night) paste is taken in the morning with cow’s milk soaked.

Liver disorders Curas

  • Taking amla chutney with honey twice in the morning and at night it helps to cure jaundice and other liver disorders.

Cures constipation

  • Eating rotation triphala with hot water during sleep time help to cure constipation.

Used to treat Pilas

  • Taking amla powder with Malai Dahi two three times a day helps in the treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids.

provides pain relief

  • The application of fresh amla juice in court , wounds, etc. provides relief.

keeps you young and youthful

  • Taking powdered amla night with butter, honey or water helps to keep young and youthful.

Benefits of Amla Murabba

murabba Amla can be eaten at any time of year if it is well made and stored well in safe and supportive place. It is the cheapest and easiest way to get all the health benefits of amla naturally and meet the daily requirement of vitamin C body in any season and every day throughout the year.

murabba Amla can be prepared at home by any normal person in very simple ways during the winter season. Buy some fresh amla with intact skin market, properly wash it under running water and allow to dry for 2 to 4 hours until the water is completely blown away each and every one of amla to prevent your amla murabba of fungus and store it for long without the use of any chemical preservative. Boil some water in a large pot and add amla to it and boil for 5 minutes. Remove amla boiled water and let dry. Prepare chasni in another large skillet (up one strand) and add boiled and dried amla and let it simmer for 40 to 45 minutes. Turn off heat and let cool completely and then store it in any large bowl, thoroughly washed, dried and sealed.

Nutritional benefits of premium Amla / Gooseberry per 100 g

(Source: Database USDA Nutrient)

Energy: 44 kcal

10.18 g Carbohydrates:

Protein: 0.88 g

Fat: 0.58 g

dietary Fiber: 4.3 g


folate (B9): 6 mcg

Riboflavin (B2): 0.030 mg

Thiamine (B1): 0.040 mg

niacin (B3): 0.300 mg

pantothenic acid (B5 ): 0.286 mg

The pyridoxine (B6): 0.080 mg

Vitamin A: 290 IU

Vitamin C: 27.7 mg

0.01 mg Carotene


Calcium: 25 mg

Copper: 0.070 mg

Iron: 0.31 mg

Manganese 0.144 mg

Phosphorus: 27 mg

Magnesium: 10 mg

Zinc: 0.12 mg


Potassium: 198 mg

Sodium: 1 mg

Amino Acids

Tryptophan 3 , 0 mg

methionine 2.1 mg

Lysine 17.0 mg

How to select and store Amla

Amla can be easily purchased in the market during the winter season and can be stored in many ways throughout the year to get their all the health benefits at any time of year. Always buy fresh, ripe, hard, bright yellowish green amla size, and skin and through the market. Avoid buying bruised, wrinkled skin raw or too green, spotted, amla infected and bad smelling. It can be stored for 8-10 days in winter at room temperature if it is well placed in the cool, dry and safe place, out of direct sunlight. However, in the refrigerator can be stored for a long month duration if placed in sealed polyethylene bags after washing thoroughly with running water.

Enjoying Amla

Amla or Indian gooseberry can be enjoyed in many ways, such as crude, chutney, juice, pickles, cooked vegetables, jam or murabba and amla powder in any season. Amla is a wonderful nature ayurvedic fruit that is very cheap, easy to find and digest. Amla is also used in many Ayurvedic medicines made for medicinal purposes.

daily requirement of vitamin C (which can be accomplished by Amla) for different groups:

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