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Healing Properties Of Chamomile – All Pharmacy In One Herb

Chamomile tea relieves insomnia and nervousness, and oil relieves pain in muscles and joints, and inhalation helps with ear and sinus pain.

chamomile flowers from April to August, and collected in a dry, sunny weather. It should dry quickly and at a temperature of 35 degrees.

The tea is used only flower and bathroom for the entire plant. Chamomile flower by extracting essential oil distillation with recognizable blue. If the flower contains essential more oil, this means that chamomile is better quality, more expensive, but what is more important and healing.

tea reduces anxiety, helps you fall asleep more easily, and if the drink sweetened with honey facilitates breathing and relieves bronchitis. Is beneficial affects the lining of the stomach, therefore, the warm tea for inflammation of the stomach.Because that suppresses spasms, which helps with flatulence, pain in the stomach and intestines is recommended.

Chamomile is a good diuretic. It facilitates and improves urination and excretion of toxic substances from the body and therefore recommended in cases of gout, rheumatism, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, and diabetes.

chamomile also stimulates perspiration, improves liver and bile and normalizes the capital, and therefore often used to purify the body. Relieves inflammation in the oral cavity and digestive system, and is recommended to rinse the slow healing of wounds.

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The effect of chamomile is stronger, better and polekovito when combined with other herbs that have a similar effect and chemical composition. It is best used in combination with lemon balm, fennel, mint and marshmallow.

Mixed with cumin and fennel Chamomile reduces spasms of the stomach of newborns, and combined with valerian reduces menopausal symptoms.

Chamomile tea does not boil, just pour boiling water because boiling the fever of the essential oil that is actually the main component of this healing is evaporated herb.Thus preparing tea leaves stand five to ten minutes, then strain. It is desirable that drinking three to four cups of hot tea or warm day and is best sweetened with acacia honey or sage.


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