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Healing breast cancer with olive oil and other monounsaturated fats

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olive oil (NaturalHealth365) From the 1950s a few years ago, the “war against fat” is raging at full force. Negativity about fat has not only created a whole multimillion dollar industry “low-fat” foods with questionable health benefits, but has also resulted in a constant paranoia around the fat of all kinds -. Including saturated and unsaturated fats healthy

fat myths are fading – as evidence begins to mount: while some types of fats, such as trans fats, can be very harmful to the body, other types are absolutely essential for good health . The new research also points to what monounsaturated fats such as olive oil can help women prevent and cure breast cancer .

A survey by the Foundation of the International Food Information Council found that 31% of Americans have changed their opinion about fat in general: 77% believe that saturated fats are worse for them than before . However, the remaining 23% percent believe they are healthier for them than before! In fact, both sides are right.

Before getting into the benefits of monounsaturated fats particularly for breast health, let’s clarify some definitions first.

The term “saturated” refers to the chemical composition of a fat; simply it means that fat molecules are “saturated” with hydrogen molecules which have no double bonds between carbon molecules. Saturated fats are usually solid at room temperature and usually come from animal products such as beef, chicken and lamb meat, butter, milk and cheese.

Palm oil and coconut oil also contain mostly saturated fats.

Of course, the answer depends on who you talk to – naturally adds to the confusion. The American Heart Association (AHA) agglomerating all saturated fats together and recommends limiting fat intake in general. The AHA also states that “the replacement of foods that are high in saturated fats with healthier options can lower blood cholesterol levels and improve lipid profiles.”

Moreover, common sense and new scientific findings point to the benefits of naturally occurring saturated fats. This makes sense.

A 2010 meta-analysis conducted by the Research Institute of Children’s Hospital Oakland, California, data from 21 separate studies gathered about 350,000 adults. The researchers found that there was absolutely no difference between the risks of heart disease and stroke for people who consumed the highest amounts of saturated fat and those who ate the least .

Couple this with the fact that some saturated fats, such as coconut oil fats are true super foods, responsible for health benefits dozens, it seems likely that we still have a long way to go in the reversal of the popular conception that all saturated fats should be avoided.

Finally, without going into too much detail, it is important to note how politics has played a role in the demonization of fats in general. The popular consensus that “all fats are bad” was created in the 1950s, with published by Dr. Ancel Keys, who had some questionable ties to the sugar industry according to the documentary sugar coated papers .

Everything that is said, has also been some very convincing studies in recent years have indicated that eating monounsaturated fats in particular for women who wish to practice the prevention of breast cancer.

fat “monounsaturated” are fat molecules that “have an unsaturated carbon bond in the molecule (also called a double bond),” according to the AHA. They are “healthy fats” that can be found in foods such as avocado, olive oil and nuts and are excellent alternatives to toxic fats and chemically ladened-trans and polyunsaturated fats refined found in most processed foods. These are only a few studies that point to the health benefits of monounsaturated fats for those who are in healthy breast trip

  • A Swedish study of more than 60,000 women published in Archives of Internal Medicine found that monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fats had opposite effects on cancer risk mom.
  • A 2001 study cohort published in the International Journal of Cancer concluded that substituting monounsaturated fats to polyunsaturated fats may reduce the risk of breast cancer, monounsaturated fat intake may be associated inversely with the risk of breast cancer (ie, it can be downloaded) and a significant reduction in breast cancer has been observed in studies in Greece, Italy and Spain.
  • A study by the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences in 2015 found that oleocanthal substance, found in olive oil, has the ability to break parts of the cell walls of cancer, allowing these unhealthy cells to be killed by their own enzymes.
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While other foods also qualify as high in monounsaturated fat foods in the following list are optimal sources as they easily can be obtained organically, raw:

1. Olive oil
2. Sesame oil
3. Nuts
4. almonds (or almond butter without organic sugar)
5. macadamia nuts (or , macadamia nut butter without organic sugar)
6. Pistachios (or, pistachio nut butter without organic sugar)
7. black or green olives

main thing to remember amid all the new information about fat is that not all of them are bad for you! The best way to prevent and cure of breast cancer through the food you eat is to avoid trans fats and polyunsaturated fats at all costs, eating a moderate amount of animal fats without natural hormones and load up on organic sources monounsaturated fats that can help prevent and even cure breast cancer.

About the author : Dr. Veronique Desaulniers ( “Dr. V”) is a successful author and specialist in chiropractic, bioenergetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, homeopathy and digital thermography. After 30 years in active practice, he decided to “retire” and devote his time to share your personal Breast Cancer healing journey, non-toxic with others. His years of experience and research have culminated in “The 7 Essentials ™”, a training program step by step reveals the mystery of healing the body. Its web and personal healing journey site have touched the lives of thousands of women worldwide. For your F.R.E.E. 7 day mini e-course and receive their weekly inspirational articles in the power of natural medicine – visit: BreastCancerConqueror.com


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