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Heal Heart and Prevent Cancer with Miracle Recipe Created by Cardiologists

cure cancer and prevent heart miracle prescription created by cardiologists

This remedy mainly created by cardiologists aims to improve the condition of the heart and prevent heart attacks, but it is so powerful that it can be used to treat the whole body, as well as the prevention of various cancers and even cancer in an advanced stage.

Heal Heart Prevent Cancer Miracle Remedy Cardiology The recipe was first developed by cardiologist for treating sick patients, but was so effective that many people started using it and achieve great results for different diseases. It is completely natural and more effective than any other drug available on the market.

veins are clean, the heart recovers, work increased immunity, detoxifies the liver, sharpens the mind, prevents heart failure, and is considered to help in the treatment of malignant diseases.


  • 15 lemons
  • 12 garlic cloves
  • 14 oz / 400 g wheat germ
  • 14 oz / 400 g of nuts
  • 2 lbs / 1 kg of raw organic honey

Method of preparation:

Take 400g raw wheat and put it in a glass jar. Fill the container with water and let stand overnight, usually no more than 12-14 hours. After that period, wheat sneaks using gauze and wash the wheat. To stay like this for another day and keep it at room temperature. After 24 hours, the sprouts are displayed with a length of 1.2 mm.


Heal Heart Prevent Cancer Miracle Remedy Sprouts The use of process mincer meat, garlic, nuts, wheat sprouts and 5 limes (with the skin). First make sure that lemons are organic, so you can use your skin to the remedy. Squeezing lemons remaining 10 to get the juice and add to the mixture. At the end add honey and mix well. Put the mixture in glass jars and store in the fridge. The remedy should remain so for the next 3 days and then begin treatment.

This cure is intended to treat the whole body and cure all diseases developed!

Heal Heart Prevent Cancer Miracle Remedy Treatment:

The best results are obtained if you take 1-2 tablespoons. 30 minutes before taking a meal. You should take the medicine 3 times a day. For the treatment of cancer consume 1 tbsp. every 2 hours.

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