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HeadLamp – Innovative App for Stress and Anxiety

Our lives are so busy and for most of us no time to think about ourselves. Moreover, we are full of negative thoughts. Imagine your day. What did you find most? You may think, “oh workload too! I can not finish this today! I want a break!”

These are the negative thoughts completely and just imagine how that makes her tired mind.

All these negative thoughts change our lives in a negative way. The way of thinking, our way of working will change, but in a negative way. The worst is that we will never notice these changes in life.

Is there any solution for this? Once you reach the condition of anxiety, you need medication and treatments. However, it is too late.

Now there is a solution for stress management. This is a new application called lighthouse.

What is the lighthouse?


Founded by a group of people living with anxiety, the lighthouse is an innovative idea to combat stress and anxiety. With therapies and techniques tested this new application works well to relieve stress. The best part is that no matter where you are or what you are doing, this application works through your smartphone.

Using these applications, you can easily control your stress and improve the way you live. Stress management is always useful to improve the quality of life. This lighthouse app will help refresh your brain and remove negative thoughts. That will help you live without anxiety.

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lighthouse will be launched this year and you can read more in this application thoroughly its IndieGoGo campaign .

Check lighthouse was founded by people who have lived with anxiety for decades, but found relief through proven therapies and what they call “thought piracy.”

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