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Headache cures: 11 surprising tips to get rid of a headache

Use a book as a pillow

to relieve tension headache originating in the “suboccipital” – small muscles that connect the neck and the back of the head – his back with his head lying down in a directory book or phone, like a pillow reports Christian osteopath Bates, of the Natural Health Clinic Perrymount ( theperrymount.com ). He says: “Setting the edge of the book so that it is in the knobby part at the back of his head Now tuck your chin down toward your chest This can lengthen and stretch these little tense muscles and bring relief.. . headache “

assume a position of smartphones

Bad posture: Using your phone incorrectly can lead to 'text-neck-headaches
bad posture: Using the phone incorrectly can lead to ‘text-neck-headaches

Christian says: “the average head weighs 10-12lbs and recent research has found that poor posture we assume when texting means that the forces exerted on the 60 pounds neck and spinal column scope -. the equivalent of having an eight-year-old on his shoulders “

This tension in the neck can lead to so-called headaches of cervical origin, and in some cases a condition called occipital neuralgia, where the nerves that extend from the base of the neck up through the scalp is inflamed.

Christian suggested: “To avoid headaches-neck text, sit and upright when using your phone

.” Hold to eye level and be aware of keeping head erect in a straight line. “

… and breathe … (deeply)

” most of us breathe too shallowly, “says Pilates expert Lynne Robinson, founder of bodycontrolpilates.com

may mean that the supply of oxygen to the blood vessels in the brain is reduced, which can lead to headaches. [

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After a few moments of deep breathing improves circulation and can protect you from a headache

Lynne says: “Try to sit high and place your hands on the ribs. As you inhale, focus on the back and sides of the ribs expanding. Exhale completely and feel your ribcage closing. Repeat. “

wear a gumshield

Do you wake up with a throbbing, constant head? It can be caused by grinding the teeth at night (bruxism).

Dr. Dawn Harper says. “a comfortable dental guard protects against grinding teeth at night to cushion the teeth and keep them separate in the most natural position”

let their hair

Too tight? Is her ponytail giving her headaches
too tight? is your ponytail giving her headaches

a study in the city of London migraine Clinic found that more than 53% of women experienced a headache wearing a ponytail.

is believed to be cast and irritate the connective tissues in the scalp. Either loosen her ponytail or let the hair hang loose.

Relax his tongue

Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, hold for a few seconds, then relax so that falls at the bottom of the mouth.

“This relieves the pressure of the jaw which can cause headaches,” says Danny Williams osteopath, osteopathy South Yarra.

sniffing an apple 7

In a study of smell and taste Foundation Treatment and Research in Chicago, people with migraines who sniffed the smell of a green apple experienced a decrease in pain.

It is believed that the smell could reduce muscle contractions in the head and neck, which can lead to pain.

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A study by the University of Kiel in Germany found that peppermint oil applied to the forehead helped ease the pain of a headache.

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The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommends acupuncture for tension headache.

try some of the techniques using acupressure -. Applying finger pressure to certain points on the body

For a sinus headache, apply finger pressure to points on either side of the inside of the nose on the tips of her eyebrows, she suggests Justine Hankin, from the British acupuncture Council ( acupuncture. org.uk ).

write numbers … with the nose

Lynne Robinson says: “This simple Pilates exercise can help mobilize the neck and relieve some of the most common types of headaches, such such as those caused by stress


“Lie down on a mat on your back with knees bent, feet hip width and parallel. Take a few breaths on the back and sides of the ribcage.

“Now imagine an upright figure-eight and draw the shape of the nose. Repeat three times, then change direction.

” Then imagine the figure eight on its side. Recrawl nose three times before changing direction. Finish with a soft chin tuck, drawing chin down and lengthening the back of your neck. Keep your head in contact with the mat. “

Carrying an electronic headband

A small headband that electrical pulses are applied at the center of the forehead to the trigeminal nerve (involved in migraine) could stop popping that . analgesics

Courtesy: Daily Mirror

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