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He Poured Foam On His Car, What Happen Next Was Beyond Expected!

Some people automatically discarded their cars when it is useless, no matter what brand it is. However, a man of Lithuania, made a big difference from any other car owners.

His most recent creation determined not only the Internet but also car companies. By using the shell of an old car Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class to make a luxury supercar that looks, his talent was beyond what I expected.

The best part was when he did not use plastic, aluminum or metal to recreate a more impressive car made a tool is used that anyone not use dare in your vehicle a foam. A foam expansion that is specific.

This video had gathered many views and actions because of his genius. The first part shows antique car pictures. Then you move to the part where the foam is applied manually. The expanding foam using hardens quickly, a slight dense material that can be shaved to form.

With special care, he carved the foam itself, creating smooth surfaces that give clues to what may be the final design of the car.

As the day progresses, you will see the number of the car body has progressed from modest beginnings. That said, the best is yet to come.

Using cardboard cutouts as a guide, the sculptor of the car provides for the creation of the lines that will give the car body a greater level of detail. Headlamps was next, this time requires a more delicate electrical connection.

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to the inside, another mixture of the foam is applied with new shapes and designs that comprise the cockpit. The foam forming beneath is completely covered with finest materials for a sumptuous interior.

The exterior gets a glossy paint finish to give it a luster and shine bright red. And finally, the final product is on the street, and looking absolutely gorgeous!

an incredible creation achieved by the careful application of patience and creativity. If you are a creative person with great skills in sculpture and a vivid imagination, there is apparently nothing that can not be done.

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