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Have a dark neck? Lighten with these treatments!

Do you love to wear your hair up, but ashamed of dark lines or spots on your neck? You’re not alone. Almost 20% of men and women suffer from this condition. Fortunately, there are solutions. American dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia, MD tells us how to get the skin of his neck back.

What causes darkening?

Essentially, the condition is called acanthosis nigricans, and usually is benign. Appearing as brown, velvety skin with prominent lines, this problem can not be solved by washing or washing with water. It is an intrinsic condition that is genetic and / or hormonal. This problem is also more common in people who have a higher chance of developing metabolic syndrome or diabetes, so if you have a dark neck, make sure you start eating healthy and proper exercise.

How to get rid of the darkening?

Changes in diet

If you are overweight, weight loss will certainly help improve their dark neck. Since acanthosis nigricans is compounded by their hormones and diabetes, weight loss reduces naturally! Also, eating low-glycemic foods and exercising regularly will be very useful as well.


Certain medications such as glycolic acid, lactic acid or tretinoin can help get rid of the pigmentation . However, you can only work so hard. Usually they must be combined with treatments for very remarkable results. For everyday use, look for a body lotion with urea as body lotion Hydro-7 and apply morning and evening to help work in the dark without using a drug.


Chemical peels can be very effective in removing dark skin. They are medical treatments that are designed to help self-exfoliate the skin to reveal an older new and fresher skin. Done once every two weeks, there are hundreds of different types of peelings, so be sure to go to a dermatologist with experience who can choose the most suitable for your skin so that you get results without risks. You need at least 8-12 sessions of this, so you must be patient enough to wait for the results.


Microdermabrasion is a physical medi-exfoliation opaque and dark skin to be by a trained physician when seeking an improvement in their pigmented skin. There are two main types of technologies microdermabrasion. Previously, aluminum oxide powder was used to exfoliate the skin. However, it was messy, with varying results and there are some reports of patients who inhale dust accidentally. Now, the new method uses a hand piece diamond crystal that gives better results without any risk.


The laser is the latest technology available to dermatologists and is being used regularly in the treatment of acanthosis nigricans. They are focused light beams having different objectives based on the wavelength, the light has been focused on. Lasers have been around since the 1960s without any problems and are perfectly safe when performed by a trained certified dermatologist laser.

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