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Handmade Gift Ideas : How to Make an Easy DIY Paper Box

craftsmen Hello! You will love the ship that I bring to you all today. Learn me how to make an easy box DIY paper today. Besides being easy craft ideas and a DIY project for your kids amazing role, this box easy DIY paper is also a fantastic gift idea handmade.

if it is Valentine’s Day, the birthday of a loved one, or if you are planning to make a surprise for her mother at mother’s day, use this box easy role of practical and personalized DIY. Stock it with gifts and goodies like chocolates and sweets and also attach a message of love.

handmade gift ideas - diy paper box

Learn how to make a paper box easy DIY

This craft project DIY is very useful and a boat cold to do at home. The use of this type of paper craft projects craft ideas funny paper for their children can involve your children in a creative task.

Let’s take a look on how to make an easy and beautiful paper basket!

This need for paper box DIY materials

How To Make Easy Paper Basket DIY Easy Paper Basket

  • Colored paper
  • Glossy Paper
  • Handmade paper
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Scale
  • satin ribbon
  • Glitter
  • decorative beads

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procedure to implement this easy DIY Paper Box

. Step 1: Take glossy paper with the white side up


. Step 2: Apply the adhesive on the white side of glossy paper and colored paper pasted on top of it

Paper-basket-easy-diy-craft Easy-diy-paper-basket

. Step 3: You get the colored paper on one side and glossy paper in the other

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Step 4: Now hold the paper side color up and make 3 marks in the range of 3 centimeters from each other in the two top corners of colored paper, with the help of a scale and a pencil.


Step 5 :. Draw lines along a space of 3 cm each, from the mark you just made in the upper corners of colored paper


Step 6 :. Now make 2 marks 7 cm each side / width of paper and draw lines width wise


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