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Guide for grandparents with grandchildren autistic

Due As the number of children diagnosed with autism has increased in the United States, many people think that in recent years there has been an “epidemic” of autism. In 2015, for example, it was reported that one of every 45 children born in the country was autistic grandchildren , while the 2010 data, published in 2014 indicate that one in 68 was born with the disease.

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Elections 2016: Each candidate for president of the United States must have a plan to maintain strong social security to its candidate has. However, the reason for the higher incidence of autism in the country is not known, but it seems that there are several factors. Is thought to be the most alertness among parents, more children have been brought to pediatricians, who are diagnosing more cases. In addition, many in the scientific community believe that the increase is not real, but due to different methods have been used to measure the incidence of autism and to gather information.

Whatever the reason, it is likely that that many of us face the reality of having a grandchild with the disease. What should we consider when caring for them? How to deal with our children, parents of autistic children? Today I want to share some simple but very important tips. Autism is a condition in which the child has trouble establishing a proper relationship with both the environment and the people around them.

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Because the condition can include language disorders, autistic child may appear may not normally interact with family members and others and, in severe cases, to isolate themselves in their own world, the development of repetitive behaviors. In fact, the word autism is used to refer to a set of conditions ranging from very mild to very severe.

What is the cause?

The cause of autism is not known, although it is noted that so far there is no scientific evidence that is related to vaccines. Today it is accepted that autism can have genetic causes (which is not the same as hereditary) and environmental causes still unknown, which potentiate each other to cause disease. Because of this, we must realize that neither parent “guilt” that the child has developed autism. It is important that grandparents have clear and avoid blame for the condition grandson, the child and even own son or daughter leans.

While severe or unknown disease diagnosed and reported, the person, in this case the grandparents for the diagnosis of autism in grandchild feel the psychological blow and fear the worst. Some of the normal reactions of this stage is denial, in which grandparents do not believe that the grandson is autistic and say that surely will eventually move to rabies commonly seek guilty or blasphemous and anguish was thought that worst-case scenarios in the future the child will get really bad, the worst is yet to come.

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feel despair; grandparents think that nothing can be done to help the child. Emotional stress is normal to feel that there is so much to do and not knowing where to start and, of course, comes the guilt, grandparents discuss whether the child somehow helped lift his autistic grandson. Normally, after a certain time autistic grandchildren decide to accept reality and face the problem firmly.

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