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Guava Leaves Hair Oil to Prevent Hair Fall

guava, a delicious fruit and we can truly say it is a great gift of God to humanity. It is not only delicious in taste, but is also very beneficial for our day-to-day health problems. stomach problems It promotes oral health, lowers the level of blood sugar, a solution for the problems of skin and hair and treats congestion. Not only in itself very beneficial to our health, but guava leaves can also benefit greatly from many skin problems and common hair.

guava contains wide range of nutrients that benefit your health, skin and hair. These nutrients have a very positive effect on the different organs of the body. Guava contains vitamin B, which is one of the reasons for its benefits to the hair. If reasonable amount of this vitamin is taken in your daily diet, the health of your hair will be enhanced. Vitamin B3, B5 and B6 make your skin glowing and vitamin B2 repairs skin cells. Because these nutrients Guava is the most essential part of many skin and hair care products available on the market.

The guava tree leaves provide many benefits for your hair. When used regularly for hair care, prevents hair loss.

The correct and simple to apply guava leaves for hair care treatment is to boil hand full of guava leaves in 1 liter water for 20 minutes. Cool the solution to room temperature, strain the water and then apply it on the hair from root to tip lightly. The water boiled guava leaves helps greatly in controlling hair loss. Massaging the scalp with this solution regularly to strengthen hair roots and resultantly will cure the problem of hair loss. the other benefits of guava tree leaves hair are:

  1. Eliminates dandruff;
  2. Remove lice;
  3. promotes hair growth.
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guava leaves hair oil to prevent hair loss

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