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Grow Back Your Receding Gums In No Time With The Help Of These Natural Remedies

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gingival recession, too known as receding gums, exposure is at the root of the tooth by a loss of gum tissue and retraction of the gingival margin of the crown of the tooth. gum recession is a common problem in adults over 40 years, but can also occur from the age of a teenager, or around the age of 10.

This is a perfect time for bacteria to grow, because the gum around the tooth corrodes and it seems that their gums recede back, and then the teeth are more visible. Because it will be exposed tooth root which can lead to extreme pain and tooth sensitivity. You can lose your tooth because it can have a negative influence on the structure of the tooth and bone.


This process is slow and occurs gradually, it is very difficult to realize this problem. If your teeth have become very sensitive, and if he realized that the size of the teeth has changed (which are larger than before), then you may have these problems because those are the first two indicators.

What causes receding gums?

Gum disease can be caused by other reasons:

1. If the teeth are not brushed at least once a day, which can lead to calculation is substance hard that can lead to gum recession.

2. The opposite is aggressive brushing teeth brushing. The tooth enamel is destroyed if the teeth very aggressively that can lead to receding gums brushing.

3. Sometimes it is because the genes. This is the helpless situation.

4. Another thing that can lead to receding gums, especially among women is hormonal imbalance.

5. If you are a smoker, then this is another good reason to quit. Not only that smoking causes cancer and lung disease, which causes receding gums. Which leads to receding gums is that the snuff can get sticky fever in the teeth.

6. periodontal diseases (bacterial infection in the gums) causing damage to the bone supporting the teeth.

7. What puts pressure on the teeth and which can cause receding gums is clenching or grinding teeth, and also the use of force to take the bits while eating.

8. The oddest reason is to drill the lips or tongue.

How to treat receding gums

Your doctor can treat receding gums if the problem is observed on time. The doctor will remove the calculation or plague tooth surface and under the gumline. If you do not realize this problem in time, then you will have to do surgery on the gums. The regeneration of lost bone tissue and gums and teeth, reduced depth, or soft tissue graft can be one of the surgeries that have to do. There are home remedies, and if consumed can be avoided surgery. But always tell your doctor if you have a gum infection, because you never know what kind of damage that the infection has done to the gums and teeth is known. If the problem is not so serious, use some of these home remedies, and with proper oral hygiene you will solve this problem.

How can grow again?

gum are part of the lining of the soft tissues of the mouth. They are surrounding teeth and provide a seal around them. Compared to soft tissue lining of the lips and cheeks, most gums are closely linked to the underlying bone that helps resist friction passage of food on them. Good oral hygiene in combination with many recipes such as oil, can grow your receding gums again.

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homemade recipes to grow again receding gums

are needed

simple ingredients, only such as herbs and spices to make this home remedies.

Green Tea

health benefits Many things can be found in green tea, because it is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals that can cause periodontal disease , which is leading to receding gums. the connection between the gums and teeth will be strengthened, and that will reduce the inflammation of the gums that cause oral diseases. Every morning when you wake up, drink 1 cup of green tea, and see the results.

Aloe Vera

Another problem solver gum is aloe vera. The health benefits that aloe vera are connected mostly with skin problems because it has many anti-inflammatory capabilities and repair capabilities. So now you’re wondering how it will help with receding gums? It is to fight inflammation and turn on cells that are very important for tissue repair, and you will not have another infection because it has antibacterial capacity.
There are 2 ways to use aloe vera gel. The first is the use of aloe vera gel as a mouthwash and brushing. When brushing teeth flossed and put some aloe vera gel and after once again teeth and gums are brushed with aloe vera gel for about 3 to 5 minutes.
Another way is to use as a mouthwash. Every day after brushing, take some aloe vera and dissolves in water, and then you can rotate through your mouth.

Oil pulling

By forming a protective layer on the teeth, sesame oil will reduce the chances of building the plague. With this, you must destroy the toxins in your mouth. It can also help with other oral diseases.
Heat sesame oil, but do not overheat. After brushing take sesame oil in your mouth and gargle and swirl it around your mouth. You should do this a couple of minutes.

Coconut oil will reduce the chances of getting infections, which are of receding gums. For the healing of the cavity and prevent tooth decay it is effective to treat receding gums ingredient.
After brushing take some coconut oil and use as a mouthwash. Both methods are the best to start using 1 to 2 minutes and gradually increase. The goal is 15 to 20 minutes.


The essential oil is used for many home remedies, which are perhaps familiar with the health benefits of it. Germs and bacteria found in the mouth can be destroyed with essential oil of eucalyptus, and be your protection agains other oral diseases.
1 or 2 drops of this oil and 1 or 2 tablespoons water is what you want need. But do not forget to dilute the essential oil before placing it on the gums. Apply and massage the gums gently with your toothbrush.


This will stop the recession of the gums and prevent further damage to the gums. It is also used to treat different diseases of the gums and mouth.

You need powdered myrrh. Make a paste of it, but the combination with water. Applying gum and gently massage as in the above method.

Clove oil

Toothache will be passed if this oil is used. After each meal you can chew a tooth, and remember to touch the side of the mouth. It will destroy the bacteria in the mouth and bad breath. You can cure any oral disease with this oil. It will take
1 to 2 drops of clove oil to massage the gums with it, one to three times a day.

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Lemons are famos due to its antiseptic and antibacterial capabilities. But too much of them can destroy tooth enamel, so do not use lemon oil every day, just use once a week. growth receding gums will be stimulated and will destroy bad breath. This is the way to prepare oil homemade lemon:

– ¼ to ½ cup olive oil
– ½ to 1 lemon juice freshly squeezed

mix the olive oil in a jug with lemon juice. Now cover the jar and shake well. Let the mixture stand for a couple of weeks, but shake the bottle each day. After three to four weeks you can start using the oil.

gum massage for a few minutes with your fingers, but lemon oil on your fingers applied before that, 2 times a week.

Tips to prevent receding gums

is also best to avoid the disease after cure. So there are some ways to prevent oral diseases. Here are some tips.

proper oral hygiene
The most important thing to do to avoid this problem.

– No aggressive brushing
-. Use gentle strokes and circular motion
– .. brush along the line gym, but without forcing the gums

– Use a brush with a small head and soft bristles
-. Floss !!!
– The best way to maintain good oral hygiene is to floss and brush after every meal. If you are not able to do it, then after every meal using a mouthwash.

Mouthwash for a clean mouth

Every day you need to free the mouth of bacteria and germs. Here are some home remedies with essential oils.

– Mix 1 to 2 drops of essential oil such as oil of sage, mint, cloves or tea tree oil and mix with ¼ to ½ t cups water. Mix well and use it every day.

-hydrogen peroxide is another good way to protect your mouth, but remember to dilule with water.

Water, water and water

Drinking water is healthy for the whole body, so it is good to maintain healthy gums as well. For this reason, you should drink more water :.
-You will get rid of toxins from your mouth and your body
-You will keep the mouth clean. Use water to clean any food left on the teeth after every meal.

Eating healthy

Having a proper diet, eating healthy foods, like a lot of vegetables and fruits is good for the whole body. A lot of diseases does not begin with a healthy diet. Junk food will help the bacteria in the mouth to grow that is leading to infections
Best fruits and vegetables you should eat are those with vitamin C. These are :. strawberries, oranges, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, etc. .
also try to avoid cold drinks and to reduce the consummation of sugar. Also, do not drink alcohol, do not eat processed foods, caffeine and anything that is made from white flour.

consult your doctor for any supplement

If you have vitamin deficiency, you should consult your doctor to see what needs to consume to increase intake of such vitamins or other important nutrients. To do this, as this can lead to serious health problems.

-Calcium is important for dental health and bone.

-The vitamin C will boost your immune system, and has much anti-inflammatory abilities.

-Ginkgo biloba improve your blood circulation, which is needed for healthy gums.

-Zinc also boost your immune system and kill various bacteria that cause infections and oral diseases.

Q10 -Coenzume renew its cells and will help to regrow their receding gums.

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