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Green hell: how to get rid of worms

Green Hell is a survival game so difficult and test that even going to sleep is a bit risky. Not because a jaguar can attack you at any time, but there are many possibilities that you can get rid of him. worms, which are more annoying than you might believe if you haven't found them yet.

The worms will surely be embedded in your skin and will twist (mmm) if you sleep directly on the jungle floor or in a bed that is not raised from the floor like a hammock is

These worms may not seem so threatening, but that can be absolutely disastrous for your sanity, as it is one of the most efficient things that the jungle throws you in terms of driving you crazy.

To prevent Jake from losing his marbles, there is an easy way to get rid of worms in Green Hell.

First, you must have killed a fish and harvest it for its meat, and so on. However, what you are really looking for is the fish bones.

Hell green fish bones

Each dead fish gives you a good amount of bones (how funny). I would recommend that you always carry at least a few in case of emergency.

To get rid of the worm, simply enter inspect the mode through the wheel by holding down C and then select inspect. From there, drag the fish bone in the affected area and should eliminate the worm.

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Your job is not done, however. You will need to apply a bandage, or it can (almost certainly) become infected.

Craft to leaf bandage by using a single sheet of milling and then apply it on the wound with the inspection tool. Molineria is a plant that has yellow leaves at its base.

If you don't cover the wound or have dirty hands while doing so, can get infected If that happens, you can use worms, found in corpses of decaying animals, to eat the infection. Charming.

Green Hell

Once the worms have done their magic, you will have to reapply a sheet bandage or the infection process can begin again.

From our Green Hell review:

"Green Hell wants to make you go through hell and return to an original and uncompromising survival experience with one of the best narratives that the genre has provided to boot."

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