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Google Play Store is bothering some users to get rid of old apps

There have been a handful of updates to the Google Play Store operation that have accumulated headlines over the past few days, such as the news that application rating calculations will begin to be heavier towards the users' latest ratings. Meanwhile, some users have begun to see something new in the Play Store: a notification that gently reminds them to eliminate applications that they may have downloaded years ago and that they stopped using.

The people in Android Police note that the reminder remembers the 2016 Play Store uninstall manager. The way this new reminder appears is like a notification in the store's notifications section, which you can then touch to see a list of apps that still they have not received Used for a while. Decide which ones you want to cut, and then you can also see how much space is released.

It does not seem to be a notification that shows up in all areas, which makes sense, especially if you do not download many applications and, first of all, you do not need this reminder.

This news arrives, as we said, at a time of change for Play Store, and Google confirmed in I / O in the last days that the change in the ratings of the applications will be manifested in August.

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"Many of you told us that you want a rating that reflects a more current version of your application, not the one that was years ago, and we agree," explained Google Play project leader Kobi Glick in a blog post. the company. "So, instead of a cumulative lifetime value, your Google Play Store rating will be recalculated to give more weight to your most recent ratings. Users will not see the updated rating in the Google Play Store until August, but you can get a view prior to your new qualification in the Google Play Console today. "

Meanwhile, as we reported here, Google also in the last few days started one of the largest developers of Play Store applications (and eliminated its applications) after a BuzzFeed The analysis found that several of them may have been sharing the data they collect with the Chinese government.

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