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Goodbye To Plastic Plates And Cutlery, Says France

goodbye-to-plastic-plates-and-cutlery finally have good news for environmentalists and land-lovers, all people who care about our planet and general health – France has become the first country in ban the use of plastic plates, cups and cutlery altogether.

The French have made the first revolutionary step towards the elimination of every cup, plate, spoon, fork and food plastic container and is sincerely welcome we open movement. The only exceptions to this prohibition are items of kitchenware made of biodegradable plastic or compost-material, which is again completely understandable.

This is part of the new Law on Energy Transition for green growth, the last law also prohibits the use of plastic bags in department and grocery stores. Although US and other countries have already banned the use of plastic bags, France has made a step further, banning all made of plastic.

Lawmakers behind this policy, said that this law is the result of last year’s conference, held in Paris on the issue of curbing global warming and allowing recycling economy, from product design to the waste disposal for recycling and repetition. goodbye-to-plastic-plates-and-cutlery2

The first reason for this law is the most obvious – the number of plastic is a polluting the environment and endangers both the plant and animal life. Since it is not biodegradable, it becomes smaller particles that pollute the whole earth, especially the oceans. This threatens wildlife, as well as the animals do not know plastic is not for consumption, increasing the risk eminent and death of millions of poor creatures.


In addition oil is used by gallons per year for the production of these plastic utensils, bags and everything else and experts in environment plays an important role in climate change.

Following the announcement of the new policy, the French president, Francois Hollande, said that this is only the first step to make France a world model which will be followed by decreasing emissions of greenhouse gases and increasing the use of new sustainable energy models from renewable sources. The first step to ban plastic would be the use and distribution of plastic cutlery at fast-food, including beverage cups vending machines. goodbye-to-plastic-plates-and-cutlery1

Nevertheless, there are still some who disapprove of this movement, such as Brussels, and sees the new ban as a contradiction to the free movement of goods policy and a violation of the rights of EU manufacturers.

Among those who frown at the law is Eamonn Bates, general secretary Pack2Go Europe, a company based in Brussels. He announced that will test ban plastic France concerning the violation of the laws of the European Commission and represents those in favor of using plastic utensils in Europe.

On the other hand, those who accept the law want to see come to France even earlier, in 2017, if possible. However, the minister French Environment, Segolene Royal, has announced that it is not possible that the law goes into effect as soon because it will cause great harm to those in the low income group of society that depend on use plastic utensil.

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She added that the ban will take effect in 2020.

hope that France will not be alone in this movement and that many others will follow suit, as the movement in France alone will not do much more if one takes into account the accelerated pace at which our planet is deteriorating. Hopefully 2020 will not be too little, too late.



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