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Goodbye, blows! How to get rid of shaving bumps forever

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May 23, 2019, 8:15 p.m. UTC/ Source: TODAY

By Chrissy Callahan

It's a too familiar scenario: you've just shaved and you're ready to wear soft legs with a flirty dress. But then you notice a raised red bump that starts to feel sensitive to the touch: the shaving bumps strike again!

This beauty mishap always seems to wreak havoc at the most inopportune times, but you do not have to accept the shaving strokes as inevitable. TODAY The style consulted dermatologists to discover the secret behind avoiding and getting rid of shaving strokes so you can feel ready for the summer.

The razor bumps may resemble acne.false images

What is a shaving blow?

Anyone who has had a shaving blow can tell you how aggravating these annoying bulges are. Usually, when a hair follicle emerges from the surface of the skin, the shaving bumps can sometimes be confused with acne.

"Depending on the color of your skin, the shaving bumps can look like red bumps on Caucasians, but on darker skin types, bumps are usually darker brown," said Dr. Noelani Gonzalez, director of aesthetic dermatology at Mount Sinai West in New York. City of york

Like acne, shaving strokes may feel tender or painful when swollen, but what you experience as a shaving blow may be a little different from what your friends see or feel.

"A shaving blow is a colloquial term for redness and bumps after shaving, it is not something specific. But dermatologically, it can include any number of problems, most often folliculitis and pseudofolliculitis barbae, "said Dr. Robert Anolik, a member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

When the hair follicles become irritated, folliculitis can occur causing redness and swelling (bumps). "It tends to appear splashed because most of the inflammation is at the root of the hair," Anolik said.

Pseudofolliculitis barbae, on the other hand, is a little different. "It's an inflammatory reaction to the hair shaft re-entering the skin, as with ingrown hairs," said Dr. Dendy Engelman, a dermatologist in New York City.

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How to prevent shaving strokes.

Shaving can be tedious, and sometimes it is tempting to rush through the process. But following these best shaving practices can help prevent annoying razor bumps on the line.

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Shave in the right direction: "If you shave in many different directions, you increase the chances of shaving strokes, irritation and even ingrown hairs," Engelman said. "It's better to shave in the direction your hair grows or against it."
Do not shave too close to the skin: "When you tighten your skin to obtain a shave so close, once you release it, the skin passes over the hair shaft that you just cut and the hair will start to grow under the skin, causing the lumps. This is especially common if you have thick, thick or curly hair, "Gonzalez said.
Use the best tools: "Prevent future strokes of shaving and ingrown hairs by making sure you are using a shave," Engelman said. And do not forget to keep your razors clean and change them often!
Exfoliate regularly: "Getting rid of the dead skin cells on the surface before you shave can help keep the hairs from getting trapped under your skin," Gonzalez said.

Try it as you can, you can not always avoid a shaving blow, and some people are naturally more prone to them.

"Razor bumps are more common in darker skin types and in people who have thick, thick, curly hair, the same is true for those areas of the body that have thicker, thicker hairs such as the pubic area. and the beard area in men, "said Gonzalez.

There are some ways to make a razor bump disappear quickly.false images

How to get rid of shaving strokes

The razor bumps happen! And when they do, you usually want immediate relief. Although there is no instant solution for shaving strokes, there are some ways to help send them quickly on their way.

Wet your skin with cold water after shaving to help soothe it.
Deal with a difficult knife stroke? González suggests a retinoid, a topical steroid and / or an antibacterial product.
Consider using a toner with ingredients such as aloe, witch hazel and willow bark to fight inflammation and kill bacteria. But Anolik recommends stepping lightly, since tonics can sometimes irritate raw skin.
If you notice regular shaving strokes, Gonzalez suggests visiting a certified dermatologist and trying laser hair removal to get to the root of the problem.

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Essential products for shaving

1. Yes to coconut polishing body scrub, $ 7, Walmart

Set the tone for a beautiful and unscratched skin by exfoliating regularly. Store this baby in your shower and rub gently before shaving once a week!

2. Retinol skin softener body lotion treatment by Paula & # 39; s Choice Resist, $ 29, Amazon

Board-certified dermatologist Mary Lupo recommends the use of a retinoid to prevent the accumulation of dead skin that can prevent hairs from cleansing the surface of the skin. This Paula's Choice helps to refresh the skin with a blend of antioxidants.

Essential shaving products

1. Therapeutic gel for Aveeno shaving, $ 4, Amazon

This shaving shaving gel contains soothing ingredients such as oatmeal and vitamin E to help moisturize and protect the skin against shaving strokes.

2. Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle for Women, $ 11, Amazon

This five-blade blade is one of our favorites and features a water-activated moisture strip to help you shave without irritating the skin.

3. Philips SatinShave Advanced Women's Electric Shaver, $ 35 (usually $ 40), Amazon

Do you hate having to change the razor blades? Opt for a complete rechargeable shaver with a cleaning brush to keep your shaver in the best possible shape and avoid shaving strokes.

Essential products for after shaving

1. Dickinson's Enhanced Hazelnut Witch Toner with Rose Water, $ 6, Walmart

This affordable toner helps cope with shaving strokes head-on without using potentially irritating alcohol.

2. Cortizone 10 Plus Ultra Moisturizing Cream, $ 8 for 2 ounces (usually $ 11), Amazon

Dermatologists swear by cortisone to help with irritated and itchy skin, so it's always good to have a tube on hand in case a razor bump appears.

3. Up & Up 10% benzoyl peroxide gel Max. Strong acne medication, $ 3, goal

Cortisone and benzoyl peroxide go hand in hand as essential elements in the beauty cabinet, and this gel form of the multitasking ingredient can help soothe irritated skin.

4. CeraVe SA Lotion for rough and rough skin, $ 13 (usually $ 16), Amazon

Hydrates and exfoliates the skin after shaving with this specific lotion that contains salicylic acid.

Chrissy Callahan

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