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Going for diet ? Know diet myths

Many of us come through control trace once in life diet. But many stop eating food completely and want to lose kilos in week.You should know diet myths before going to diet.Instead of striving, if we know simple tips that will be easy to achieve the goal.

Here are some pros and cons to be considered when planning to go on a diet.

Avoid fat fat health, but
You should know that fat also its role in our body. While it is important to reduce fat intake, if you plan on losing weight, it is not necessary to cut out fat completely.

Dietitians say they still need to consume a sufficient amount of fat as necessary for energy, tissue repair and to transport vitamins throughout the body.

Instead, say no to saturated fats like butter and go for healthier options such as olive oil.

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night dinner:

You’ve probably heard a lot of people as saying no eat anything after 7 or 8 pm at night. When you have dinner is not as important as what you eat. Ingested a late night meal will not necessarily cause the body to store more fat.

Just make sure you eat a couple of hours before bedtime so that the food is digested well.

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balance your diet:
There are a lot of myths that certain foods are “good” if you want to lose weight and others are “bad”.

chose fruits, vegetables and nuts as a healthier choice, this does not mean you have to cut carbs completely. Eating bread, pasta and rice in moderation is fine.

Slow metabolism is the problem:
This is a common myth among those struggling to shed those extra kilos. Experts say the larger, the more calories you need to keep your body working. People tend to gain weight when they eat more than they burn. This is due to our sedentary lifestyle greatly.

Slow and steady always well:
While a drastic diet can reduce weight in the short term, can become a problem later. Always slow and steady is a good approach.

Clinicians agree that crash diet is an unhealthy method because it not only removes fat but also muscle tissue. A crash diet can also make you weak. Opting for a loss plan slow and sustained weight that will help you maintain your weight loss long term.

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