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Go Play Colours : Your Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Clothing Color

A color is individual, natural, magnetic, influential, emotional, therapeutic and cheerful and emotions aroused are a vital part of a woman’s beauty and charm. A Colour Guide is absolutely essential for the elegant and avant-garde women today !! hair, skin of each person, and even eye color are different and therefore how to choose clothing color and find out what color looks good it can become an important task.

Color smart women seem more in control, safer, more confident and ultimately more attractive when you know How to choose the right colors for you . If you know how to mix colors so, you will be one step ahead of the game, as ColorWise well coordinated team always looks more harmonious and elegant than the thing that is used randomly, unless you are so lucky and their right to choose random colors !!

How to Choose Clothing Color?

Let’s find out what color looks good on you and how to choose clothing color!

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to know what colors look good on you and which colors flatter your skin and make it look good, you need to have a deep and clear understanding about some things. To decide how to choose the color of clothing The following parameters can be taken into account:

  • The color of your skin
  • The color of his eyes and hair
  • the shape and height of your body
  • Weather
  • the trends of the season
  • the makeup and accessories

clothing color depending on the color of their skin

the colors of clothes when combined with your skin tone form the basis of impeccable style. Your skin may fall into any of the following tones:

  • White skin / Pale
  • olive / brown / leather Medium
  • Deep / Skin Black

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Confused about your skin color ?? It is quite simple to know your skin color. All you have to do is check if your wrist. The skin layer is the thinnest in the wrist area.

  • If your veins appear bluish purple then it is cool tacking and belongs to the category of fair and pale skin.
  • If your veins appear green then you are Warm tone and probably enjoying a medium or brown skin tone or olive green.
  • And if you can not solve it, only then are fortunate to have a neutral skin tone and have the best of both worlds.
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warm skin tones are earthy shades like yellow, green olive. Gold, copper, orange, bronze.

cool skin tones, on the contrary, have a gem like pink, red, blue, pink, magenta background.

But what color flatter your skin tone more? What color performs natural glow your skin?

If you belong to the category of pale skin and white skin have a tale some things work and others do not. His beautiful complexion English Rose earthy colors mean that suits you best. Browns and greens that will really make it shine, and do not be afraid to wear red! For more elegant and less “color” options, Navy blue, dark gray and ivory look better.

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say no! For colors like black, white, gray marl, blue sky, bright pink, neon or purple. If you want to wear pink, go for one with a yellowish hue, gold and coral.

For women of course, olive, medium brown skin tones light colors compliment your skin clean. Berry, wine and other deep reds will look stunning as nightwear. While the cream, turquoise and aquamarine that will really look great. Gold, bronze, copper and are a great way to highlight the color of your skin.

The colors do not look so good are blue bright yellow, lilac and clear and Lime Green. This is true for most black women and Indian origin . Look for your face colors really glow, and pay attention when people say they are looking good -. That is probably using a color that really suits your skin tone

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shades of black or deep skin can feel amazing when warm colors (yellow, pink, orange, etc. are used ) when you are using brown, blue and dark green, you should ensure that make a contrast with your skin tone, even if the difference is quite small.

Clothing color according to your eye color and hair color

The color of her eyes and hair also joined an important part of coloration clothes. Clothes right color, if combined with the eye and the right hair color, can make a strong but subtle impact.

fresh skin shades skin characterized by skin that leans more toward pink, red or blue. hair color shades that look good for cool skin tones include black raven wings bright, blonde and brown cold ashes. Match the color of their suits to your hair and eyes.

warm hues are common in the skins that are more gold, pink or yellow. Sky and marine shades work excellently with tones darker skin and those with gray or blond hair. Pale blue shades will really enhance your features, which fabulous color of his eyes and hair.

Here are some quick tips on complement the colors of clothing and eye hair.

  • El-blue eyes Blues, blue-green, green and turquoise light blond hair and are very flattering.
  • El-green eyes green, orange and blue and are cute blond hair. Brown eyes browns, purples, reds, pinks and oranges blond
  • Hair hazelnut and / are ideal.
  • blond hair, eyes-gray Any color except yellow light look very good.
  • Brown hair and eyes-blue Reds, oranges, pinks and yellows are nice
  • Brown hair and hazel / eyes-brown Tones earth and dark and light blue look good.
  • Brown hair and eyes-gray Any shade of blue, purple, black and gray are awesome.
  • El-blue eyes / gray light orange, purple, black and red hair and green are flattering.
  • colors of red hair and green / hazel / brown Eyes- any shade of green, light and dark, black purple, and earth are fresh.
  • dark hair- will look good in almost any color!

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