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Global Holistic Health Guru Mickey Mehta’s Secrets From His ‘Tight in 20’ Super Ab-Workout

“Follow oppression in 20 seriously, and I to promise transformation in the first week itself! “

weight loss and staying fit is strong enough, but getting rid of belly fat is a whole new game. Most exercise routines and workouts for weight loss are not effective to get rid of that annoying bag, but in my tight training program 20 rotates these bumps on sculpted muscles. So, instead of spending hours and lots of money working in a gym, you can only practice this training program 20 minutes for four weeks to get a slim, wiry belly .


The program incorporates the essence of Ayurveda and Yoga and can breathe easy because it does not involve any restrictive fad diets or vigorous exercise. Instead he fed a nutritious diet and relaxation. Most importantly, you will learn to love yourself and your body not only because these exercises not only strengthen and sculpt your abs, but also make you feel great, giving you a picture completely new user! So, what are you waiting for? Therefore, do not let your spirit and you will not climb the ladder of success! “

To start, you need to start with a warm-up routine, as this is a prerequisite for any workout. As most studies show warming up before a workout reduces the risk of injury and also allows you to reach your full range of motion by reducing stiffness in muscles, preparing for a heavy workload. If you want to add to the workout or try other programs you can also visit my website .

1. warm routine

This heating is a good workout in itself, giving your entire body a workout not only half of the section. While these are just warm-up exercises, it is possible that some of them hard at first, but do not worry. Keep at it without pushing beyond their limits and resistance levels will increase steadily. While a couple of exercises may seem difficult, others are actually very relaxing, especially for the lower back. Some of them, such as contraction double knee will only get warm, and goes to work on the abdominal muscles.

2. Dynamic Paschimottanasana O Seated Forward Bend

Now that you warm up and raring to go, we can move to the first exercise addressed.

3. Dynamic Halaasan or dynamic plow pose, cycling with Crunch and Pelvic thrusts

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The first exercise in this series helps strengthen the stomach and stretches the muscles of the back, while cycling with crisp is one of the best exercises for anyone struggling to get rid of belly fat. Although exercise bike is quite complex, which you can be easily mastered with a little practice. In addition to strengthening the stomach muscles, it also works on the thighs. pelvic movements are fundamental to any good basic training, aimed at spinal and abdominal muscles.

4. Crunches with knees bent, legs and buttocks cycle Flicks

Crunches are the mother of all exercises stomach, so do not be surprised to find a number of potent variations of exercise in tight on the 20 program. Just pay attention to your breathing exercise. The other exercise in the series will also help strengthen the lower abs while back one of the warm-up exercises for recovery at the end.

5. Cycling reverse and Balasana or the child have

Reverse cycling is a little more strenuous exercise that uses fluid movements to help tone the front of the thigh and abdominal muscles, while also working on the muscles of the back. This is followed, with what I think is one of the most relaxing exercises – the Balasana or the child have

6. . Cycling, cycling Crunch, and multi-directional Crunch

‘ve talked about this before, but it’s time to try it again because the exercise bike is a good cardiovascular exercise, and also it helps give more shapely and toned thighs. then it goes to a more complex variation of exercise that will really challenge, but not giving up. Improves blood circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles, promote muscle growth and development of resistance. We will also try another variation of my favorite ab exercise – abdominal

7. Kapalbhati or brilliant technique skull breathing

we begin with a breathing exercise called kapalbhati wonderful yoga, which will improve circulation, increase immunity, improve digestion, tone your stomach, and purify your body. This exercise will help to improve the performance of all other exercises, because without adequate oxygenation and the supply of oxygen to all muscles there can be no gain. This is also a very relaxing activity that does not require physical exertion and can start with a 2 -. Practice 3 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of as much as 10 minutes

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8. Anuloma Viloma or alternate nostril breathing

Another exercise of yoga that focuses on breathing, anuloma Viloma or alternate nostril breathing is a technique of slightly more advanced breathing gives you more control of what is a subconscious process. The practice will help restore the optimal balance of energy in your body and remove any buildup of toxins.

9. Shavasana or corpse pose

The shavasana or corpse pose is one of the asanas simpler, so once again you can see that I am true to my word oppression in 20 training does not involve any strenuous exercise. This exercise is effective in promoting complete relaxation of the body and also the mind, because without a clam mind, you can not have a body calm. This may seem to have little to do with toning the abdominal muscles, but you’d be surprised. Studies have shown that stress hormones, like cortisol exacerbate obesity causing an accumulation of stubborn abdominal fat, which increases the risk of several diseases of lifestyle. Breathing exercises I recommend not only improve circulation, but must be filled with a divine energy and give you peace.

Watch what you eat!

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of nutrition or food (Aharah), as the exercise alone will not help you get a slim stomach. While exercises tight 20 help with lifestyle and relaxation or Ayurveda Vihar (lifestyle) and Vichar (thought), there is no way you can succeed without seeing what happens in his body, so that abdominal work also includes healthy eating practices, beginning with adequate hydration to consume balanced healthy meals.

tight in 20 years strikes the optimal balance with dynamic and static exercises. While dynamic exercises help to reduce weight around your midsection, static exercises help strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. So, as you go through oppression in 20 years not only lets you feel fat fade, but all that negativity. You’ll feel rejuvenated and will have a new sense of confidence and positivity, which becomes an achiever. Yes, you have the potential to achieve everything you want and if you stay committed to the training program, you will find that achieving your life goals is so easy to get a flat stomach with this training Mickey Mehta so start and prepare to be Mickeymized

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October 4, 2016

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