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Ginger Force Cancer Cell Death More Effectively Than Chemotherapy (How to Use Ginger as an Medicine)

Ginger (lat. Zingiber officinale) it has been used since ancient times as a remedy natural in oriental medicine. It has a demonstrated suitability against the problems of vertigo, dizziness and improves appetite. During the past two decades, other key actions of this plant have been, for example, antioxidant and anticancer activity properties. The second element, the movement against cancer cells, is drawing a great attention.

Properties cancer ginger

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has done a study that showed that ginger keeps the proliferation of cancer cells happen and improves the ability of other treatment alternatives.

Ginger contains active substances that are in charge of anti-cancer properties that are not defined in full, but rather has been recommended that paradols, gingeroles, shogaols and play an essential role .

These are photographic chemicals that exist in ginger root at low concentrations; such a large number of supplements containing ginger root concentrates are prepared with a specific end goal to achieve greater concentration.

Ginger and prostate cancer

One study explored the effects of ginger on the progression of prostate cancer in mice. They used ginger concentrate as part of the daily dose of 100 mg / kg body weight and obtained surprising results. To be more specific, ginger decreases growth and decreased progression of prostate cancer in 56% of cases.

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Tumor cells were treated with concentrated ginger both in vivo and in vitro. Another certainty is vital that ginger created no recognizable side effects.

Breast cancer and ginger

Another study surveyed the impact of treatment with ginger in breast cancer cells. Apart from the destruction of breast cancer cells, ginger point impact on reducing some molecules imperative signal within cancer cells that are responsible for metastatic spread and this aggressive tumor properties. The reviewers concluded that in the future, ginger might be a safe and attractive for breast cancer treatment; however, further examination is still required.

Ginger and ovarian cancer

cells of ovarian cancer were no special cases when subjected to a solution of powdered ginger in a Finals the studies. ovarian cancer cells also undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death) as a result of the phytochemicals contained in ginger. Moreover, scientists recommend that apart from the action against cancer, ginger supplementation could help people better manage chemotherapy.

In conclusion, ginger might be seen as a part of future disease drugs, giving their suitability against various types of cancer cells. Subsequent studies discover what particular substances should be separated from ginger and what doses are adjusted.

Instructions for using ginger as a medicine

The findings that specified above may suggest that ginger constantly consumed as a characteristic of a good diet routine and lifestyle can keep cancer away.

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In practice, it is not recommended to take more than 4 g of ginger a day; However, pregnant women should take more than 1 g per day.

Source: healthtipsportal.com

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