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Ginger Destroys Cancer Cells Better than Chemotherapy (Here Is Also How to Use It!)

Since ancient times, Ginger has been used as an exceptional natural remedy in oriental medicine. Ginger has been shown to be effective against the problems of vertigo and nausea. You can also improve appetite. It has also been shown that this plant has high antioxidant and anticancer properties.

ginger against Properties cancer

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, ginger keeps cancer cell proliferation to occur and improves the potential of alternative treatment.

This herb has active ingredients that are in charge of the anti-cancer effects and are not defined completely. However, shogaols, gingeroles and paradols, also play a crucial role.

Relationship between ginger and development of prostate cancer

There is no study that examined the effects of ginger in the progression of prostate cancer in mice. That is, concentrated ginger is used as a part of the daily dose of 100 mg / kg body weight. The result was amazing -. In 56% of cases ginger decreases the growth and reduced the progression of prostate cancer

However, ginger did not result in significant side effects.

Connection between ginger and development of breast cancer

One study tested the effects of ginger treatment in breast cancer cells. Besides ginger destroys cells of breast cancer, but showed effects on reducing imperative several molecules within cells of cancer accounts for extension properties and metastatic tumor such signal.

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Link between Development ginger and ovarian cancer

According to one study, cells from apoptosis experienced ovarian cancer, ie programmed cell death due to phytochemicals present in ginger. What’s more, scientists suggest that ginger supplements can also help some people more easily manage chemotherapy.

How to use ginger as a medicine

The results mentioned above indicate that regular consumption of ginger as a routine of healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent and stop the cancer away.

Generally, it is not advisable to take more than 4 g of ginger a day and no pregnant women are recommended to take more than 1 g of it per day.

Source: www.healthonlinecentral.com

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