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Get Rid Of Musty Smell From House Naturally | Ways To Remove Musty Smell

An old musty smell in the house not only irritates the nose, but can also create a very bad impression in front of your guests . stinking garbage, the remains of stale food, the smell of socks, the presence of mold at home and clogged sinks in the kitchen and bathroom can lead to bad odor that becomes persistent after a few days. Sometimes mold formation are the main culprits that can give a very pungent smell home. The moisture content in the air and there is free flow of air within the facility can lead to air stagnation which further leads to the acrid smell in the air. In order to get rid of bad smell in the house, the odor source has to be discovered first.

problems musty smell can be stopped completely if you call professional help. leaky roofs, cracked walls and foundations often crowding can lead to water seepage on the walls of the house, which definitely requires professional repair. In case you do not want to spend a lot of money in professional repair shops, you can always go for natural techniques confidence.

This article focuses on the many ways that will help get rid of the musty smell in the house.

How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell From House Naturally How to get rid of musty smell of the house Naturally

open all ventilation points

The first and easiest step towards the elimination of caustic smell of the air it is to open all the windows and let the fresh air. This does not cost you a penny and also allows the freshness from outside to enter. Sometimes daylight can greatly influence the taste of the air circulating through your home. You can also open all the blinds and curtains in the room. cupboards and closed cabinets should also be opened to allow fresh air stream.

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Organize a dehumidifier in the home

Moisture is the main reason why our rooms stink after remaining closed for some time. If you do not have the options to keep your well-lit room by opening the windows, then you can go for a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a device that pulls in surrounding air. In this process, the air has more moisture is also sucked. The remaining air is dry and cool. This device can help keep mold away from the surroundings and therefore also the air smells fresh.

mineral zeolite Go!

Not many know this, but Zeolite is a mineral such that it can absorb the smell of the air. This rigid crystalline structure filter impurities in the air and is also non-toxic in nature. Therefore you do not have to worry about this factor when making use of this mineral in the house. You can use this mineral instead of the problem areas of the house. The mineral is intact and runs for 6 months. If the power of the mineral obtained, all you have to do is heat the ore back in the oven for thirty minutes at 250 degrees after which it is ready for reuse.

Go With Natural Lemons- A natural air freshener

Lemons are known to be a natural air freshener agent. They are easy to get and quite cheap. You can use lemon peels as a natural deodorant agent. Boil fresh lemon peels in water until the fragrance is released. The water can be cooled and held in a spray bottle that can be used in curtains and corners of the room. You can also keep the water at one corner of the room and turn on the fan to cool air is distributed everywhere.

cleaning regularly


This is one of the easiest and most preferred to get rid of the smell of mold and the smell in the house. mildew smell can come from anywhere and the best way to ensure that the smell does not stay around for a long time is to clean the house at regular time intervals. Cartons and old papers can keep the musty smell long as they are quite likely to have dampened. These items should be checked regularly and discarded. wooden furniture are more likely to be affected by moisture. Therefore regular monitoring of such upholstery so that the growth of mold and the smell can be stopped is also required. A solution of bleach and water is also suitable to remove the musty smell of the upholstery.

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Try white vinegar to get rid of odor

Vinegar is such a common ingredient found in almost every home. It is environment friendly and quite easily available, therefore, this liquid can act as a very good reagent for use in the house and its surroundings. Mold and mildew can appear anywhere in the house, either on your clothes or basement or even carpets. The only way by which you can escape the threat of mold and mildew in the house is cleaning it regularly. White vinegar is considered to be highly effective in cleaning mold and get rid of the musty smell that is generated from it.

You can use hot water to wash clothes and bedding water. Add a cup of white vinegar to the hot water. The strong, pungent odor of white vinegar will kill the mold and also reduce the musty smell. Depending on the load of clothes you have, you can use the amount of vinegar and hot water needed for it. Vinegar is also a natural fabric softener. So you can get a lot of things by using white vinegar to wash clothes.

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