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Get Rid Of Liver Spots on Face and Hands: Skin Lightening Treatments and Remedies for Age Spots

How to get rid of liver spots

age spots, sun spots, age spots or whatever you want to call them, are spots on the skin that occur due to excessive sun exposure. Age spots or liver spots occur most commonly in people over forty, and occur in areas that have had a lot of sun exposure. Areas where they can get age spots are the back of the hands, face, forearms, forehead and shoulders. Liver spots appears as a dark spot on the skin, which can look unsightly and can cause embarrassment, or make a person aware of himself, due to the fact that they are showing their age.

spots on the skin can cause you to feel less happy with their appearance and undermine their confidence in general – and nothing adds more years of lack of confidence about how you look. Age spots, liver spots or sun spots are naturally associated with age and may be aware of them, simply because of that.

treatment methods to get rid of age spots

Age spots on the face and hands ruin your skin and makes you look older than they really are. There are many different names for skin blemishes including terms like spots, sun spots or solar lengtigos. Whatever its name, one thing is clear. You want to get rid of them as fast as possible. There are many things you can do to hide or get rid of age spots.

lightening creams to get rid of liver spots

If your age spots are not too large or too dark, then you can use over-the-counter creams (OTC) skin lightening whitening out. Many of these creams on the market. The level of active ingredient is important – the fade cream will not work effectively if it contains only a small amount of key active ingredient. The effect of a sufficiently strong fade cream will lighten the spots gradually over time so that they become less visible. Try to choose a non-hydroquinone, because although it is an effective bleaching agent, may have some harmful side effects. Instead look for a cream that uses ingredients like kojic acid, arbutin, vitamin C, and AHA (alpha hydroxy acids). These substances act together to inhibit melanin production in hyperpigmented areas and creams can take 2-3 months of continuous application to get the maximum result.

Other topical creams are based on vitamin A (retinol), vitamin K, glycolic acid and licorice extract – again used at high enough doses to help lessen the appearance of the patch of sunlight over time [related


Meladerm is an effective ointment intended to reduce liver spots and skin discoloration in just 2 weeks. This ointment contains natural ingredients such as alpha-arbutin, kojic acid, licorice extract, emblica powder etc. Meladerm also contains harmful, such as hydroquinone, mercury or steroids ingredients.

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moisturizer to get rid of age spots

Lightening Apply moisturizer twice a day. Moisturizers are very important because this product will stay on your skin for a long time. Be sure to use something that will really do wonders for your skin. Choose one with Extrapone Nutgrass natural ingredients, Phytessence Wakame, CynergyTK and passion fruit.

Extrapone Nutgrass is a plant species with powerful bleaching properties. This may point to darker areas of the body to lighten up and even with the rest of your skin tone. This ingredient also makes skin less photosensitive. It gets rid of redness and irritation. Phytessence Wakame is a type of Japanese sea kelp that prevents the drastic loss of hyaluronic acid. This acid supplies moisture to collagen proteins. When well moisturized collagen proteins, does not deteriorate quickly. Passion fruit is a fruit of passion with remarkable emollient properties. They found that their emollient properties are very similar to human skin. Because of that, you can easily make your dermis feel soft and smooth. CynergyTK is a good ingredient that nourishes the dermis with functional keratin. This keratin is necessary for the production of collagen and elastin.

chemical peel to get rid of liver spots

For a more immediate result – you may prefer to opt for a chemical peel – perhaps after an application initial good fade cream. Chemical peels that use glycolic acid work by removing the outer layers of skin and age spots together. You need to be aware that a chemical peel will not necessarily remove the age spots in one treatment. They should be conducted repeated in order to completely remove liver spots on the face and hands treatments.

The laser treatment to get rid of liver spots

A more permanent solution, but the most expensive way to get rid of these pesky stains solution can be done by using lasers . Laser technology can be used to reduce skin pigmentation on a more permanent basis, but can cost several hundred dollars. Laser treatment is considered safe, but some studies have shown it can reduce the number of free radicals in the treated similar to the long-term exposure to sunlight areas.

Avoid sun exposure to get rid of age spots

If you have spent a lot of money to get rid of your age spots – you will want to make sure that They do not return. Liver spots are mainly caused due to excess production of melanin in our body. Sun exposure causes more melanin (skin pigment) to be produced. For years, melanin accumulates in small groups, and this is what makes these dark brown spots. efficient removal of age spots is based on being able to break these clusters of melanin production and limit the same in these areas either by limiting exposure to the sun or by using melanin inhibiting treatments.

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should completely avoid direct exposure to sunlight to prevent the appearance of these spots. The best way to prevent age spots recurring is to use an effective sunscreen or sun block.An aging cream moisturizer with broad spectrum sunscreen should be an essential part of your daily routine skin care. The result will be younger looking skin -. Fewer wrinkles, smoother and free of age spots.You can also wear sunglasses and take umbrella to protect your skin

Tips and remedies to get rid of liver spots

Here are some home remedies to get rid of age spots on the face and hands.

1. A good lifestyle is the key to achieving a natural and clear complexion. Easily it should include foods high in fiber in your diet. These foods contain mainly anti-oxidants that can easily remove toxins from your body.

2. The first thing you might want to try for removing age spots is using something like lemon juice, or anything that has a lot of vitamin C, as this may be somewhat effective as a lightening agent soft skin. Lemon juice contains citric acid is observed to fade the color of age spots on the face. Just spread the lemon juice with a cotton swab twice a day directly to the skin where liver spots are visible. Leave the juice on for at least 30 minutes or the time you feel comfortable – even during the night

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3. Apple cider vinegar can help get rid of age spots. To use the remedy of apple cider vinegar, simply apply it to the age spots on the face and hands with a cotton ball. This should be done daily for six to eight weeks for full results. To make more powerful effects, you can also combine the vinegar with a little fresh onion juice.

4. Mix apple cider vinegar with onion juice with about 50% each and are applied directly to the skin with a cotton ball. This should be done once a day and stay on the skin for at least 30 minutes or as long as is comfortable. Again the age spots should be fading in about 60 days.

5. Aloe Vera can be used as a home remedy for get rid of liver spots . For best results, you should rub on the face and hands twice a day for 4 to 8 weeks.

6. Turmeric, ginger, tomato juice or potatoes have some effect on these dark spots, although they may not be effective enough to remove liver spots altogether.

Now, these were some examples of safety of all natural resources on how to get rid of age spots on the face and hands at home.

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