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German Man Gives Birth To A Baby Boy In UK (VIDEO)

Without well, his eyes are working.

A German man, Berlin, actually gave birth to a baby and he was the first man in Germany who succeeded in doing that.

his son was given birth on March 18, within the premises of his house, because if it was in a hospital would have had to provide the name of the mother of hospital records, according with German law.

This took place even in the Neukölln area of ​​Berlin, where the father lived, with the help of a midwife.

The whole birth was possible because although the man was officially registered as a man in German archives, that the man was actually transsexual and had real female reproductive organs.

According to press reports, officially made history as the first man to give birth in Germany.

Reportedly, he was able to conceive using donor sperm.

Strange as it may seem, your child can officially only have one parent.

His case is similar to the case of Thomas Beatie, another US transgender man, who gave birth to 3 babies.
The possibility of trans people who give birth is due to the fact that despite having hormonal therapies, which still maintain their female organs.

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