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Genetically Modified Chickens

Chickens genetically modified

This section of Seattle organic restaurants will talk about genetically modified chickens .

“chickens or turkeys have often broken legs or wings because they got into small cages or trucks with little or no food and water”

“chicken are Transgenic with hormones, carcinogens, OMG, pills corn, arsenic and drugs to become larger faster and as a result, often CRIPPLE under its own weight “

” These chickens or turkeys suffer ammonia, bronchitis, weakened immune system, could not organs or respiratory problems during their short lives of 6 weeks to they get slaughtered “

” One of every three children born after the year 2000 is obese . the use of these hormones, drugs, antibiotics, GMOs and carcinogens have caused diseases chronicles, such as obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes “.


What happened to our chickens? Since the loss of family agricultural land owners consolidation largest land most cattle are being abused in the worst pathetic inhumane conditions. The food industry is well aware that if people know what they are eating, they do not want to eat in the first place.

These food companies have images of healthy and happy cattle on the cover of their products, but the reality could not be further from the truth. These chickens are raised in dirty cages their entire lives, while being mistreated. The chickens are fed corn, drugs, hormones, GMO and other garbage to grow faster and become larger and due to its great weight get maimed or suffer from all kinds of diseases such as bronchitis, ammonia, immune system, respiratory problems or weakened organ failures. These chickens also feed on all kinds of drugs with arsenic and antibiotics, but what the food industry does not want you to know is that based on the Consumer Reports two-thirds of chickens in grocery stores are contaminated with arsenic, bacteria dangerous or salmonella.

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Even recently FDA finally came clean on this issue and admitted that chickens in the US They contain arsenic. Arsenic is a toxic chemical that causes cancer or even death at high doses. Consumers should know that arsenic is added to the diet of chickens for the food industry on purpose. Studies show a strong correlation between cancer and the amount of arsenic in the human body. The truth is that the chickens we buy in the supermarket contain all kinds of hormones, antibiotics, arsenic, GMOs and carcinogens.

In August 2010, the FDA raided Rawsome grocery store in California where people buy raw milk and fresh produce. They ran through all raw milk and fresh fruit and vegetables down the drain. It seems that the FDA is more concerned about raw milk that increasing the number of hormones, GMOs and toxic additives in our food supply. With all the health consequences of consumption of arsenic and other heavy metals in water and food, the FDA continues to claim that the low level of arsenic in chickens is safe for human consumption. Well, I bet the FDA knows that there is surly a limit on the amount of poison can be tested in humans.

I have a question for those who believe that the use of hormones, chemicals and GMOs in our food have nothing to do with all chronic diseases we see every day in a friend, a close relative or Neighbour. Our DNA has not changed in recent decades, but our environment has.

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How can the rate of obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes go drastically in just a few decades if our DNA has not changed since then? I’m not suggesting the use of chemicals and hormones necessary is changing the DNA of chickens, but I wonder about the great wave of chronic diseases waiting for this new generation of obesity because of these increasing numbers of chemicals, hormones and genetically modified products. We eat meat full of hormones and chemicals and do not even realize that the fish on the plate is approved by the FDA genetically modified salmon (grown in just 2 weeks) because companies like Monsanto to spend $ 46 million to hide GMOs in our food supply without it being labeled. Thanks to the food industry and our children to the age of 10, diabetes is diagnosed, the buildup of plaque in the arteries and many other chronic diseases.

Source: seattleorganicrestaurants

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