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Galvanic Facial Treatment

Sometimes referred to as “non-surgical facelifts,” Galvanic facial treatments have become very popular in recent years . However, their descriptions have been published since the 1970s in the beauty industry.

The treatment causes chemical and physical changes in the human body. Commercially, it is used in conjunction with professional products in order to improve the appearance of the skin. Various gels and ampoules are available for different skin types and treat various skin problems .

What is a galvanic facial treatment?

Briefly, a facial galvanic involves using a galvanic unit to provide two types of treatments:
a) descaling: This involves a deep cleansing of the skin, suitable for people with stuffy, combination or oily skin type
b) iontophoresis. This involves the introduction of effective ingredients in the skin, depending on its type or condition . (Permanently pink, dry or oily)

Apart from the face, Galvanic treatments can be used to eliminate cellulite in the body. Although the underlying principle galvanic treatment for face and body are the same, there are some differences, which are as follows:

Principle galvanic treatment:

a galvanic unit uses low voltage direct current to produce a chemical change in the tissues of the skin by reacting with sodium or chloride salt. two electrodes required to complete the circuit. The client maintains the inactive electrode, while the therapist applies the asset to the client’s skin electrode.

The polarity of the electrodes is determined by a galvanic switch unit (positive or negative). The positively charged electrode known as anode, while the negatively charged electrode known as the cathode.

It is well known in basic physics that like poles repel and attract. Professional products to be used are sent into the skin using the active electrode having the same polarity as the product.

Parts of a galvanic unit:
A galvanic unit consists of the following parts:

  • A main control switch, connected to a timer
  • jacks for connecting the electrodes
  • selector intensity and milliamp meter – that records the amount of applied current and indicates the level of skin resistance customer
  • polarity switch, often called reverse or normal – Normal indicates that the color coding internationally accepted applicable (red means black for the negative positive steps y)

for facials galvanic currents ranging between 0.2 and 0.6 mA are considered sufficient. However, the therapist must take customer feedback and comfort into account when determining the correct intensity setting.

The intensity is normally recorded in a moving coil meter, or light emitting diode (LED) or a liquid crystal display (LCD).

The electrodes used for facial treatment galvanic
For the active electrode, can be used the following types of materials:

  • metal rollers
  • metal balls with one or two teeth
  • tweezers or a flat tip electrode: These are usually covered with wet gauze, cotton or lint. Otherwise, a mask of gauze soaked in active solution is used as the basis for the application of this type of electrode.
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For the inactive electrode, the following types of materials are used:

  • metal bars: is recommended that bar covered metal with a bag damp sponge
  • flat plates. a bag sponge is supplied with a flat plate, which must be moistened before use
  • .

benefits of facial galvanic

the positive pole of the galvanic unit offers the following benefits:

  • reduces redness skin.
  • Closes open pores.
  • drives acids prepared skin.

The negative pole of the galvanic unit provides the following benefits:
improves blood circulation in the skin. The current passing through the skin becomes irritated and leads to dilation of superficial blood vessels.

  • Removes sebum and dead cells from the skin surface.
  • opens the pores.
  • drives alkaline skin preparations.

Detoxification skin : The skin impurities are drawn on the second phase of treatment, when the positive charge is applied. Therefore, provides a glow to the skin .

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles : galvanic spa facials have a tightening effect on the skin and clarification. Therefore, wrinkles are reduced. They restore and revitalize skin layers older. The treatment also promotes good cell health, thus preventing premature aging and damage from free radicals.

Procedure of facial galvanic

If you want to use the benefits of a facial galvanic should expect the following:

  • will be explained contraindications therapy and its effects. The therapist will perform a sensitivity test of the skin in the area requiring treatment.
  • will be asked to remove jewelry and take a shower. Probably, it will undergo a mild heat treatment or a rotary to prepare the skin tissue during treatment massage.
  • The therapist will remove all traces of fat from the skin as this will hinder treatment.
  • he was shown the operation of the galvanic unit and asked to inspect their operation.
  • A typical session lasts about an hour.
  • The therapist will apply a special gel pre-treatment with a negative charge to clean and dry skin. This unclog pores.
  • After this treatment, the gel is removed with a damp cloth.
  • Next, other gel with a positive charge is applied to the skin and galvanic unit is now used.
  • The therapist uses the massager galvanic current to drive the galvanic skin.

used for galvanic facials Products:

  • 1-2% Aloe gel negative polarity -. This spa facial galvanic gel is suitable for irritated or oily skin and promotes healing and soothing effects
  • 2% hyaluronic acid positive polarity – This is useful for anti-aging treatments or for customers who require deep
  • hydration

  • 20% ointment Ichthammol negative polarity. – people with cystic acne is this useful for treating inflamed cysts and skin abscesses corsage
  • nodules product

  • 2-. 5% ascorbic acid or vitamin C with negative polarity -. Galvanic Spa facial treatment vitamin C can send deep into the skin for additional benefits
  • peroxide

  • 5-10% hydrogen with negative polarity – When applied for 10 minutes, this product can bring effective results in people with hyperpigmentation because it causes discoloration deep

the effects produced at the cathode.
During the facial galvanic, the following specific effects are produced at the cathode

  • Relaxation of the pores
  • vasodilation and increased blood circulation
  • hyperemia
  • brings warmth to the tissues
  • emulsifies and removes sebum
  • Softens and dries the skin
  • Active nerve endings
  • temporarily removes moisture

the effects that occur at the anode:

  • closes the pores of the skin
  • causes hardening of the skin
  • brings warmth tissue
  • decreases blood circulation
  • soothes the nerve endings, if used for a short period of time

Contraindications treatment facial galvanic spa:
If you have any of the following conditions, you are advised to refrain from facial galvanic

  • the presence of metal plates, bridges, or pins in the body
  • a lot of fillers
  • highly vascular conditions
  • cuts and abrasions
  • migraine
  • pressure low blood
  • the presence of pacemakers
  • heart conditions
  • Skin oversensitive
  • broken
  • bones

  • infectious diseases skin
  • tissue fresh scar
  • loss of skin sensitivity

you will need to get medical approval before starting the facial galvanic if you have the following:

A minimum of four treatments be undertaken over a period of eight weeks for best results.

The research participants in clinical trials have concluded that the use of galvanized units at home, along with galvanic facial gels spa produces noticeable changes after a single session. Even the best results can be obtained by repeated use of galvanic unit and associated products.

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