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Frost: the best tips to get rid of frost in your car

Frost can adhere to a vehicle and even freeze important safety features, such as windshield wipers and door handles, so they don't work as they should. Getting rid of frost in icy climates is important for road safety and not cleaning a car properly can lead to massive fines for drivers.

A towel can be placed on the windshield of a car at night to eliminate the sting of frost buildup at night.

The fabric is unlikely to eliminate all frost and ice from a car, but it can stop the worst damage and prevent a long defrosting process in the morning.

A defrosting spray can also be applied to the windshield of a car the night before the cold weather arrives.

The spray should be applied to the front and rear windshields and states that it completely stops the development of ice during the night.

Small brushes are also useful for cleaning snow and ice from sensitive areas such as windshield wipers and in small spaces.

The brushes can also be used to gently remove obstacles from the front grille that must be thoroughly cleaned before embarking on a trip.

Leaving snow or ice covering a rack can cause the car to overheat, since hot air cannot escape from a vehicle.

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