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For the First Time In History, Cannabis Oil Will Be Legally Used in a Hospital, To Save a 2-Month Old Baby Girl

Happy couple start again living with his girl Amylea, parents of Nicole and Ernie Nunez was expected at the beginning of her life, when she was born Amylea

Unfortunately, “The day after returning home from birth, when she had her first attack,” Nicole said. “She has a rare form of epilepsy. They do not know exactly the kind.”

Since then, the couple has tried many methods to treat her daughter. The problem was that the doctors in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico could not find the cause seizures, so they did not know what treatment to give. Looking for answers, the family went to Colorado.

In Colorado, doctors have tried many treatment options and medications that do not work or are threatening side effects. Ernie decided to try cannabis oil, which is legal in Colorado, because, as he says, “The drug that is on is difficult for the liver, and so we are trying to do something else that is not so bad in his small body”.


And previously had cases where children had various diseases alleviated by cannabis oil and Nunez family wanted to try this method. They heard a story about a girl named Charlotte, who also had seizures, and has made a miraculous recovery thanks to a particular strain of cannabis oil, called Charlotte’s Web.

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“I sat there for a good three weeks fighting with doctors and trying to convince them to give me the nod,” said the mother of Amelya. “” I’ve worked with a team of case study team and neurology here with the kids and I hope that this really works. “


And now, this week, doctors decided to try to heal a little baby with cannabis oil. “For us to get permission for us to manage, while in the NICU, and she is patient … is something like a miracle,” Nicole said. “Because they were completely against it, saying,” No, can not do it, you have to wait until she is an outpatient. “

Given these successful treatment activist announcement makes a great point “When the same amazing plant that help cure cancer, to save the lives of children with epilepsy and treated many others, is used in a hospital in a country and may be the reason for the kidnapping and detention by police in another country, something must be done. “

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