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Foods to Speed up Metabolism

Have you ever come across someone who seems to eat everything in sight, but never in unhealthy amounts it seems to put in even a gram of weight? I bet you have. We are sure that you have also come across someone who hardly eats, is extremely careful with the parties, but has always been huge.

Now how is this possible? It is possible because the metabolism rate of the first type is much higher than the second type. What this means is that your body uses energy, food you eat, at a faster pace. That is why the small guy can eat as much and is probably hungry most of the time.

It is seen that people with active lifestyles, those who work regularly, like sportsmen and athletes, have a faster metabolism rate people with styles sedentary life.

Foods-to-speed-up-metabolism-metabolism-boosting-foodsFoods-to-speed-up-metabolism-metabolism-boosting-foods Therefore, how to speed up metabolism?

Eating well:
Well, eating the right kind of food is also one of the ways. The food that helps increase metabolism eat. It’s almost like eating really help to maintain or even lose weight because you are eating foods that increase metabolism. That is why food is so important!

is useful not only satisfy hunger, but also in maintaining our health and weight. Therefore, it is very important to eat the right kinds of foods. Many people believe that if they start to eat less or skip meals or two in one day, they will automatically start getting healthier. But that’s not true. The problem probably started in the first place, since they had been eating the wrong food type so far.

In fact, skipping meals is one of the most damaging forms of trying to be healthy or lose weight . It does more harm than good. Some of the harmful effects of skipping meals are presented:

Concentration problems:
The main source of energy for the brain is glucose, which comes from food we eat. Stay hungry for a long time, or skip a meal, it reduces the amount of glucose in the body and therefore affects brain function. difficulty concentrating, memory problems and even mood swings experienced when meals are skipped.

Less calories burned:
When you skip meals your body goes into starvation mode. The body begins to react as if food is scarce and reduces the number of calories burned. That is why people who eat less are overweight; because they are not burning enough calories. That’s why eating regular, healthy meals is part of a metabolism-boosting diet.

low energy levels
Our bodies get energy from the food we eat. This is a very simple logic, but often forgotten in our daily routine. As mentioned above, glucose levels fall when not eat for a long time. This means that our bodies do not have enough to complete tasks that normally would power.

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nutrition problems:
In addition to energy, Food gives us nutrients as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. These are important to our health and wellbeing. Most balanced diets provide these benefits to us in the right amounts. Skipping meals obviously adversely affects this balance and ended up getting these nutrients in inappropriate amounts or sometimes do not get at all!

The fact that deny food to our body, does not mean you stop asking. The feeling of hunger may disappear temporarily, but returns with a vengeance at the time of the next meal. This causes extreme hunger to reach for the nearest food available, which may or may not be healthy. Whatever the type of food, extreme hunger causes us to eat more than they would otherwise. So basically, we consume more calories, the unhealthy kind.

Therefore, it is very important to keep eating properly to maintain or lose weight in a healthy way. Keep our bodies fed with the proper type and amount of foods will help speed up your metabolism. Some of the benefits of eating metabolism boosting foods are presented.

The benefits of eating foods to speed metabolism

  • In combination with proper exercises a metabolism boosting diet helps in gradual weight loss that it is healthier and more sustainable than rapid weight loss.
  • Energy is always at an optimum level because the body gets food at regular intervals.
  • The levels of concentration and alertness are increased because the brain receives a constant supply of glucose and energy.

regular feeding keeps hunger at bay and not feel starving.

Foods to eat to speed up metabolism

With so many advantages, you might be anxious to know what kind of food to eat. Below is a list of foods shown to accelerate metabolism


Foods-to-speed-up-metabolism-Chocolate Yes, chocolate is a healthy metabolism boosting food. Usually gets a lot of bad press, but the actual negative effects are due to the addition of sugar in chocolate-based foods. The black chocolate alone is quite healthy. Stress hormones such as cortisol metabolism slows down and this makes you feel lethargic. The black chocolate reduces the amount of cortisol in our system.

Chiles contain a compound called capsaicin. When you eat chilies, capsaicin in them increases the blood circulation in the body, slightly raises the body temperature and increases metabolism. So it is recommended to include moderate amounts of chile at meals if you are on a diet to increase metabolism.

Whole grains:
Whole grains contain a lot of fiber and complex carbohydrates. Fiber and complex carbohydrates take longer to digest. When the body needs more time to digest something, the metabolism speeds up. Therefore, it is beneficial to include whole grains such as wheat, barley and brown rice porridge meals.


Foods-to-speed-up-metabolism-metabolism-Lentils Lentils are legumes most commonly available and are known for their high protein and iron. They come in different colors like yellow, brown, green, dark red and black. The high protein means that the body digests slowly and slow digestion, as mentioned above, increases metabolism. Iron helps the body to work efficiently to burn calories.

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Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to prevent insulin spikes, burn fat and keep your metabolism high. This makes grapefruit and other citrus important components of a diet to increase metabolism.

Eggs are muscle building foods because they contain a high amount of protein. The protein is slowly digested in the body and thus leads to a higher metabolism. In addition, the body burns more calories to maintain muscle, it does to maintain fat. These are the reasons why the eggs is known as a food increase metabolism.

Sesame seeds:
Sesame seeds are loaded with components to increase metabolism. They contain protein, fiber and essential fatty acids. All these are known to speed up metabolism.

Apples are rich in fiber. This means that when an apple is eaten, is completely filled for a long period of time. It also takes a long time for the body to digest an apple. A longer digestion means a faster metabolism.

Green tea:
Green tea is a very healthy option for a boost to food metabolism because it offers other advantages as well. This helps to increase metabolism is because it contains antioxidants like EGCG and flavonoids, which are known to speed up metabolism. Another increase metabolism component in green tea is caffeine found in small amounts.

As mentioned previously, caffeine increases metabolism. And what is the drink in the world that is known to be loaded with caffeine? It is the coffee!

Cruciferous vegetables:

cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli are examples of cruciferous vegetables. They have a high amount of fiber in them and therefore, the body has to work harder to digest. They also contain vitamin C and calcium, which are nutrients that speed up metabolism.

Raspberries are also full of fiber. They have an edible skin, which adds to their fiber content. Therefore, they are a metabolism boosting foods because, as we have seen before, the body takes a long time to digest fiber.

Earlier, when reading that can be thin and healthy while eating frequently, you probably would not have believed it. We hope we have helped change his mind due to a fast metabolism is one of the main reasons why people are able to stay slim, even though not starve.

What better way to do that, to eat some of the healthier and tastier food out there! Most of the articles mentioned above not only help you speed up your metabolism, but also provides nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, calcium, vitamins, minerals and fiber. So … go eat!


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