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Food Preservation Ideas


Food is the basic need of human beings and is valuable for healthy existence. However most consumer foods undergo deterioration and decomposition. In order to come to this fresh food problem must be preserved, then when food is available in abundance that can be preserved for future consumption.

Foods such as fruits and vegetables have a short growing season and preservation makes available for use throughout the year and avoid waste.

Food preservation can be defined as the science that deals with. The process of preventing tooth decay or deterioration of food is allowing stored in a setting. Condition.

These gradual changes that fresh foods are part due to chemical changes in living protoplasm of the food itself usually catalyzed by enzymes of the cell and partly due to changes caused by tiny organisms found in food from external factors.

fish meat, eggs can become petrified. Fats go rancid milk goes wrong; will mold or ferment fruits, vegetables become the go rotten or muddy cereals, because germinate. The action of enzymes, all natural foods are changing slowly and continuously.

appearance, smell and taste are generally altering the value of food. Food preservation focuses on prevention or delay of these changes. Methods of food preservation. A reading of the history of food preservation originated since time immemorial salting. Meat, fish and vegetables was the oldest conservation method.

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pickled in salt and vinegar sun drying and preserving of fruit and vegetables in sugar and honey are other methods use flogging containers timestamps food started subjected to high temperatures in 1810. Louis bother discovered microbes.

were the main cause of spoiling and a new method is introduced. Pasteurization called the world, all methods used to prevent the cause of food spoilage, when spoilage organisms are destroyed more permanent conservation is achieved.

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