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Five Troubling Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Part Of The 90% OF AMERICANS WHO USE MICROWAVES

Microwaves are widely used worldwide, but the number of 90% Americans is indeed impressive. This information is taken from – The Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation (SMECC). It is a quick way to heat or thaw, or sometimes disinfect certain things but still remains a dangerous device that causes explosions in not only cooking but also in the content of foods as well. You may not see what actually happens with food because we can only see that much.

Never least not many of us know how a microwave really works and what really makes the meal.

Despite the many facts presented by scientists, the microwaves are still considered non-hazardous by certain groups. It is important to know that the food is heated in a microwave oven is almost useless to eat and people around this apparatus are in serious danger of the bad effects of the waves can cause heart rhythm and the body in general.

say no to Microwaved Food for 5 REASONS

1. destroy the nutrients in the food.

The waves travel through water and other compounds causing friction between them in order to heat. On this trip the waves destroy nutrients and change the molecular structure. This causes the body has difficulty digesting food possibly .A good food is wasted …

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2. Destroying microwave Breast milk and vitamin B-12

This vitamin is essential for brain nerves, proper nerve function, DNA and blood cells. Microwaves contribute to 30 -. 40% loss of vitamin B-12 in meat and milk


This study published in Pediatrics found that by heating breast milk a microwave, dangerous bacteria such as E – coli can grow up to 18 times more

3. cancer is caused by microwave


When microwaves are combined with the plastic used for heating, the most lethal combination never occurs. It is noteworthy that the Russian government has issued a warning to the nation about the harmful effects of microwaves. Toxins such as BPA, PET, benzene, toluene and xylene are released from plastic because microwaves.

4. Microwaves affect blood counts of red blood cells and white

Although the clinical study was conducted in only eight people in Switzerland, the results are alarming and should be taken seriously.

Namely, this group of eight people had fruits, vegetables, milk, meat and other dairy products heated in the microwave. The red blood cells decreased, while cholesterol and white blood cells increased significantly.

5. The heart rate can be affected by microwaves

This news was revealed by a doctor in Ontario, Canada. Dr. Magda Havas studied the radiation of microwaves and its negative effect on heart rate and heart rate variability. Radiation is immediate and striking. People who eat such food most of the time must stop, because a lot of experience chest pressure and irregular heartbeat .

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Watch the video and see for yourself.

Source: http://www.davidwolfe.com/stop-using-microwaves/

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