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Five Reasons Why Kiwi is Good for Our Diet!

Five Reasons Why Kiwi is Good for Our Diet!

Antioxidants and vitamin C are the ingredients more kiwi important. The level of vitamin C in kiwifruit is almost 100 grams of 98 mg, which is two times bigger than in lemon or orange. Kiwi fruit known as a morning.

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reduces stress

is the best fruit for the “modern way of life ‘, as it has a lot of vitamin C that reduces stress and relaxes the nerves. stress is the main reason why we reach for snacks and sweets. Kiwi us gives the feeling of calm and helps us cope with our problems more easily.

improves the digestive system

is the best medicine for those who have problems with constipation . Because of its high density of natural fibers that improves the digestive system and increases metabolism. it can be combined with yogurt, kefir and breakfast cereals.

improves digestion

reduces gastritis and winds. it is also recommended for relaxation in the abdomen.

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helps in the process of losing weight

kiwi is also high in water and has no energy value and this is the main reason for being included in all diets. It is the best fruit for removing liquid from metabolism. It is recommended as a diuretic and is important in the diet for those who want to lose weight ingredient.

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improves circulation

Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that are part of kiwi, protect the blood clot and improve the health of the arteries. Thus, kiwi reduces the risk of thrombus and blood coagulation. Fibers that are also part of kiwi substantially reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

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The Five reasons why kiwi is good for our diet! first he appeared in Healthy Life Concept .

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