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Fitness Tips: The Simple 30-30 Rule To Prevent Pesky Hunchbacks


simple tips to prevent unwanted fitness

[19459007jorobados] the 30-30 rule is something that is emphasized in classes of physical therapy. If you are not familiar with it, this would be a good time to learn about it, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and have an office job. The 30-30 rule is as simple as it sounds. What you have been doing for the last 30 minutes, spend 30 seconds doing the opposite.

Even if you’re not a student, you can use the 30-30 rule to help prevent the dreaded desk-sitter ‘hump’, not to mention the back, neck and wrist pain. Just take a second movement 30 or stretch break every 30 minutes

Here you can how to apply the rule to your life 30-30 :.

  1. Take a break

    : If you realize you’ve been sitting at his computer with his head jutting forward and rounded to surf the web or update shoulders the social networking, stop! Close your eyes, pull your chin back to her neck, and turn your shoulders back and down. This will help stretch the muscles at the base of his skull and behind his neck. Clasp your hands behind your back to really open your chest.

  2. Stand

    : If your lower back is bothering you, take 30 seconds to get up and do a backward bend supported . Place your hands on your hips support while extending the spine and arch your back. A quick side-bend or two, or a pair of hip circles, are also good choices

  3. Shake hands

    :. If your wrists are bothering you, shake hands and then encircle wrists 10 times in each direction. Stretch your wrists, placing the palms together as if in prayer tightened, and then press down to the ground

  4. Breathing exercises

    :. If you realize that you have not ‘t take a deep, relaxing breath in the last 30 minutes (often so we breathe shallowly our lungs rarely have the opportunity to fully expand), then take 30 seconds to do it now! You can learn and practice breathing technical exercises or core breathing will energize and relax your core muscles and nervous system simultaneously.

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You really can not go wrong as long as they remain active. Enjoy the ’30 -30 rule ‘and do your part to avoid getting a hunchback! Set a timer to remind you to move for 30 seconds every 30 minutes, because it is easy to forget when immersed in work or studies. Once you get into this habit you want to feel and look better.

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