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Fitness fanatic mother uses baby as part of her exercise regime

Tamara Murphy, 26 from Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, began including her 16-month-old daughter Quinn when she was only a few weeks old, because it was too hard to leave in a nursery.

Now, the ex-model fitness and powerlifter, its use as a weight for the occupants, a target. abs and even run with it in a stroller and is sharing her unique techniques with other mothers to help them keep fit

she said: “After a couple of frustrating attempts to retrain when Quinn was born, I realized that the healthy lifestyle they had before they are gone forever.

“instead of giving up something they loved me completely, I decided to change my thinking pattern and get to work at home with Quinn.

“I would hold her in my arms when I squatted in the living room, and placed on the floor beneath me when I did push-ups.

” was the best thing I could have done . Quinn was no longer mourn and no longer torn in two.

“Instead we were spending quality time together while I got my kick in shape, which was great.”

health and fitness has always been a big part of the life of Mrs. Murphy – she and her husband Ben run several stores sports nutrition in Gladstone and Rockhampton – and hoped that the body builder champion for continue its strict training program once became a mother.

Mrs. Murphy said .. “Before Quinn was born, I train for at least 1 1/2 hours a day I heavy lifting, easily completing 70kg 90kg squats and deadlifts

“I would have followed this training until the day before birth had plans to take Quinn to the gym with me once he arrived.

“But the reality was very different.

” she cried when I left her in the nursery and could not concentrate on what he was doing because he was too busy worrying for her.

“I Racked by guilt, usually headed home without so much as 10 minutes on the treadmill.”

the shock of realizing that he could not return to their usual training the way they used to, it was very difficult for Mrs. Murphy, I had. also have their own business PT for several years

she said: “Ben and I had been together since I was 19 years old and had dreamed of the day when we had become parents.

“But not enough exercise I was really down. I felt lethargic and constantly stressed that it was so different from me.

“Eventually, I told Ben that he could not continue. I had to find another way.

” I realized I wanted to use Quinn as a reason to be fit and healthy, not an excuse to not be. . “

was then that Mrs. Murphy used his years of experience to find ways to include Quinn in their training in a safe way

she said: “it started with simple things like her in my arms when I squatted in the living room, or lying on the floor and gives a kiss with each push up.

“I was surprised how positively affects both.

” Quinn was still getting valuable time mom and I was doing regular exercise. We were pleased. “

Now Quinn is 16 months old and Mrs. Murphy has the time to work on your business. She has just launched its website www.theultimatebodymummy.com in which regularly shares his unique training techniques .

she said, “. I work with Quinn in all kinds of shapes and she loves him “

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