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FISH LOVERS: Tilapia Fish Are Filled With Soy, Fertilizer And Cancer-Causing Chemicals. Eat THESE instead!


people When I was a child, constantly hears it said that I should try to eat fish often, because “I would be smart!”

Wee, I decided to listen to it, so a lot of fish ate and it seems that there is some truth in that statement – eating fish is good for you and your health! However, the important thing you should know is that the type and quality of the fish you eat is essential.

Therefore, to be clear that it will not be a person super smart genius if you start eating overfished … BUT omega fatty acids that fish is made up of produce for the brain and body a boost.

There is a catch (You understand … “capture” – a game very well-meaning words).

However, all the stupid jokes aside, not all fish are able to increase and improve their health. Some of them are harmful to be eaten.

Tilapia is the number one place of harmful fish that are not supposed to eat. If we talk about the nutritional level, tilapia can not be compared with any other regular fish you would like to eat at all.

What is the Tilapia?

A white fish, mild flavor

Very easy to cook – without bones and skin

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extremely cheap to reproduce (actually that’s the main reason that makes it very popular among people for its low price)

What is the problem?

The main problem with the consumption of tilapia is that most cultured fish in unnatural conditions, most of them come from factory farms.

In nature, tilapia eat plants and algae, while industrial eat tilapia farms produced artificial things. If that does not sound horrible and scary for you, listen to this, the farms also use a lot of chemicals when they want to raise and keep fish alive!

you are not what you eat. A more appropriate statement would be … You are what you eat your meal.

What does it mean?

Every time you eat fish dangerous substances from factory farm tilapia happen to end up in you!

Eating farm-raised tilapia is able to produce many harmful and negative effects to your body, for example:

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Inflammation of the joints

TAKE NOTE: To be safe, always check the source of where their food is coming from, because the fish factory is not the best choice

The verdict?

best thing you can do is stay out of the tilapia bred produced on factory farms in order to avoid potential adverse and negative effects.


The following are 4 options healthier fish:

  • wild Alaskan salmon (especially sockeye)
  • sardines
  • Herring
  • Black cod (black cod)

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